Juelz Santana Disses Kimbella’s Fake Kakes


Hold Up! Did Juelz Santana Just Call Kimbella “HE”?!

It’s safe to say Juel Santana and Kimbella ain’t rockin’ anymore. Juelz dedicated a thread of tweets to dissing Kimbella — one of which includes the Harlem man referring to her as “He”.

Dude set it off last night, taking to Twitter to comment on her post of the craziest lookin’ picture EVER. It looks like Kimbella-Kakes has since deleted her baby daddy’s comments.




    • That’s what I got from it. I don’t know why this is article-worthy in the first place. No one seems to be checking for either of these two!

  1. Kimbella probably IS a dude roflmfao Juelz just put himself on blast. everybody BEEN knowing that celebrities love to drive around late at night to meet prostitutes and they dont care if its a male or female LOL faggot ass actors & rappers !!!! ATTN LADIES: DO NOT EVER FALL FOR ANY FACADES FROM ANY DUDE, WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE THEIR PENIS HAS BEEN

  2. Juelz doesn’t give to f*cks about Kimbella ass, he doesn’t even acknowledge her ass his girlfriend let alone his fiance just check his instagram, even on love and hip hop they had no chemistry…he acts just like jay did towerd Beyonce.

  3. So what he a fake rapper and a fake man. Why don’t he tell how many homos he had sex with at thise mandatory industry parties?

  4. Yea Sheila please do spill the tea. I no all of them are Gay ok Bi. All of them gay for pay or maybe they’re just Gay from the jump

    • There is really nothing more to tell. In order for them to get record deals and stay in the money they have to meet certain sexual obligation in the industry and most of the times it is with other men. They meet at these hidden places and f*ck. Cannot put it any nicer than that. There is a video on YT by SHOCHEESE he is of that rap group called No Limit…..he has put a video out telling it all. He spills the tea as you all put it. the video is called “NO LIMIT-FOREVER REAL TALK”….go hear him out. He in the game and he out to know. Also go to the channel of Yash Qaraah and listen to his messege to Tyrese Gibson. Yash was also in the industry but said he got out because they want him to perform sex act he was not down with.

  5. One. I agree that his comments seem to be directed elsewhere, I don’t tweet soooo, I’ll never know. If I did, I’ll never know. Two. He met her like that soooo I can’t see why he’s mad now! Like, she was practically naked on LHH! Get real!

  6. that he comment was referring to Juelz. maybe you old folks dont know how twitter works, but that was a RT (re-tweet) of an original comment from one of Kimbellas followers…..

  7. HE’s no longer relevant anymore so who cares smh!! Worry about that failing Dipset Reunion..

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