Chief Keef Bangs DMX’s Baby Mama Then Throws Shade

dmx baby mama 3

Chief Keef has come right out and admitted he’s been smashing DMX’s baby mama.  The young rapper, who has never been much for discretion, rhymed about it on a track.

On a new track he just dropped called “Walnuts” he raps about bedding Yadira Barrego, who is a Cuban model and is maybe best known for her 9 year relationship with X and having his kids.

dmx baby mama4

dmx baby mama

The Chicago rapper talks about getting her a plane ticket, and throws shade by acting like he forgets her name.

“I f*cked DMX baby mama / Yadira, Shakira, or whatever that b***h name is / She threw it back for me / I hit her, I sent that b*tch a plane ticket.”

DMX will not be congenial when these lyrics reach him, but he is infamous for not using a computer so maybe it will be awhile.


  1. Why is this idiot chief creep bragging about sleeping with a crackheads girlfriend? He gets no points for being with this woman if it's true. DMX is washed up and forgotten.

  2. yeah dudes bang dudes baby mamas all the time.

    keef is happy cause hes finally getting some p*ssy we knew he couldn't have gotten her if he wasn't famous and had some kind of money.

    why you think dmx crackhead ass even got p*ssy.

  3. Wait a second. She's a model but she's shorter than X? Something ain't right.

  4. no points for keef first of all dudes trying to copy 2pac notebook for f*cking othger bitches it worked for pac for these reasons.

    pac was a big rap star and actor and big was the biggest rapper in ny at the time and married to faith evans huge points for pac for him to f*ckl or claim to f*ck the biggest rappers wife was shocking.

    keef f*cked a crackheads baby mama now if it was 2000 it would have probably been bigger news.

    keef came out better saying he f*cked Rihanna or keri hilson he gets no points.

    so unless hes going to eat beyonces p*ssy no points for him.

    keef do better but forgot hes not that huge anyway how many albums this nut got 1.

  5. X f*cked Foxy Brown when Kurupt was all in love with her, so Karma came and got at his ass. This shit is lame all around tho. Bitches f*cking anything until they find another vine to swing on and dudes acting like hitting someone else chick make the ass better….simps the whole lot of em

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