Halle Berry’s First Ex-Husband Spills!

halle berry david justice

After news broke that Halle Berry was set to divorce her third husband, Olivier Martinez, her first husband, former baseball player David Justice, took to his Twitter to spill the tea on his relationship with the actress.

David and Halle were married from 1992-1997. It has long been rumored that he was physically abusive during their marriage, and that Halle lost her hearing in one ear when David hit her during a fight. David tweets that it was actually Halle’s ex-boyfriend Wesley Snipes that caused the hearing damage.

He also claims Halle ruined his reputation in the media because he didn’t want to be with her anymore – a tactic she uses on all her exes once they get away from her crazy ass!

Peep the tweets below.


halle berry david justice

halle berry david justice

halle berry david justice

halle berry david justice

halle berry david justice


  1. I see his point. Overtime she moves on, his name pops up and is associated with her ear injury. He's had enough. She needs to clarify and simply say David nor Wesley were responsible, that it was someone else she does not care to mention and move on. But her silence leads people to think David or Wesley did it.

  2. Damn David…. you messy… why you still checking for her? It sounds like you're the one that really hasn't moved on…. ins

    • No he ain't messy, he is actually telling the other dudes to leave her ass the f*ck alone! Lmao! U see Eric Benet left her ass alone. And it wasn't no damn sex addiction either. He was seeing Prince's second ex wife. Manuela Testolini. He married Mani, got two kids from her, and guess what? They are still married! Hell, I don't blame these men! Lmao!

      • @DaRadiant1 You're so right. Eric is happy and in love, and he stays out of the public eye now that he has gotten rid of that psycho Halle!

      • David Justice is simply exposing Halle Berry for the basthit hoe that she is!

      • Also, he said on ET tonight that he couldn't have his kids thinking that he was a spousal abuser when it wasn't true. I lived in Atlanta when they were married and the rumors of his cheating were rampant, but no one ever said he beat her.

  3. Hella crazy, I mean Halle Berry can no longer fool he public with her feel sorry for me stories. In the nineties, Halle was fine as hell; that was over ten years ago. Halle's fanbase, black men, no longer see Halle Berry as a sex symbol, we see Halle Berry as a batshit crazy black bitch who throws violent temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Her tv show has been cancelled, she is no longer the sex symbol she used to be, she inslulted black men, she is two years away from turning 50, and her hollywood career is quickly coming to a end. My advice to all black men, leave this crazy bitch alone!

    • NBA you are a s transparent as an icecube. You would fall all over yourself if HB looked your way for a second. FOH

    • you're exactly right NBA there are quite a few black women who NEVER are the blame for mistakes and choices they make in their relationships. Its always the man's fault or something he would or would not do, but dont tell them they did anything wrong or the immaturity will commence.

    • I guess your comment would be true if Halle Berry were black. But sadly you still adhere to the 1 drop rule and then have the nerve to get angry when Halle Berry picks a man who looks like her mamma! ROFL… The last laugh is on your negros trying to claim these biracials as black. In case you don't know, biracials are a case of hybridization; Genetics 101. 1/2 Black + 1/2 anything else is NOT Black. The playing field is different for Halle Berry than an Authentic Black woman because Halle is HALF white! Besides, that is part of reasons for her psychosis/crisis.

  4. What kind of REAL man is going to call his ex-wife out when she's down, trying to handle her OWN personal family business? Only a bit*h-azz man like David, trying to stay relevant! No one is checkin for him nor Eric's tired azz! They both need to mind their own business & let her live her life! She left sumthin' on him, that's why he's STILL checkin for her! She's runnin' hers, whether they like it or not! Both them tired niggaz are retired. zBit*h-azzes!

    • Thats what I'm talking about. Real men don't do a punk ass pile up. Dave is a man-whore! Eric is a man whore and I know that cause he f*cked chicks in my hometown! Both of them was jealous Halle made more money. Its a scientifical fact that men cheat on women who how earn them and you know some of these weak black males get all up in their feelings. Mixed chick with money wasn't good enough for them unloyal ass man hoes!

      • Both Justice and Benet need to go somewhere and sit their tired, irrelevant asses down somewhere. Halle never said either of them beat her. But it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she left both these man whores after catching them cheating on her multiple times.

        • He is most likely trying to clear his name from being "painted" the bad guy. She is mentally ill and her playing the victim doesn't work anymore because anyone with half a brain can see what she is all about now. You all sound more like # womenscorned lol.

          • If she's "mentally ill" because she's had more than one man or relationship in her life ALL OF US ARE!

            AND, how many women haven't fallen victim to:
            a beater (Wesley)
            a cheater (David, Eric and now, Olivier)
            a moocher (Grabby the daddy)

            These are all FACTS!

            So she's supposed to stay, just to keep other folks from talking about her?

            The envy and jealousy amongst some women on this site is real.

            Furthermore, the only difference between the average woman who has made some mistakes and Halle is that Halle's mistakes are on blast, and ours aren't.

            #judgeYenot #realtalk

          • And that bastard wasn't trying to "clear" shit. He was gloating because Halle's marriage is over. #purebitchmove

      • You're right. Both of them are married to nonblack women. David's wife is latina, not sure about Eric's wife-she looked like she is latina too. not sure though.

  5. If he had said all of this in an interview for a radio station, website, magazine or even on tv, it would've come across better. To say it on Twitter just makes him look kind of childish. With that said, I believe there's probably some truth to what he wrote.

  6. Anonymous is correct. Justice and McGriff were running around nailing white girls all over Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown Atlanta back in the day (while he was married). Saw them out every other weekend. Cheater..without a doubt. Women Beater…nope. He was never accused of it by her, but if you did the math of ex-husbands (and like most people, forgot she was once involved with WS), then Justice is the logical choice. He just wants the air cleared and her to specifically say it wasn't him.

  7. halle cant call nobody a ho or a sex addict she forgot all those white fags she was f*cking like hugh jackman.

    yes halle and hugh jackman had sex he loved seeing her in her little storm costume.

  8. oh yeah did I mention whast kind of fag hugh jackman is.

    the f*cking wolverine is gay baby.

  9. They got this one wrong BIG time….The ONLY person that beat her ass was CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS. This is first hand info. Wesley is the one who took her in when she was just starting out and homeless. She was sleeping with Chris during this time when he began beating her. This is while they lived here in NY.

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