Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes, recently jumped on social media to tell his wife Gloria Govan, what he thinks of her and her sister, Laura, posing half naked on instagram.


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  1. Yup hes right they kids will see that shit they are not young girls there well into there late thirties about to be forty grow up an stop acting like desperate hoes. No more basketball wives hoes get thirsty the thrist is real yall.

    • They are mothers whose kids are school age. Why would their old butts post half naked pictures? This is going to be so embarrassing for their kids. Kids are brutal “I saw naked pictures of your mother looking like a trick” Get a job and an education stop trying to be the black Kardashian whores. I’m not a fan of Matt Barnes but I totally agree with him.

    • Why are they posed like lovers? Incest type vibes for me.

      Barnes should be HELLA embarrassed. As Bambi said “She busted it open for hoodiez”. Next time he choses to procreate with someone or marry, he should look for substance.

      And BTW, what is Arenas Gilberts excuse? He mated and created with his woman 4 or 5 times. Why for? Dumb as f*ck too. Look deep before you leap.

      • Ps: I hope that Royce Reed is someplace laughing her ass off at the Gloria’s phony hypocrisy.

  2. Aint nobody checking for them they tryna get on a new reality show there 15 minutes was up bout 2 years ago.

  3. ……and this is why you should not marry and have kids with a ho. Hoez do ho sh*t. He knew what she was before he wifed her so boo f****n hoo. Next time he should try to marry a woman based on the content of her character and not her looks……BTW..she still looks like a drowned rat to me.

    • And, in Matt’s case…

      He had kids with her FIRST when he in fact KNEW all about her & her sister. He KNEW they were & STILL are BOTH “Well Known NBA Tricks” so he has NO room to say shit. He KNEW all about his wife WEll BEFORE he married her. I know on very good authority that she’s been intimate with SEVERAL of his teammates & others as well right in the house he pays a mortgage on…Matt better knock it off acting dumb. That man KNOWS every word of THIS comment is a fact.

      As I’ve said in the previous thread…
      Gloria has ZERO shame in her game. She tries to be discreet but she has a propensity for “going outside her relationships” & she was that way since her & Matt got out of high school.

      Shaming her via social media is neither right nor is it appropriate. He needs to get his damn kids, divorce her & get his life.

      Matt, you know better & you would do well to start acting like it. We get your point. We know you’re right BUT your approach is wrong as two left shoes.

    • He married her BECAUSE OF THE KIDS.
      THAT was his mistake. BUT…for the record so no one thinks I’m being onesided…

      MATT BARNES IS NO SAINT UP TO THIS VERY MOMENT EITHER. He’s getting a lot of what he dished out & he’s quite embarrassed!

  4. I don’t think that he should help blast her out on social media either. As the father of their children, he should try to help fix it and that’s not the correct way about it. His kids will see and read what he post about their mother. Kids are more sensitive about their mothers than fathers. If you don’t think so, check out the Christmas gifts mothers/fathers get.

    • Yeah, until kids start teasing them at school. Maybe he tried to speak to her about her actions but whores dont listen until its posted in the social media. I’m sure he would perfer them reading his comments instead of seeing their mom naked in the social media or their friends folders.

      • He’s embarassed, that is why he posted it on front street for all to see. She posed on front street, he posted on front street. The End. And why are they hugged up like that?? That don’t look right.

  5. Matt need to sit all the way down and just deal. These so called basketball wives are not real women.They lack class and intelligence. All these two are nothing more than attention whores. I wouldn’t be bit surprise if they have another wack reality show coming up soon.

  6. Damn right they are unfit, they are unfit for a lot of things, they are unfit to even smash. How can anyone look at them with all that random shit strewn around that Loft. Can’t have junky ass domicile while trying to come up on baller. As my grandmother would say “ya slip showing baby”. They are like a 2 live crew album “nasty as the want to be” Get off social media and get y’all shit together.

    • @ELTHP, good eyes. Most people wouldn’t have noticed the mess in the background. And if you don’t have time to clean it yourself…get help, but how you gonna try to stunt for the camera and you can’t clean your own home? Speaks volumes. I guess people ain’t looking at the background Eddie. lmao

      • I noticed it. Its some type of studio as they are at a photo shoot. Its not their personal home. Studios and lofts get messy during shoots.

        • @RinNYC…true that, true that. But real talk… her house is probably a pigstye too. lmaoooo…that bytch look like she wouldn’t know how to ring a mop if her life depended on it. lmaoooo

        • You mean to tell me people pay to take pictures in a nasty ass setting like that. they not just nasty, they stupid too. They think they that fine to where we aint gon see. That random garbage?. Shiiiiiiiit, think again

      • I don’t know TB, they trippin……lol. Too old for this shit. How hard is it to pick you hit up or put things where they belong. They shouD change their last name from Govan to McNasty.

  7. are they blood sisters? {i dnt watch that show ) if so, why are they feeling eachother up?

  8. I’d try my damndest to touch bottom up in Gloria!!! Damn!

  9. Dude just stay off social media and be what you are accusing your wife of not being. Take care of them kids and stop effin whining.

  10. Wow these Govan sisters are very thirsty. Are they trying to compete with the Kardashian sisters because their missing one. Lol.

  11. I have to give credit where credit is due Gloria is 45 years old and looks good. Now Laura looks like a crow. She has 4 kids by Gilbert Arenas and he still won’t wife her up. At least he knows you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

  12. Why do adults act like teenagers on social media. Couldn’t he just call her or send her a text message. He is no better than she is. Why people keep calling her a how? What does that make him for marrying her? What real man argues with a woman over the internet? How can a sissy boy teach his son how to be a man? They all need to sit down a shaddup!



  14. Matt is hypocritical on this issue. Gloria is known to get around, but, he still wifed her up anyway. Personally, I don’t have a problem with a woman being comfortable with her beauty and sexuality. The photo at the top of this page is harmless. The prudish mindset of some is hard to figure out. It’s okay for other women to take sexy photos, but, Laura and Gloria have to be Mother Theresa…I Think Not! Matt has larger issues to worry about, Not This!

  15. Wth? Is that Lifetime show Sister Wives auditioning bc their dumb asses look like the perfect candidates. Bird ass broads

  16. Men Stop Wifing These Hoes!! If These Women Cheat Is Your Fault For Wifing Them

    • Whores stay winning. Im jealous that they have children with a trimmer waist than most including me. Men love these type women and will settle for a basic chick after the glamor whores have used them up.

  17. i personally didn’t think laura needed to do anyting to her nose, she just needed to tighten up, now she just looks strange.

  18. Quote from comedian Corey Holcomb, “You have to teach men at a young age how to recognize a whore and how to not give in to the desires of wanting to be in a relationship with a whore. A whore is always going to show you who she is, if you ignore it, that’s on you.”

  19. Matt Barnes played the role of Captain Save A Hoe. Now he has to deal with the consequences!

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