Biggie & Faith’s Son CJ Wallace Responds To Gay Allegations


‘CJ’ Wallace is denying the gay allegations – sparked over the summer – surrounding a set of suspect pics of he and his homey. Sources are blaming one site for reporting false word, calling it a satire.. but the pictures remain.

“The rumors of Wallace being gay began after he posted a picture to Instagram of him hugging a friend from behind during his high school graduation.

You’ll recall word broke just days after CJ’s graduation. That was more than two-months ago. Since then, Faith Evan has slammed one blogger .. and even publicly addressed the allegations on the BET Awards Show red carpet.

When asked [at the BET Awards] if she had any comment in response to the allegations Faith had this to say:

“No.. I don’t really feel no way about it. We know where he is. If he was I would support him and love him just the same. So, no.”


Peep CJ’s tweets:

cj-wallace-gay biggie-smalls-gay-son biggie-gay-son


  1. Well i mean why be so closely pressed behind ur friend at ur graduation, i mean me and my friends were never that comfortable with each other and ive known them since pre k so cj if u really want to convince ppl otherwise try placing so space in between the both of u next time ijs…

  2. CJ quit doing GAY shit and people want think your Gay. That pic looks super Gay especially for 2 teenage boys

  3. Biggie gone haunt him for having his hands so close to his “friends” penis. We just speaking the real it look hella gay.

  4. He’s gay. He is just trying not to mess with his dads rep so that people won’t say that as many girls his dad and has a gay son?! Why?

  5. Faith kept it real at the awards and of course ANY mother will still love their children regardless. but then again: FAITH, WHERE IS HIS GIRLFRIEND???? WHY DOESNT HE HAVE PICTURES WITH A GIRL????

  6. I guess if it wasn’t for faiths gene pool this boy would have been tragically hard on the eyes.

    • He favors his dad but has just enough of Faith’s genes to make him alright. He’s not a bad looking kid at all. I just hate “THIS” has become an issue for him. He’s grown up with a step father for about 8yrs but we don’t know what that was like for him. It would seem that the men in his life would have taught & continue to work with him on his “man skills.”

      That picture does not mean he’s gay, however, it’s odd to say the very least. I have a son in his age group & I’ve never seen him & any of his boys act act that way. It could have been simple horseplay but the accusation & backlash should serve as a precaution to CJ to be more aware of his surroundings & actions.

      • This Looks like they R re-enacting the scene from “Titanic”, and it looks GAY AS FUK.

  7. faith looks pissed at the reporter this bytch and her son is only famous because og biggie smalls

    they should be grateful that their getting any attention faith’s career is over like tap water. whether you like dyck up your ass
    is your business this celebrities are posting pic up on there website for attention

    the good ol’ days when celebrities would kept their shyt private and not airing it out like dirty laundry!!

  8. He looks gay.. Period and protesting too much. He will come out when comfortable. Sorry bit the worst place to raise boys to men is Hotlanta.

  9. Look at Mister Cee he’s a closeted homosexual. I dont know if he still works at shot 97 but he kept getting caught with trannies and they fired him. I thought it was rumored that Biggie was gay. Look at Diddy. Lol.

  10. The gay agenda is in full affect. My 13 year old daughter told me a boy in her class pointed his finger and did a lick motion while staring at another lil boy and they both start laughing. I Dont see the homour in that at all. This pic is the same type of homo behavior. My stomach hurt.

  11. Be careful what you do. Keep your soul clean.

    All those sex parties in Brooklyn Biggie took part in. Remember when Lil Kim would say, “we family, we family, now”.

    All came back on his son. I don’t blame Atlanta for this one.

    • You couldn’t pay me to live in Atlanta! They so out of pocket with that sh** that the most they can make me do is LMAO when I see the men in heels.

  12. I have never witnessed a homosexual act, so who am I to say who is or is not gay. At some point we have to realize, “everything that happens in this world, is not our business.” Lying, spilling, hurting, and gossip seems to rear their ugly heads much too often.

    Congrats on your graduation, and I wish you and your’s the best. Biggie would be proud.

    I have pride that another African-American has gained education. It is this, that should be the focus. People will not even let his family enjoy the coming of his adult-hood. Leave this child alone! ! !

      • No, the focus SHOULD B on Black Folks pooling their Resources, Connecting Back 2 Africa through personal and Business Endeavors, and OWNING OUR OWN BUSINESSES. (Producers, not just consumers)

        Some Folks, (Read: Black Folks) with Undergraduate, Masters, and PHDs can’t find a Job @ McDonalds in this economy! (The Hispanics have them)

        Ever wonder WHY Malcolm X died first, B4 Dr Martin Luther King?????

        Re-Read my first Paragraph.

      • Honey, ln case no one told you, people who put down others, or accept everything printed for truth, ( when they have no first hand knowledge), surpasses gossip and becomes a link in the ” say what you want to say, and darn the feelings of others chain.” This child, like all children, should have a start in life without others telling him how wrong he is for something that may or may not be facts.

  13. That looks gay as hell. He probably won’t admit because of who his father was and his rep. Unless the rules of playing having changed, last time i checked straight dudes don’t play with each other like that pic shows.

  14. He’s gay many BM are but why sound of crickets at this thread oh right, all the girly men are gossiping at the Halle Berry thread. Typical kneegrow men love the idea of a mixed chick being unhappy but in denial about a down low gay brotha. Typical.

  15. Rumor has it his father was bisexual…and had an openly gay best friend…I’m not surprised at all…

  16. Biggie did have an openly Gay best friend and he said a lot of Gay shit on a few of his songs and he was on Bad Boy with puffy. 3 strikes ur out. Biggie probably was Bi, just like the rest of them….smh

    • I believe it. His sex rhymes were too f*ckin’ raw and his first baby mama said he didn’t want to be seen when he was sick. I always wondered what she meant by that.

      That whole crew was a bunch of freaks and Biggies talent brought them into a bigger community of freaks.

    • What openly gay best friend did Biggie havr cause I’m familiar with pretty much the whole inner circle none of them are gay to my knowledge it was actually Big best friend since a kid who called CJ out for posting that gay shit

  17. That pic gay af yeah u dun f*cked up bruh like u said but It won’t be shocking if he came out anyway I mean most of celebrities children are either gay or bat shit crazy

  18. I remember when this site used to have piping hot tea that no-one else covered. Now they just give watered down copy and paste from other websites.

    Where is Jacky? Because this site is just like the rest with the same dry stale ass stories.

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