Young Thug Left Stranded in the Slammer!


Word of Young Thug gettin’ hemmed up has been confirmed. Fulton County inmate records reveal the 21-year-old rapper — whose real name is Jeffery L Williams — remains in custody, held on a tallied-up $7,000 bond.

Where’s Baby?

A source close the the rapper previously leaked news of Young Thug’s arrest to Complex, spilling news of ATL cops apprehending the “Stoner” at his home.

Now… the four arrest warrants listed on Young Thug’s record reveal the reason why po-po paid dude a visit. Young Thug was booked on the following charges, Wednesday Feb. 26th.

• Driving In Circular Or Zig-Zag Course “Laying Drags”
• Driving Without Seat Belt
• Reckless Conduct
• Reckless Driving
• Vgcsa Possession Of A Schedule IV Controlled Substance

When Young Thug shot down word he’s gay, did he blame his city’s said ‘gay’ rep for the supposed rumor? Of course! Just ask Slim.



  1. He’s probably having a ball in jail with all of those men. Lol. Where is his hitter birdman? Birdman busted his nut and moved on

  2. ^^^ @Philly my sentiment #EXACTLY…b/cuz y’all kno he gay rite? Don’t believe me.,ask every “rapper” in the ATL..

  3. Dude ain’t gay,and if u think he ain’t got 7,000 for bail ur retarded..dude get that per show,if not more..

    • I wonder why he would choose to sit there if he has to option to bond out? I know I wouldn’t. If he didn’t want to lay out 7K of his own money, a bondsman would only charge roughly 10%. And some charge a bit less & have a payment plan, no less. Sometimes folks can have a bond but can have some type of holder on them (i.e. probation violation).

      But, I imagine, he has his reasons, I guess.

    • Why dude bitch ass still in jail then ,According to reports? Dude is gay an he is wearing a f*ckin ‘Shift’ dress! Gay ass lol! He can stay gay cuz he is ugly an he look like he hasnt washed his face in a month lol Dusty ass nigga. Who is he anyway? Calling another dude ‘My love’ , he is gay!

      • Monique honey what exactly is a “shift” dress?
        I mean I know I may sound L7 but I wanna know.

        • It’s a loose fitting dress that can be slipped on over the head usually without a zipper

          my mom calls them shifts too

          • Thanks jayde! She describe it correctly or it is called a ‘Shealth’ dress also! I gotten a few of them from anthropologie in the past! Very ‘Mod’ lookin! It is best worn with leggings, tights or knee high boots or even flats! His dusty ass rockin it all wrong. An let me also say they are for woman lol

        • Lol You are not an L7 ! Its all good gryl. You rock one in the future. They are classy lookin depending where you purchase.

  4. young thug is gay he is shown in several pics with his boyfriend calling him lover but says he’s straight.

    he wears tutus
    he wears dresses
    yes hes gay.

  5. And if he is not gay, he may as well start being gay because to me, if you are allowing your image and name to promote homosexuality to school children then, you’ve already sold your soul to the devil an you are no longer a man anyway.

  6. Wayne probably gave baby an altermatum, either stop f*cking young thug or risk losing him. Lol he said on rapcity “he ain’t kissing nobody but me man”

  7. I agree with @Philly & @CrazyChris…they all are GAY or Bi. No straight man would promote, or act GAY period. His azz is GAY as hell

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