Earl Sweatshirt Slams Taylor Swift For Stereotyping Black Women!!!


Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt is calling out the likes of Taylor Swift as PREJUDICE Culture Vultures! This after Swift’s latest video-release reveals she’s incorporated Hip Hop into her brand. That seems to have been the last straw for Brother Earl.


Here is what’s out there:

​”​Swift’s new video for “Shake It Off” is heavy on Hip Hop references.
The clip features the singer carrying a boombox and donning street wear clothing, B-boys dancing, and backup dancers twerking.
Swift even breaks into a rap in the middle of the song.​”​

Check the Black Man’s tweets…



    • I am also over it and glad Earl is speaking up against it. It’s time for artists to come up with something new and creative instead of the same ole stuff we keep seeing in these videos.

    • This CORNY video should be MORE offensive to white woman than it should black woman ….Because white Taylor looks like a dam fool

  1. How about this dumb f*ck criticise his puppet masters for stereo-typing black women? Oh wait, that would affect his income. Gotta get dat money huh? Lol

  2. Hes absolutely right, but Ill take it a step further.

    Taylor is the whitest girl on earth. I not only think shes “vulturing”, but shes making fun of black women. Its a joke, as if they are tokens or props for her. I doubt she has one black person that is either her friend or works for her in a non-custodian capacity.

    Not only is this disrespectful and corny, but shes a little late. Miley did this last year. Im ready for ppl to stop the posturing and posing and be who they are… regular racist white folk. I know she hated looking up and seeing all those black crotches.

    I cant watch the video.. i have too much good sense… but a rap? Girl bye. Go back to your country music and white fans and crying about your virginity.

    Btw, Taylor dated 14 dudes in 2 yrs…

  3. Blacks are set up by whites. Blacks complain about whites only when something raciest happens but then they marry whites and give them all their hard earned money. Just think about all the black athlete’s who have married white women. Tiger Woods, James Brown and Don Cornelius ain’t teach ya’ll nothing!!!!!!!!! Eye Hi!!!!!!

    • LETS NOT FORGET DENNIS RODMAN, ICE T, LOU RAWLS, SEal, rick james, sly stone, Michael Jackson all the jacksons had color issues.

  4. This is so typical of them to co-opt black female culture, and claim it as theirs. All the bashing of ghetto girls over the years… ratchet, unrefined, ghetto, trifling, etc. Tameka and Shenika been turnt-up all this time, now Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift wanna morph into Morenas… What The F**k Is This?

  5. He didn’t even WATCH the f*cking video she is SATIRIZING stuff. And not just BP. Kneegrows, I swear.

    • who wanmts to watch a white girl with no ass try to act hip and from the streets we know taylor like the rest of these white girls never grew up in the streets.

      maybe sesame street but these white girls ain’t ghetto.

      taylor needs to take her country ass back to Dollywood hate these no ass flat chested white girls act more black than me.

      glad hee haw’s cancelled or they’ll do country hip hop skits on that too.

  6. Dude is reaching! Yes, the video is wack and Taylor Swift is a certified Cornball. Nothing much out of the ordinary, same ole hillbilly wanna be hip-hop bubble gum garbage. There’s much bigger fish to fry. Black folk need to pick the right type of fights to endorse. SMH, my people.

  7. This little Troll needs to go back to his group of Trolls and do what they do best–Whore for Attention (Mainly on Twitter), make mediocre at best ‘music,’ and worship whites. I’m still trying to figure out why they got a shot years later…

  8. Calling whyt women out is always seen as being something else when in reality whyt women mimick everything we are. Taylor is jumping on the bandwagon to make cash cause they no blk men won’t stand up to them.

  9. @Willie hey love and yes u are right about Taylor. I just read in a mag today about her and Halle too. Those two and men don’t go together they are doing something to these guys bcuz no guy will stay with them long enough to have dinner. Halle ur too pretty #thatcarneedsanewmotor damn Taylor

    • Hey cornbread!
      I hear that Taylors a boring prude..
      And that Halle is a crazy drunk..

      Looks dont guarantee that you are a good partner..

  10. I like the video…it’s cute… it’s what the kids should be seeing and listening to..I can see the song in a dance recital.

  11. I can’t stand that old rat faced girl but since when does the stuff she did in that video only apply to Black people?
    I swear some Black people are so eager to claim the dumbest things like twerking, rapping, big booties and gold chains.

  12. I have a question, who did Taylor Swift suck off to become the most popular female country singer? The same question goes to that ugly becky Jennifer Lawrence. Who did she f*ck to become the hottest actress in hollywood?

  13. Taylor is a human trash can she dates men then breaks up with them only to write about them in her song “how creative” not!!
    this trick can’t shut up about the “kanye incident” it happen 5 years ago and this trick can’t move past it

    beydummmie a cooney buffooney trick give her some shine bet she wouldn’t do it for a sista!!!!!!

  14. Haven’t seen the video but will judge it based off what?
    Same mentality of a white person that will fear black person off site.

  15. I’m shocked because Tyler the Creator (the leader) is the biggest coon I’ve seen in 30+ years. Shucking and Jiving for whyte massa.

    Koodo’s to Earl for saying something.

    Taylor ass look like an ironing board.

  16. He is reaching…

    The video is corny and is mainly offensive becaue Taylor Swift has no rhythm and cannot dance or rap…My ears are offended…

    Err’body want to get on the “Twattah” bandwagon.

    Watch out…you see what Kanye did to her career…

    About to blow up again in 5, 4, 3…oh now wait..not many folks know who this guy is….


  17. taylor could just parade around in some coochie cutters and a tank top I forgot what else I was going to say

  18. Just watched the video and don’t see that much of a problem with it. I do think Earl needs to actually SEE it before he pronounces judgement. I’m far more offended by Iggy Azzalea–that’s a minstrel act and I don’t give a damn if T.I. Did “discover” her!

  19. now all taylor needs is a black man in her arms.

    lets see flatass check
    no tits check
    swear shes ghetto and ain’ seen a part of the streets check\
    made a rap song even though she can’t rap check
    sucked a bunch of white dick to get where shes at check.

    yres its time for taylor to get a black man so they can respect her for the white trash shes really is.

    black men love white trash sluts they want props.

    and phukk kanye and his trophy.

    • a trophy is something exclusive and ummm last time I checked her claim to fame is lying on her back for any simp black man straight or gay just as long as she gains infamy or anything from it.

      trophy’s also probably have less plastic surgery dome to them as well…. but I agree w/ al you said I just would have put trophy in quotation marks

  20. How old is this chic because she has wrinkles around her jaw and chin line. She looks old or has old genes.

  21. this video was a joke and taylor is 30 yeARS LATE NOBODY CARRIES BOOM BOXES NO MORE.



  22. Exactly 🙂 white people never speak their minds because they know that they will get KNOCKED the fudduck right OUT. and whats even weirder is that they all love black cock at the same time lol

  23. Good God, you guys think she’s racist? Look at your own comments. Some of you should look up the word “sarcasm” or “irony”. Her video is a spoof. She’s making fun of herself and how people talk shit about her and how she “shakes it off”. Oh, wow, twerking is shaking of a sort. Or does twerking only belong to black women? Black folks, please stop crying racism and insisting that you need equality when you turn around and discriminate against whites. None of you are slaves to anyone but your own f*cked up sense of reality. Instead of getting up in arms over something so trivial, why don’t you use that effort to make life better for your race. Quit crying “racism” every time a white person wants to shake his or her ass, because believe it or not, 99% of white people don’t sit around thinking of ways to insult blacks and keep them down. What a f*cking joke.

    • I agree. This video is a spoof and she is making herself the joke intentionally. She s a very good pop music writer and I can see why she has attained her fame just like Katy Perry. This should not be considered in the same category as Iggy Azalea’s black chick impersonation. Iggy is actually copping a look/style for her benefit. Taylor is satirizing Miley, Iggy and others just for laughs.
      I am surprised at the reactions of some of the people in this thread too.

    • Blacks being racist? Where the hell that come from ? If there’s any people who suffer the worst kind of hate, it’s the people on here you’re criticizing. However, the name calling is not called for but you can’t move people in your will to be mature (perfect). Now there’s blacks that are racist due to having anger from what has been and still being done to our people. Now I don’t know about you but I feel once again we as a people have been bamboozled by whit America again when it comes to seeing our people who.is talented have their craft stolen from them, and it’s being done beforee world and our very own eyes.

  24. SO I guess he missed the part where she also had eloquent black ballerina dancers in the video too, huhn? I swear dudes be reaching just to sound deep. He’s mad Taylor ant one of those white trash girls that chase black dick. Taylor only date royalty not dingy black rappers. GET OVER IT!

  25. I don’t understand the disdain? This is a young lady that’s heavily influenced by pop culture. She made a satirical look at different aspects of teenage/pop life. This shit ain’t about black people and if it is, I prefer to keep on my blinders. Why I want to think this has anything to do with me? I’m not no victim to no teenage shit! C’mon son, everything ain’t about us….
    I think her song and video are cute. I’m gonna play it for my sister 18 at college and my niece 16 in high school…we’re pretty open minded, I bet they’ll like it

  26. The sistas on the left end of the twerkers was putting it down, next thing you know its gonna be white men looking at our rear ends.

  27. The blacks are mad because of the black women twerking and if you go on other sites you will see white people are mad becase of taylors lack of ass and terrible dancing they think its perpetuating a white stereotype!

  28. The young man has a valid point. Culture vultures .. this is just another way to keep a foot on a black back and a hand in a black family’s pocket. #Dangerous

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