Halle Berry Headed For a Third Divorce?


Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez called it quits on the low, according to insiders. This word comes in a little over a year after they married. “They have been living separately for months,” says a source. “They’re just delaying the inevitable – announcing their split.”

“They don’t talk to each other much, and when they do, it’s only about their son.

Halle, 48, can’t seem to keep a man. Before marrying the French actor in July 2013 — followed closely by the birth of their son, Maceo, in October 2013. Halle Berry and Eric Benet divorced in 2005, after nearly four-years of marriage. Before that, she and David Justice divorced in 1997, following their 1993 wedding.

Here’s what a source spilled:

“They have drifted apart and only get together for the sake of Maceo.

The whole family was supposed to go on a make-or-break holiday [to celebrate their one-year anniversary in July], but that fell apart because neither Olivier nor Halle wanted to make it happen.”


  1. Halle you need to go back to the brothas. As you can see those other guys ain’t about shit. They say the fine ones are always the craziest.

      • wonder if halle would let me poke her throat while her mouf is in that perfect O shape….crass I know

    • Why go there. The brothers wrecked havoc on the gal too, before and after the fame.

      • Well there is one common denominator in all her f*cked up relationships….HER!!!!!

    • Halle used black men to make it ok to date white men. She knewEric was a sex addict, when they broke up everyone said HE was stupid, but Halle played that game. It doesn’t matter what the race is, if you date stupidity thats what you get.

      • well halle was gone 6 months filming x men in Australia how do you expect your partner to stay faithful while you in another hemisphere and gone that long.

        halle can’t talk she phukked hugh jackman guess they took their roles as wolverine and storm too seriously.

    • Thank you 10:25! But then again if she go back to seeing the BM she might have a flashback where Wesley Snipes busted her ear drum. Just stay single Halle, please stay single!

      • Man yall do know its something wrong with her right? When she divorced David Justice she went on a pr campaign to make him look bad the same w Eric Benet and the same with her baby’s father. I have always been told when its something wrong with EVERYBODY you have that is close to you the problem aint with EVERYBODY the problem is YOU. She needs to do some soul searching and some self healing. Marriage and long term relationships aren’t for everone. Some people are incapable of being able to emotionally maintain a mate spouse or whatever. Its crazy because what david justice said about her still is relevant. And that was damn near 20 years ago.



          • CrazyChris,

            You know doggone well can’t nobody make you do something you really don’t want to do.

            And to diss the very women that spent their hard-earned funds to make you a success?

            • Or diss the nationality of blackwomen forpain was caused by one or a couple women that he encountered. Honey, that’s a lot of black men and it’s sad. I’ve always been an open dater but most brothers i always have to dismiss for the sister hating mentality, I’m not gonna pay for someone else mistakes that caused pain. Right about now Asian men are looking good to me ;-)!!!!!

            • @black:

              True, true!!

              How ridiculous that a mulatto would cause a black man to hate all black women! Or even one black women could be the case of it!

              It ain’t nuthin’ but self-hared and gayness in disguise.

        • She slanders every man she’s with no matter what color he is. She’s the eternal victim.

        • Whoopie Goldberg admitted she sucked at marriage and relationships and will only phuck guys now.

          • She did the male gender a favor. I don’t see how a man can get it up for Whoopi. Let me go thank God for my vagina, ’cause…

            • A lot of her exes are into her funk though. Whoopie has some major hygiene issues and is not fond of bathing, but Ted Danson and Frank Lagella got really sprung on her.

            • That’s gross. She and Lenny Kravitz are on that “natural smell” isht. *holds nose*

          • Christopher Williams lost his looks when he lost the spotlight. I never found him attractive. He was like the poor man’s Al B. Sure. Al picked up a little weight, but he is still recognizable. Chris and that doo doo tooth in the front of his mouth is an abomination. Why his common law wife, Natalie, would fight over a nigga who hasn’t been famous since Troop jackets were in fashion is beyond me. Then again, she probably hasn’t been cute since 1988 her damn self.

    • …That means she will have to act right and you KNOW that ain’t gone happen…

      • Halle got some serious issues if she can’t keep a man. What she thought crossing over makes her relationship any better? Nope!

        • Halle isn’t the only woman who so-called “can’t keep a man.” Ask how many of the female posters here whether or not they can “keep a man?” Is the goal of a relationship to “keep” someone or to enjoy a person’s company unless and until their company is no longer enjoyable?

    • Not only that, you cant get a boy who thinks he’s prettier than you, and try to make a man out of him. His mama couldn’t do it. He was a pretty bitch when he left her house. Women (and men) chase him and he’s not going to be ultimatum-friendly, (as they say) Get someone you dont have to hold hands and train like a puppy, who’s already doing what you desire. She has money and no sense.

  2. I think the last 2 perhaps saw the money and exposure David Justice saw arm candy and she was the it girl then. I believe Halle gas some serious issues that she is not dealing with. She had one that was a sex addict a lot of these signs she chose to ignore there is something with her that prevents her from forming healthy relationships because all these men cant be the problem. it’s a combo of her attitude maybe” just sad a woman So beautiful can’t seem to find łove

    • Eric Benet was not a sex addict.. he agreed to say that he was to bear the brundt of their relationship woes because she and publicist asked him to. But she has major issues.

      • I believe that too. If he had a sex problem, how is it that Eric ended up marrying Prince’s second ex wife and produce two kids? Halle just stay single..PLEASE!!

  3. Unfortunaltey thisis going to make her sounds crazy, I m sure that there is much more to this story but Halle’s they are coming for your sanity girl we shall see.

  4. Beauty is olny skin deep halle might be beautiful but she aint shit cause she cant keep a man to save her life, people need to get outta that she so pretty shit. God dont like ulgy an he aint to keen on pretty.She thought white men would treat her better not, now look at her on her third divorce just pitiful. Halle has did alot of dirty nasty shit to get to where she at. Is anyone surpised by now.

    • Booty…Shut the f*ck up! End of day Halle still hotter than yo hating ass! You sound like you look like Cealy from The Color Purple…. You shol is ugly lol! Halle may or may not did alot of nasty shit to get where she at but you have prolly done 20 times worse for Free! Find yo f*ckin life! Mrs Berry obviously aint gon take no nigga shit an she shouldnt! Bye Bitch!

    • R u insane. You referred to her as not being shit because she can’t keep a man. Wow, News flash fool, having a man does not define. So many black women are babies momma or worse because they did not get that memo. You damn fool. I’m done with this site, it used to gave intelligent blacks, but now only seems to attract ignorant nite.

  5. Halle Berry is crazy an she does not need to go back to black men she is the white mans trash now.

    • Uhhhhh UNFORTUNATELY FORTUNATE she is already on the partially crazy side of the bus.

      • Got me thinking about that movie she plays as a psychologist that ended up in the crazy house. Gothika yeah that’s the movie.

  6. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. You write your own history. Let’s face facts, she is the common denominator of these relationships that went sour. Can’t blame brothas nor the white guys for her own failure.

  7. lets see Wesley snipes was abusive.

    eddie murphy was a whoremonger phukking anything with a hole and we do mean anything with a hole.

    Christopher Williams used to woop her ass.

    don’t know why her and heavy d didn’t work out.

    shemar moore and Michael ealy were prettyboys can you imagine their egos.

    yes halle dated kevin Costner, danny wood from new kids on the block.

    halle needs to go dyke alomng with keyshia cole, mary j blige and vivaca fox and all these other black women who can’t find love with neither black or white men.

    • Well damn Chris! Eddie Murphy, Christopher her Williams, Shemar Moore. I totally forgotten Michael Ealy. So that means he was cheating on Halle either with Diddy’s baby mama Kim or Stacey Dash. Damn she gets around!

      • eddie was dating halle in boomerang.

        but she had to share him with robin givens, lela rochon, tisha Campbell and god knows who else was eddie was phukking at the time.

        lets not forget all the drag queens eddie been through during the years.

        saw him kiss gabrielle union in meet dave eddiekissed her like a damn virgin guess her dick wasn’t big enough.

        • You mean the trans that he didn’t know but was a good Samaritan to by giving a ride home to while innocently taking a late night drive through Hollywood…
          -who was the SAME trans later found to be quite familiar to Eddie because he was not only having sex on a regular basis with him but also paying his rent & monthly expenses. This SAME trans thought he could acquire a big payday from the all the media attention Eddie was receiving about their association to each other & planned on writing a Tell-All book & this is where the story falls off & was never mentioned in mainstream media ever again….
          -The SAME trans…”decided to workout on the rooftop of his apartment one day, forgot his keys & thought it was a safe idea to SWING FROM THE ROOF USING A TOWEL DOWN TO HIS BALCONY but misses & ACCIDENTALLY PLUNGES 6ft TO HIS DEATH.”

          That ended that story & the ONLY media outlet who even shared the fact that this SAME trans died was Jet Magazine. This was the first of many bullets Eddie Murphy dodged.

    • Take yo dumb ass back to school! Who the f*ck wrote this? A blind monkey on molly? Lol! Yo new name Retarded Chris… Gotdamit Lol! Im gettin my life on yall dumb ass lol

      • Will somebody please call Pennhurst insane asylum and tell them that they have patients using the computers again. I’m not taking any chances because you can get brought up on charges for insulting The non-syndromic intellectually disabled. They need to keep better tabs on these psycho f*ckers. Ths one calls itself a Queen. HAHAHA!!

        • I bet you have their number on speed dial. Your attempt at an insult showed the forum who you really are. Straightjacket much?

  8. Halle career is slowing down and she’s paying her baby’s daddy. Halle needed some money. Oliver will have to pay her. She’s smart she had Oliver bet up her ex. so she can say that he’s unfit to raise their child just incase he tries to get custody of his son. Yes she’s crazy, and she’s conniving, and she’s smart. I don’t know but maybe she’s an unmedicated bi-polar .

  9. She strikes me as someone who is stuck on herself AND insecure and needy at the same time. It is impossible to please someone like that. A lot of really beautiful women suffer from that.

  10. This lady I know with five kids and five baby daddies change men like every two or three months. Yes and her kids meet every one of the men she get with because each time she say she’s in love. Then all of a sudden she on to the next and in love with him. Maybe Halle is in love with falling in love diving in head first and it doesn’t ever last.

    • This is why can’t understand why ppl say she can’t keep a man. She puts 4-6 yrs into most of these relationships, she’s good.

      • ..possibly because she’s an almost 50 year old baby mama and her maturity/growth in relationships seems non existent??

  11. Just gave an interview years ago that she always needed to hear how beautiful she is. He said something along the lines that example…if she came home and he was watch, she expected him to turn it off and swoon over her and her beauty and it got tiring. I believe this was around the time married some woman Gladys (not sure) a body builder and started a family.

  12. If you guys think Halle is crazy now, imagine how crazy she may act when she turns fifty. She will be too old to play the fancy girl sex slave role. She is too thin and pretty to play the stereotypical mammie role. One more thing, Halle can’t do Broadway like Vanessa Williams because she isn’t a good enough actress. It’s hard enough for black women to get work in hollywood, but black women who are fifty and older is damn near impossible. When was the last time Victoria Rowell worked?

    • She will be looking like lil kim, she won’t be able to handle it. It has already started.

    • Victoria Rowell is working. In her spare time, she tweets all day, redundantly, about the execs at Y&R and how they don’t hire Black hairstylists, MUA, a Black Executive Producer, etc. She is very intelligent and thought-provoking, but after a month or so, you’re thinking, “Yeah, b*tch, we get it.”

  13. my theory on why black/mixed women marry white men. we all know why black men marry wrinkly beached whale white women

    1) their father/uncle/grandfather/cosuin/brother probably abused them when their were younger
    2) they hate their family for the pain and suffing that their caused on them
    3) their mother doesn’t care and doesn’t belived them

    these are the 3 reason

    when these women get older they will turn their backs on the black community these black women will bleach their skin
    dye their hair blonde etc etc

    halle berry is prime example her black father abused her and her white women didn’t do shyt

    • Black/mixed women marry white men for one simple reason, they want white privilege! Black women who pass the paper bag test need to realize that they will never have white privilege because they are not white. Halle Berry, Tamera Mowry, Rashida Jones, Soledad O’Brian will never be accepted by the white race. They will always be fancy girls; sexual conquests for the white man.

      • @nba is fixed

        very true i was watching a min documentary on youtube is called “bi-racial people hate to be called black”
        basically is about bi-racial people complaining about being called black

        my questioning is why are they mad at black people we didn’t do shyt

        here’s the link tho


  14. What’s up with the 4 years marriage in both of her failed nuptials?
    Or, I’m I reading too much into it?

  15. @Intelligent Black Woman. So you dont think that because women her age that are biracial werent necessarily fully accepted in the black community when they were young and ridiculed by black women, so when they get older they tend to associate more with white people. Also its Kinda like when black people get money(good job) in general the first thing they do is move away from black people or black atheletes getting white women(I think they call it black or urban flight). So how is this any different from what we do as black people as a whole? Not saying black men and women arent sexual abusers but I sure as hell know their are a whole helluva alot of white ones. Biracial individuals have black as well as white family members(abusers as you say). Its funny how the black men she was linked to at the time were successful in their careers and were of a benefit to her whereas the white men she was more or less played their Sugar Momma.

    • Thats exactly what it is biracial people have a hard time being accepted when they are half white half black, and when they arent accepted by one side they turn to the other…thats why i would just hang out with Mexicans they didnt care

  16. Why such pretty lady can’t keep a man? Guuud gracious what’s wrong with her keeping a man? She needs to just by alone. Got Jesus?

  17. And honestly Halle isnt a very good actor/actress. She has been in some well written movies but she has also been in som trash movies. Monsters Ball was trash. She got a oscar for helping perpetuate peoples bigoted views of blacks. All the blacks in that movie were f^cked up w the exception of Mos Def’s character. Same with Denzels oscar for Training Day. Denzel is a helluva actor and to see him get a oscar for that character was a disservice to him.

  18. LOL. She has not been hitn on nothing since she did mobsters ball. She went down hill and lost a lot of her fans. Maybe she is hard to just live with. Perfect everything?

  19. Mental illness is something that should always be taken seriously. Halle has always come across very mental. She spoke about how she didnt have a relationship with her dad and how he was abusive to her and her mother.

  20. How old was she when this happened? As a kid, things like that will make a child mentally disturbed. Men is just not for her. She came into her marriages only wanting babies anyway. She got what she wanted. I hope she gets some help instead of marring men after men to resolve her issues.

    • As humans we all have issues some moreso than others some adress and manage their issues and some choose not tobeven recognize that they have problems. Not to minimize anyones struggle but choosing to ignore problems is ultimately a sign of weakness, Ms. Berry more thqn has the resources to manage and work on her inner demons. She is a victi but she also chooses to be a will victim and maybe that is ultimately she see herself otherwise. We are descendants of a very strong people we have great great grands who remember parts of slavery and went through jim crowe the lynchings the police dogs the water hoses, and chose to overcome, not without their own personal demons but they still stood and overcame. In ways my heart goes out to Ms. Berry but like if she was in my pesonal circle I would tell her to look at herself and start from there because if you build yourself up no one can tare you down, but if you are only what someone else makes of you, that someone can also take back all they have given and then where does that leave you?

  21. She needs to take some time and just be by herself a while. Dang, why dome women think they need a man ANY man, just to feel important?
    I feel sorry for the little kids in this situation. They don’t deserve so much drama.
    Maybe if she think she HAS to have a man, she might, look into chosing one with good character???
    I don’t know what criteria she has been using in the past to chose her men, but, BABY GIRL, IT IS NOT WORKIN’!!!!!!!
    Also, when you been with that many fellas and there is ALWAYS something wrong, some of that “something wrong” is you.

  22. She needs to take her meds for he bipolar and borderline personality disorders!!! That is why she left the accident scene years ago. She was still under the influence of her meds. She is really manic like and somewhat paranoid when she doesn’t use her meds. She engages in a great deal of self sabotaging behaviors, including the types of men she chooses.

  23. Halle needs to love herself, and get into stability within her inner self for peace

  24. Something is seriously wrong with this bitch. She can’t keep a man worth a damn. Those demons must be on her like white rice.

  25. Gurllll it will be alright Halle…stop rocking back and forth in that chair….

  26. Halle Berry is a nutty bitch that needs to seek psychiatric help ASAP! Hopefully the Doc will give her medication to calm her psycho ass down!

  27. Hey Imma be real with y’all. I rather have all my bills paid, a roof over me and my son’s head, a deep freezer and my refrigerator full of food and have lent in my pockets any day before I sell my broke ass soul to these greedy soulless motherf*ckers! Yep, I said it! U damn right. I rather be rich in my basic needs necessities that to be made a damn fool anyday! I came in this world single, lonely, & broke. And I will leave this world single, lonely, & broke!

  28. Something about Halle Berry reminds me of Heidi Klum. Heidi’s beautiful and can’t keep a man for sh*t either.

    • I wonder why do people have to be married? Hell, its nothing with being boyfriend or girlfriend. These marriages ain’t shit these days! Like I said earlier I came into this world single, lonely, and broke. And I leave this world single, lonely, and broke! Y’all remembered the case called TheBlack Dahlia? Halle reminds me of that lady without being chopped up.

  29. halle is a typical mixed women who seeks love from (racist) white men because she wants to be accepted in the so called “white community”
    white people have short temper when their angry and upset they will call you a racial slur. these ethnic minorities needs to get the idea of
    white people being perfect because their not!! point blank period

    they cheat/kill/steal/sexually abuse/bully and take drugs there no different then black people their worster than black people

    but they do’t get a bad rep because different races think white skin is pure and clean (what a load of shyt!!!)

    black men think twice about having a child with a wrinkly white women because they can end up like this enough said!!

    • ‘Worster ‘, ‘Worst *, carry on with your rant, ‘intelligent Black woman’… lol.

    • You are full of it Ms Intelligent. I have never been called a racial slur to my face in my life. You must be surrounding yourself with some real lowlifes.
      And there are plenty of bad behaving folks in our own community. I wouldn’t be throwing too many stones at others. No one is without fault or sin regardless of color.

      • I think her point was not to throw stones but to simply point out the fact that black people are demonized by deamons. And maybe they didn’t. Say it to your face because they have not been pissed enough yet. But make one mad and see what happens. And I tell you what, no matter how much class they have, just about all of the hollered the N word on october 3rd 1995.

        • ELHP:

          You are a true original. Yes I did look that date up.

          oj’S acquittal had all of them reachin’ for their guns and ropes.

          They just need the ok, that’s all.

  30. The proof of Halle’s mental defect lies in the fact that she hooked up with Olivier to begin with. That man has the worst reputation in show biz for cheating and hitting women. She MUST be self destructive for even having dinner with the man, much less procreating with him. At least Gabriel really did love her.

  31. Don’t overthink this. What’s on the outside has no correlation to what’s on the inside.

  32. She really is Dorothy Dandgrige reincarnated Dorothy’s white 3rd husband beat that ass black and blue and i can just look at Halle and tell oliver bitch ass is going upside her head she has that battered women look in her eyes so sad Hollywood is gonna be through with her soon.

  33. Stumbled onto your website and found your narrative quite interesting since I notice that none of the mainstream media has picked up the latest article from Star in the for of their related mag OK. I started not to say anything, but I decided that it would be quite unfair not to let you know that Halle’s husband has filed lawsuits in the French courts saying these stories are untrue. Here is the website and like today I was just reading anything my eyes fell. Think it would be a good idea to read this using the translate button. http://tempsreel.nouvelobs.com/societe/20140710.OBS3444/panique-dans-la-presse-people-francaise-les-stars-americaines-attaquent.html We in America don’t know a lot about this guy but it appears from other readings he will sue for anything printed about him that is untrue, Might also want to look at 2008 when he won lawsuits from several mags overs stories.

  34. Can’t help but think about the things David Justice said about Halle twenty years ago. He was one hundred percent correct!

  35. if halle had her sex game on point maybe she’ll keep a man!!

    eric benet beated her ass black and blue for sex!!! he’s sex addict so that tells you something bytch can’t keep a d*ck to save her own life

    and the french racist frog she married has a biracial daugher and he doesn’t like black people!!!

    he probabbly used halle for money and fame like most white people do!!

    black people be aware white people go marry and date black people for money fame and sex

    • Eric Benet was no sex addict it was a story he agreed to go along with because he loved her and wanted to stay married to her. Her publicist came up w that story. Also the first I have ever heard of him beating her. They also accused Christopher williams of beating her up and he set the recors straight it was Wesley. ..

      • eric is a sex addict!! hallie couldn’t get on it because she’s not sexual enough she’s more like a wet fish
        when it comes to sex!!

        hallie needs to improve in her sex game she sexed that country hick billy bob!!!!

  36. HB just needs to throw in the towel regarding marriage. It could be the men but I really think it is her that has the problem. She seriously needs some therapy.

  37. Halle has bad radar, her sixth sense is taking a nap. Men can’t resist her beauty and all, perhaps this is her eternal curse. The chase is the adrenaline rush for dudes that lust her. Once they’ve achieved their goal, she morphs into a typical attractive female that deals with everyday problems like other women.

  38. How about she is just crazy. And crazy and pretty dont mix. Pretty dont do alot of things and crazy do alot of things you dont want. That right thurrr is just an effed up mix..She is far from everyday EXTRA maybe but definitely not evryday.

  39. I don’t think she’s crazy, just has bad luck with men. Her life is a mess right now. Gotta pay the first baby daddy tens of thousands a month for who knows how long. Movies not poppin’ as they did in past, living in France, etc. Halle Berry is not another tragic mulatto, that model does not apply to her. She still gotta live, despite the bs, i wish her the best.

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