Rick Ross Dumps Fiance For Wiz Khalifa And Wale Rumors

rick ross lira breakup

Rick Ross has already had enough and his kicking his THOT fiancé, Lira Galore, to the curb.  The two have only been engaged for two months, but there is already too much drama circulating for Rozay to go through with the marriage.

There were early Snapchats of the MMG bawse hanging with side chicks, and people were trying to make it into a mess, but Lira (and her mother!) have said they are fine with the big-boned rapper being with other women just as long as he takes care of what’s at home.

rick ross lira breakup 2

Rumors have been swirling about Galore’s past relationship with fellow MMG member, Wale, and now there is talk that the former stripper used to smash Wiz Khalifa.

Having had enough of this drama after only a brief engagement, Ricky Ross has called it quits after the two had a major fight – likely about him not wanting her to hook up with known associates of his.  Lira took to Twitter to do some damage control but might be too little too late for her relationship with Ross.

lira galore breakup tweet


  1. well folks when you engage and wanna marry whores this is what happens.

    how can you be friends with amber rose and not even meet wiz khalifa.

  2. A lot of us live anyway we want with "no regrets" we hurt ourselves, family, and friends. Then expect the blessing of God on our ventures.

    Well, it is the hardening of your heart that keeps you blind and bound to a life full of "something's that are always nothing's."

    Scripture states it over and over about the hardening of the heart. Take a look for yourself. Romans 2:5, Jeremiah 18:12, Isaiah 6:10.

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