Brittany Dailey Named Nick Cannon’s Side Chick


Mr. ‘Mo Money Than Jay Z’ seems to be channeling his inner Hova — which could lead Mimi to deliver Nicky with his very own elevator experience.

Not only has Nick long been suspected to be laying his Cannon somewhere else, a source has revealed he could have one specific bunker location on lock!

This would be the second Wild’n’ Out dancer hookup for Nick Cannon.

The source has dropped a Brittany Dailey bomb. The video vixen is far from being uncharted territory.. Just ask Breezy or James Harden! So… either Britney’s smashing industry status doesn’t phase Nick -or- it could be the reason why he’s said to be keeping her in the closet. Nick gave Brittany Dailey a a job on Wild’n’ Out,” says the source.

Dig the Drop:

“Nick and Brittany have been creeping for some time now, on set they act like they barely get along but a few co workers know what’s really going on. I can’t believe he is willing to risk so much on so little…He tells Brittany that Mariah gets on his last nerves..and how Mariah makes him feel less than a man.”


  1. Oh Sheeeeeeeiiiiiid……Mimi gonna go ballistic on ole Nicky boy. Damn, just goes to show you having a world-famous, talented, rich and beautiful wife is still not enough for these dog azz men out here!

    • She ain’t all that beautiful, inside or out. I’ve come across her twice so I’ve seen firsthand. Real people don’t care how much money or fame you have. If we ain’t feelin’ you superficial stuff won’t put you over.

    • Welp Mimi got her kids…she didn’t bank on having to raise a third one(Nick)…You can tell he isn’t over that Kardashian look..WTF does Kimmy Kakes do to these men..?

      MiMi you better call Jermain Dupre and say “I need another emancipation hit…”

      • With all due respect this girl is waaaaaay badder than Kim ever was. Brittany Dailey is a banger for real.

        • I don’t see it at all. She look like a younger stanker Lisa Raye. If she passed me on the street I wouldn’t look at her twice except maybe to wonder from where the odor of sardines and yeast are emmenating

          • To each his/her own. I’d suck a benign organ outta this Brittany chick here. She’s ultra sexy to me.

  2. Trust me when i tell you,Nick don’t have no Cannon between his legs,more like a a baby carrot. I went to high school with him and i know what i am talking about. He is not packing ladies. His talent might be in his tongue but it sure ain’t between his legs.

    • Jen, high school was a long time ago. With all the super sizing going on now days he might have a Anaconda(nicki voice). IJS

      • Honey ain’t that much growing in all the world. By the time guys are 17 they pretty much have their size by then, Nick does not have size and i know i am right because that model ex-girl of his said he was on the small size. That shit they say makes men dicks bigger is a joke. My gay best friend said he tried it and it does not work. Nick got a small one.

        • Lol, Jennifer, you sound hurt! Why is it important for you to mention this information?

          • I mention it because i hate these no good men who think women are their play things. Nick is no catch….the only reason he blew up is because of Mariah. His lukewarm career was nothing until he married her. Nick is trying to be a player but he is not that guy. The only reason some bitch will open her legs for him is because she feels it will lead to some money or fame. Not hurt,just bitter towards no good men. I hate adultery.

            • Jennifer , I hear, as well as agree, with you regarding adultery.

              My opinion on this subject is, if one does not deal with this nature, while dating, then chances are, one will carry it over onto their married life.
              This holds true for some, however there are exceptions , naturally of course.

              The thing that stood out in your post, was ,the way you espoused that; it just made you look real bitter, like he personally hurt you-perhaps, that;s just what i got from your comment.

              If rumours of divorce are verified with an actual spilt, I doubt it will impact him, as much as it has other celebrity couples .

          • I always knew those pills et
            al, were mad susoect. While
            speaking on this, what is
            considered small /average?
            Seems the former gets no
            love from ladies.

            • Nasir As a senior spokesperson with varied experience, size wise, I would say that as normal average dude is fine as long as he has the moves and knows what he’s doing. Average is 5 1/2 to 6 inches erect.
              Most of us girls favor girth over length because length is really just candy for the eyes. We only have 5″ of room for it to go, so the rest is basically overage. But GIRTH…now that’s a whole ‘nother story.
              Give me a girthy 6 incher any day over a 9 inch Slim Jim.
              If a man is lacking in size, he should save his money on the pill scams and invest in a certified sex surrogate to assure that his hand and mouth techniques are on point.

            • Lol@ ‘d invest in
              a certified sex surrogate to
              assure that his hand and
              mouth techniques are on
              Thanks for the clarification ! Guess, that makes me average-ish. :-).

            • Lol this is a funny question with MANY answers but I would say 7 ( with adequate girth) up to 12 is good….now 10 to 12 can be tough to manuever but I like the way they look (motion in the ocean does nothing if he has a toy sailboat sorry jmo/ size preference is usually formed by your first two experiences) so I prefer yachts and NOOOOOOOOO I am not a loose (not in morals or elasticity) cannon (no pun intended)

        • Dick enhancement(implants)surgery is the insertion of a device to help you get hard, penis pumps will swell it temporarily (they work much like breast pumps by pulling the skin and because the suction is so strong it causes the swelling)….there is nothing that will give a man any more inches than his genetics….once they hit 18 what they have is all that they’re getting

          • Hell I know a couple dudes right now is packing and don’t know what to do with.

  3. Oh this is true! I watch Wild n Out and there was an episode, in fact its the one where Rick Ross and the Maybach Crew was one. Him and her gave each other the eye. Hmmmmmmmmmm..

  4. I do not blame Nick Cannon for cheating on Mariah! She is becoming old and heavy like a 64 chevy!

    • Yeah unfortunately youth and beauty are assets for women as money and power and for men. Feminism may have changed opportunities for women but not how men think and act with their penis.

  5. Not sure about this one but he is dating a girl named Golden Barbie and has a apartment setup for her.

  6. He’s a damn fool and will be another coon giving his money to the slave masters daughter. I guess the mixed chick ain’t good enough for him, LOL. Such a picky sambo, LOL. He will get played for his money just like all the rest. If this whore isn’t preg now she will be preg soon that is how the sambos allow themselves to get trapped. I used to like Nick Cannon but now I see he is another sambo, thats it.

    • Mariah’s is not the slave master’s daughter….she has a Black father and that makes her just as Black as me in the eyes of God. The Bible says you are identified by God based in who your father is,no matter what you look like on the outside. Some of yall post some stupid comments.

      • I think you should comprehend the comment a little better. Thee1 is saying if the white girl gets pregnant he will be giving his money to the slave master’s daughter.

      • Oh, so that is the basis for brothas tryin’ to erase themselves and the race, K

        Y’all tryin’ to create another race, better read about Solomon and Samson while you studying the bible.

  7. Relax!! This “marriage” is a business arrangement. But after 5 years Nick hasn’t made the money that Mariah expected from him..Nick is causing her stock to decline, They are getting a divorce, (or at least already have.) He owes M.C 495 million. Her album/comeback flopped by only pushing units of 58k the first week…and the reviews for that album wasn’t all that worth the buying either…Anyway,the business arrangement/open marriage became a liability on her part.

    • You got that!!!!!!!!

      Mimi lowered the value of her brand on that American I-DULL stint. Dang, people, Mariah should not be a judge on a show that had Ellen for a judge!!!!!!!!! I like Ellen, but come ON… she is Mariah. M A R I A H !!!!!!

      But, now, she is just meh.

  8. Like who didn’t know that he wasn’t cheating. They never paired right too me in the beginning and they married very quickly I must say. There’s nothing real about this marriage. On to the next!

    • nobody knew they were dating then all of a sudden nick and Mariah is married.

      business arrangement.

      but then again nick was a fan and he paid top dollar to marry Mariah.

      all these top notch singers somehow marry their biggest fans or tricks.

  9. I like mimi and yes ed that is way people do get old and gain weight damn ur harsh lol she pushed out two at the Sam’s damn time ha

  10. it just proves their “so called” marriage is fake!! like all Hollywood marriage money talks!! nick just messed up his career
    mimi is higher up she’s been in the business since the early 90’s!! she could mess up nick’s career

    men if your gonna cheat make sure the women looks respectable this chick looks like a human trash can bet other men
    have dumped their trash bags in her ewwwwww yuck!!!

  11. Always thought nick was lame

    And why don’t the words come up when I type? Anyone else having that problem?

  12. Nick is no fun under the sheets,he definitely coming up short if you know what i mean and his breath stinks. How i know this is my business. Those hoes he messing with are all about getting paid. IDK what Mariah saw in his immature ass in the first place. There were a lot of men in line to get to her. Her marriage to Nick was arranged by the industry,just like Whitney’s marriage to Bobby Brown. One day when the industry is fully exposed you people will know what i mean by all this.

  13. Do tell. Tea time. People still want believe it, even when it’s right in there face

  14. sounds like a bunch of you girls on here talk about you had some personal experience with nick in the bedroom.

    women wanna get paid regardless of the penis size.

    but yes fame and money is the only reason nick could have ever gotten any p*ssy.

  15. Seems like Mimi and Cannon are heading to the divorce courts

    The 45-year-old pop diva and the 33-year-old presenter are allegedly having a trial separation while they renovate their $10 million Tribeca loft and sell their Bel Air mansion for $13 million.

    The insider noted: ‘They’re using the construction as a cover. They’re not living together because they can’t stand each other.’



  17. I always knew those pills et al, were mad susoect. While speaking on this, what is considered small /average? Seems the former gets no love from ladies.

  18. I always knew those pills et al, were mad susoect. While speaking on this, what is considered small /average? Seems the former gets no love from the ladies-why is that?

  19. Mariah knew what she was doing when she married Nick, she got what she wanted two wonderful babies by a man with no children, who is a cornball and a good father, and who has his own money of course its not as much as Mariah but he has more than them deadbeats with 5 kids and 5 baby mamas. Believe me Nick was a good catch to have children with and Mariah knew it. Mariah is not dumb, she did well with Nick, Nick is by far the best choice compared to those lowlife ignorant broke ass rappers fathering babies all over the US.

    • Yes. But she didn’t have to regress to Nick. Don’t get me wrong Nick means well. And can provide. However, with her celebrity she could have access to someone above his caliber, as in someone around her age bracket (hmmmm *crickets*), with other accomplishments. She f*cked up her stock by pairing with him. Initially we all thought this arrangement was a joke. But now since her come back Flopped it proved us why

  20. Don’t know if this story is true or not (and really don’t care) but who in the world is writing the bullshit copy for this site? LOL. “Laying his cannon somewhere else?” Really?

  21. Mariah should go back to singing ballads’ glamour gowns, and taken I to that next level. Whithe is gone, Celine is on break and very few others can get on that level of true worldwide stand on a stage sing and be glamorous without all the dancing!

  22. Wonder if she’ll get on the crazy train, not the subway,like she did when she broke up with Luis Miguel back in 2001.

  23. She real nasty. Nikki poo is looking for a nasty gal! And he found it too. He may want to get tested

  24. nick& mimi is a done deal honey the divorce is on the way they’ve been separated for ever since March when Nick was on the radio with big boy and played big boys game how many girls were you intimate with in (Hollyweird) and Nick Cannon named Kim Kardashian was one of them that he was intimate with and Mariah went ballistic word without that Nick Cannon only like light skinned it women and white girls you know what he’s going to end up just like Tiger Woods and then he gonna want everybody to have his black back that’s when that women don’t turn a back and say go to the white women I light skin black girls and talk to them

  25. I love Mariah Carey, she’s very beautiful & talented. She will be ok. Nick will regret it when he goes under! !

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