Jennifer Hudson’s Brother Arrested For Attempted Murder


Some thing’s up with Jennifer Hudson’s family.

Reports reveal… the singer’s half-brother is in jail for allegedly stabbing a Michigan man multiple times. Stephen Simpson, 45, was arrested Tuesday — after being questioned by cops. He’s “expected to be charged with attempted murder and home invasion.”

“It was pretty scary because there was a lot of blood everywhere.”

The incident — a suspected crime of passion — happened Monday night [August 18, 2014], inside a Michigan apartment. That’s where Simpson was reportedly fueled by “jealous rage”… after he showed up unannounced at his estranged wife’s residence, and discovered she was in the company of a man suspected to be her lover. “The victim was treated at hospital receiving about 20 or 30 stitches,” says a source. “He’s being released and is expected to recover.”

Here’s what South Haven cops told the press:

“Neighbour Torrey Hunt opened his door at around 3am to find the victim bleeding and begging for assistance.

He said: ‘I open the door and see blood everywhere. He was stabbed in his chin and his chest, he had puncture wounds in his chest and his arms and stuff.

‘He said someone knocked on the door, he thought he was knocking on the door for somebody, and he started getting stabbed up.
‘I am thinking he could die any minute.'”


  1. Why has this info been released when Jennifer has a album about to come out? Why is there always controversy when someone has something to sell?…….

    • profits

      sounds like isis could use this guy on their team.

      he has street cred and his sister is a famous singer who started out singing for gay couples on Disney yachts yes this is true to being on American idol to being a dreamgirl.

  2. This is a teachable moment:

    Jennifer Hudson is from pure gutter ghetto trash and not very attractive.

    But, she has confidence and she is very professional. She has worked hard and she is focused.

    If she can make it and do it, anyone can. Don’t let your circumstances hold you back. It ain’t where you came from, but where you are going.

    Shit, her family is definitely part of the black on black crime problem.

      • A humble thank you to TK and non importante.

        Just had the chance 3 years ago to get up close to observe this girl one day and trust I know from where I speak.

  3. I don’t think its Clive Davis. I just think it’s the devil. She lost American idol but then became more famous then Fantasia (the winner). She sold her soul to the devil. This is just plain ole life here on earth. Saying it’s illuminati makes the devil happy that we blame it on that and not just plain old sin which has been happening before we were born. Clive Davis made a bunch of blacks rich. But what they do after that is on their own souls. Nothing is free!

    • Finally!!!!! Someone keeping it real and in the right perspective
      Sin is sin without the illuminati
      But i do think shyt is about to get real real out here and we better be prayed up

  4. the Hudson family murder diaries.

    if you are related top Jennifer Hudson be afraid be very afraid.

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