‘One In A Million’ Dollar Man Derrel McDavid Sues R Kelly: “… he arranged for a car to pick up Aaliyah, 15”


R Kelly’s longtime manager — Derrel McDavid, owner of Chicago-based “accounting, auditing and bookkeeping” company, Winkler McDavid & Associates — is crying all the way to the Court after he says the shameful singer didn’t pay what he promised.

Derrel McDavid has since delivered Kelly with a million dollar lawsuit… apparently based on monies Kelly agreed he “would to give McDavid.” GIVE? Really? Who just up and GIVES $1.3 million just to “walk their separate ways”???

Is it just me… or does is seems like Derrell McDavid boss’ed up on R Kelly by possibly warning the DOCUMENTED CHILD MOLESTER that he’d spill the dirt of Kellyif he didn’t pay? If that’s the case, Derrel McDavid — who is on record boasting about how he helped “navigate [R Kelly] from being a nobody to a superstar” — that would mean dude helped to COVER-UP R Kelly’s reported MOLESTATION OF at least A DOZEN UNDERAGE VICTIMS! Don’t you agree?

“Derrel McDavid arranged for a car to pick Aaliyah [then 15-years-old] up at O’Hare airport and she had a hotel room available on arrival.”

TMZ reports:

“R. Kelly is an ungrateful tightwad who screwed over the guy who made him a star … at least according to a new lawsuit.

Derrel McDavid says he’s managed R. Kelly for decades and helped him navigate from a nobody to a superstar. Things soured last year … and Kelly and McDavid parted company. According to the lawsuit they made a deal … Kelly would give McDavid $1.3 million and they’d walk their separate ways. McDavid says Kelly made the initial $300K payment, but the deal called for additional $40K a month payments for 18 months and he hasn’t received a cent.

McDavid’s suing for the $1M balance. Here’s Kelly’s big problem. We’re told McDavid was deeply involved in Kelly’s professional and personal life, and knows everything about the various disputes he’s had with women and others going back 20 years. Sources connected with the case say Kelly could be playing with fire by stiffing McDavid.”

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    • we know Kelly hit aaliyah we learned this years ago.

      anything to make publicity.

      can we let liyah rest in peace.

  1. Greedy tail! He gets a brown paper bag full of NOTHING! He didn’t make R a star. Liar!!!!! And what took him so long to miss over a million dollars?!!!! I know people who still owe me 50 dollars!!!!

  2. OMG, the lies some folks tell! Derrel’s an accountant who handled various business deals for R.

    He did not discover or make R a star. R was already on when he hired Derrel, who has ALWAYS YEARNED for the spotlight.

    Problem was R had a hardnosed manager, Aaliyah’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, who kept every mofo in R’s life, including record label execs IN LINE.

    So, Derrel knew his position, played it and kept SILENT…till R and Hankerson parted ways.

    Then, he and all the other wannabees in R’s jockeyed for position to be the “manager.”

    McDavid does have credits as “manager” on some of R’s television specials, but was never that in the true sense of the word.

    This is nothing more than a nuisance suit to threaten R into paying him. Hope it goes nowhere and Derrel exits stage left.

    • Derrel did arrange it. I downloaded the book a few months ago. Yes Derrel did arranged the flight, the hotel and have Aaliyah to get certain documents for her to get married.

      • Derrel handled things when it came to spending R’s money…but DID NOT discover or make R a star. I know this situation very well from an up close, personal perspective.

        • Would you mind shedding more light on this situation? I hardly ever hear or read R. Kelly tea. Everything said about him is from a decade ago and it’s always the same recycled mess. Nothing current.

          • According to the book, Aaliayah called R. Kelly to let him know that she was pregnant. R. Kelly went to Demetris to tell him that he was banging Aaliyah while they was recording her 1st CD. He went on to say he had to tell Derrel because so he cand covered all dirt when he was having sex with Aaliyah. So Derrel pre-paid a ticket and booked a room for Aaliyah. Now mind y’all that R.Kelly, Demetris, and Derrel were I’m Florida on a tour. They flew back to Chicago. Went to Aaliyah’s hotel,got her, went to get fake IDs and find a justice of the peace, got married, and then they jump back on the plane back to Florida. Now mind y’all this was done in 24 hours. Nobody they know they was gone. So when Aaliyah’s family found out, they broke ties with R. Kelly. Hell, he even sent Christmas gifts and they wouldn’t accept them. R.Kelly got so bold that even slip a cell phone to Aaliyah so she can call him. Parents again found that too. When R. Kelly made the song Trade In My Life, he made that song especially for Aaliyah. That book about R.Kelly told it all!

            • That book is full of lies. Sorry. Aaliyah’s parents and uncle were very much aware of the relationship between R. Kelly and Aaliyah.

            • Like Mama said, Trade in My Life is about his mother Joanne. Robert became very depressed after his mother passed. A lot of his songs are about his mom.

              When he sang “What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?” in Trade in My Life. He repeats this same line in “I Wish” which is another song about his mom. Honestly, when Joanne passed, Robert died inside too. It’s very sad.

            • meanbwhile r dealt with his problems by phukking hundreds of teenage girls anmd taping them.

      • No…I think that book is right on point. O forgot who was on this site was working for some airline and I know this person is not lying. But anywho I do remember seeing R. Kelly, Aaliyah, Derrel and Demetris at O’Haee. As much I’ve been to Chicago, I know dude is not lying. Not only I did my basic training in Great Lakes but My A school was there too. @Mama R.Kelly did made that song for Aaliyah. That song was made wayyyyyyyyy after R.Kelly’s mom death. That self entitled CD was crazy! If you listen to the lyrics, he was talking about Aaliyh. Especially when he said , ” What happened to our happy home? I need to know my friend.”

        • Sorry to rain on your parade but it’s mostly lies and fabricated tales. Trust me. Demetris even said that he was vindictive when he wrote it.

          And The R. album was created in 1994/1995. That was a year after his mother passed. Nothing to do with Aaliyah. R. really suffered after his mother passed and was depressed. That’s how that self-titled album came about.

          • He was singing “Trade in My Life” for his mom. I don’t know where you got the idea he was singing about Aaliyah, lol. Listen to the lyrics.

            He was actually still spoke and saw Aaliyah after the scandal. It has been said that she has went to his shows.

          • U didn’t rain on my parade, if anything I should have ask yourself the question, why in the hell he lied? Folks put up a visage to cover the truth. U sit there and believe this and that but I will you this, R.Kelly couldn’t lie his way about that baby and that song. Folks lie that’s life. Of coarse he is going to lie to cover his ass. LikeI said I should know I saw the fool in O’Hare to many times to the point it was so obvious. Especially going on the second to the Mezzaluna. Oh yeah..he was there. Trying to hit on if not all the female that was going to Great Lakes. But Imma stick to my gut feeling about the song. U just don’t call your mom your friend and what happen to our home. That don’t mesh together. Now like I said I ‘be seem enough of him to turn my head. I’m surprised none of y’all didn’t know about the Mezzaluna….Wooooooww

            • Why wouldn’t he lie?! He’s vindictive, he was fired, he was broke and in desperate need of money.

              You saw R in O’Hare but fail to realize that’s an airport in Chicago and that he used to fly around that time. So what is your point exactly?

              He called his mom his friend, the love of his life, etc. He even has said that if he could’ve he would’ve married his mom.

              The song is about his mom.

              I don’t see how Great Lakes or Mezzaluna has anything to do with “Trade in My Life” being about his mom.

              I’m speaking from an insider perspective. But you are free to believe the lies and rumors all you want.

            • And Aaliyah was never pregnant with R’s child.

              I get it, R. Kelly and Aaliyah are mysteries to the public. People yearn to learn more about their relationship but the majority of the things said are false.

            • I don’t believe in lies. Read the lyrics. As far as Great Lakes its in Chicago. The Mezzaluna is one of spots inside of O’Hare. The song and if you read the lyrics, U can see them words are not written to his mom. I wished I would write a song like that to my mom. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll stick to my opinion and you stick yours. I’m done.

            • He said from his own mouth that the song is about his mom. Like I’ve said, a lot of his songs are about his mom.

              Stick to your lies and rumors. I guess that makes your life feel more exciting, no? Lol.

            • You can’t write a song like that for your mom because you’re not talented nor do you have the ability to paint a picture with words.

            • DaRadiant,

              You keep talking about a BOOK, when I know the folks you’re talking about PERSONALLY.

              I didn’t see R at O’Hare Airport, I saw him in his home, on the road, in the studio, at Hoops when he played ball, and in rehearsals.

              Two different things.

              And trust, when you cut folks out of your life, they will leverage ANYTHING they know about you and write books, participate in interviews, go on YouTube and sell their soul if they need to to get money.

              I’m not here to say R is a saint. Some of his mess has been out there for the world to see for a while now.

              But I will say that you can’t buy everything you read in a book lock, stock and barrel.

  3. I’ve never heard of this McDavid guy. If this guy is telling the truth then why sue now?

  4. but Aaliyah told the truth during her interview with Cynthia Horner. People will do anything for some coins especially her psychotic uncle. They need to stop trying to shit on Aaliyah for no reason just because she briefly worked with him when in fact its obvious that she had a mind of her own and more than enough dignity to move forward without him. God can always stimulate karma

  5. This has nothing to do with Aaliyah. Let her R.I.P.

    As for McDavid, he’s hard up on money. He never made R. Kelly a star. R. Kelly was a star before him. McDavid handled R. Kelly’s money for decades and they had a falling out last year. McDavid just wants more money. I’m almost 100% sure Robert was WAITING for him to file a lawsuit in order to reduce the money he would give him.

    @Mama is 100% correct. Derrel was an accountant, not a manager.

  6. “We’re told McDavid was deeply involved in Kelly’s professional and personal life, and knows everything about the various disputes he’s had with women and others…”


  7. not to mention he’s ex business partner wrote a tell all book about him (r kelly) think this is the same guy in fact the surname rings a bell!!!

  8. Derrel is very messy! He has done very shady dealings. It’s so funny how the universe works. Now he’s begging the R. for money to feed his family but had no problem… Eh, let me not even go there.

    Anyways, this lawsuit won’t go anywhere. Derrel will be lucky to see another $300k. He should be glad he got the $300k he initially received.

  9. f*ck r kelly we all kno dat a nasty mofo dat like kids girls & boys stop taking up fo this sick mofo he ain’t shidd all u sisters dat luv dis nasty mofo he don’t want ya he wants kids f*ckin ped ask his brother he will tell u roflmao @ this nasty mofo & he ashamed of his daughter ninja u a ped paid da man so he can keep his mouth shut stupid mofo

    • His own brother admitted to lying on R. He even contemplates suicide for destroying his family and lying on his brother.

    • LOL! Mama, she thinks that’s a big deal? Too funny.

      People who actually have sat in the studio with him, play ball, in his home, etc. > a celebrity siting.

  10. People forget R was a homeless street performer not long before being signed. How folks expected him to become a savvy polished well rounded dude out of thin air is baffling. No excuses, no shade, just reality.

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