Christina Milian’s Popup Shop Flatlines On Melrose!


HSK Exclusive – Sources say a lack of “star power” is to blame for why Christina Milian’s West Hollywood “We Are Pop Culture”, pop up spot has gone bust. We’re told “bad business” forced Milian to shut down the Melrose Avenue joint … just 60-days after opening its doors!

“Christina thought that her pop-up store was going to be big because of her reality show but she was wrong … her store didn’t last two months.”



  1. Christina Milian, a big time hoe who can't cing, can't dance and can't act. She is also stupid. Ms. Milian refused to sing the song called S.O.S. The song was given to Rihanna. Years later Rihanna is a worldwide superstar and Christina Milian remains on the D-list.

  2. Christina isn't a mega superstar but medicore. She can't act, sing, or dance. The only reason she has a show on tv is because of lil Wayne. Her child support checks from the dream is what keeps her going.

  3. This bitch can't dress. Why is that the people who cannot dress always want to sell clothes?!. She can't sing, dance, act or dress. Hell, she can't even keep a man. When your backup plan is to befriend Karreuche so you can attempt to steal some of her spotlight, then you are desperate. That We Are Pop Culture BS is trash. Hang it up, THOTina.

    • I cant with these old mfs still looking and acting like kids….niggas in they 30s still saggin, wearing baggy clothes with ghetto sayings, photos, and doo rags…bitches still wearing earrings with they name in it etc…embarrassing mfkin negros wonder y they look stupid's by choice lol

  4. lets see failed singing career wack ass actinbg career, getting pregnant and marrying teddy ruxpin looking ass dudes like the dream.

    dating and then dissing nick cannon in that wack ass song.

    she dated ja rule, paul walker, andre lyon, wilmer valderrama, jas prince and then dated that gremlin crackhead lil wayne.

    she left wayne to eat karucches p*ssy and at least her reality sghow might do her justice.

    Christina and these other females past 40 need to quit show business and sell p*ssy for backpage.

    they need has been backpage for celeb females who are irrelevant.

    sellinmg p*ssy might be t boz answer to her money peoblems sincxe mack 10 is brokew himself.

  5. All she need to do is f&!k some white dudes from the industry and she will be on the B-List again…A-List usually are in the early teens and twenties. After that, dating the The Dream was just a…dream.

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