Snoop Gog Love Child Gracie Chavez

HSK Exclusive – Snoop Dogg and Gracie Chavez, had a child last year and the Doggfather recently introduced his two sons, Cordell and Corde Broadus, to their baby half brother.

Dig the drop:

“Snoop will be paying Gracie child support for the next 18 years. She went from attending swinger parties with Snoop, to being his baby momma.

Gracie came up.”

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  1. Before you go and try to destroy a mans happy home get the facts straight,you lying muthafucckaz.Its his grandson not his son, you ol poo butt f*ck boy

    • Hey @Anonymous @ 7:39,

      Good looking out!!! I didn’t think any of you caught my post about this. I’m in LV for the next 2 weeks which is why I got the info 45 min after it happened.

      Thank you for acknowledging my effort to share with you guys! 😉

  2. Wow what could ms.broadus be thinking? I don’t think she can say much because the lil girl isn’t really his, so I guess that makes things even or will there be a divorce or separation? Well congratulations snoop

    • I’ve always had my suspicions about baby girl. She just doesn’t look like the rest of them. She looks more like Flava Flav and the rumor was ****in my Maury voice*** Flav is the baby daddy!

      • I never heard it was Flav daughter….but she does sort of look like him. Her skin comexion is darker and her features dont resemble either parent. I always assumed she must take after a grandparent or something. But Snoop adores her so if she aint biologically his, he pulled a Rob Kardashian Sr and accepted her anyway.

  3. Yeah I heard it’s his granson to, Iit’s the oldest sons new son gran pa snoop and don’t be smoke’en weed round yo granson

  4. I think it’s Snoops grandson. If it is his son, I thought Snoop was in his 50’s? That’s too old to try being a dad again. He will be too old to do a lot of things kids need parents to do. Snoop is not aging well either. What’s up with everyone talking about Snoops daughter not being his baby?

    • To me, Snoops daughter looks like her mom. She is the same complexion as her mom so I dont understand the questions either.

      • Right. And either way, after looking at his show, he treats her like a daughter. That’s all that matters. I wonder how his daughter is doing since her diagnoses.

      • Baby, PLEASE don’t attempt to understand stupid or crazy. If the man accepts AND loves “his” daughter, then that’s all that matters. Some of these comments are waaaay the f*ck out!

  5. Y’all wrong for speaking ill of Snoops’s daughter. She was sick or has some sort of illness. She looks like her mother just a darker complexion.

  6. If you go on their instagram page you will see that the baby Zion is Snoop’s son’s baby Cordell. Congrats to them. I doubt if this baby was Snoop’s that Shante would be comfortable with her kids around him.

    • That part right there! Snoop don’t call her Boss Lady for nothing. Mrs. Broadus don’t play that bringing an outside baby home shit.

  7. Wow the baby is so cute but what’s going on with the father’s hands in that pick. He’s too young to be having old ashy hands like that. Get a bottle of lotion and comb that matted hair. No disrespect you still cute though.

  8. @Taffy I think that’s a tattoo on his hand because unless he has eczema that skin condition where your skin is ashy a trip to the dermatologist would fix that right up.

  9. Snoop’s daughter is a beautiful girl and sometimes when kids are born their very light and then they darken. If you watched E True Hollywood story on Snoop you will see that she was lighter as a baby and she suffers from lupus. She kooks more like her mom but has Snoop’s complexion. Congrats on the new bundle of joy!

  10. Let’s not forget black people come in all shaded so let’s stop with all this ignorant stuff about she’s the only dark one in the family. You don’t have to look like either parent and she definitely looks like her mom and still beautiful.

    • @tiffany

      Is Not About The Color! Usually Girls Look Like Their Fathers, Whether your Brown Skinned Or Dark Skinned

      Corey Might Not Be His,She Doesn’t Even Look Like Him

  11. yeah dudes’s hair he looks like a stoner tell him and snoop been smoking blunts togwether.

    betcha snoop and the whole family was smoking more trees than a forest fire.

    snoop broke out the old cd collection a little dolemite some richard pyror, some 2pac, some cypress hill, some too short some marvin gaye, rick james and ohio ploayers.

    betcha they was playing some cameo too aloing with lakeside and con funk shon.

  12. heard old rumors that suge phukked chaunte well thats old business tactics.

    most ceos do those tricks they sleep with all their employees girlfriends.

    berry gordy did it to all the temps, tops, and miracles.

    puff hit kelis while she was going with shyne.

    and yes for somew reason wayne likes going after birdman ask trina and christina millian.

    betcha baby phukked nivea and toya too well they know who controls waynes money.

  13. The only person that comes to mind that could be the child’s mother is Paige Hurd and she gets around if it’s true.

  14. I read that the child is Snoop’s oldest son’s child, making Snoop the Grandfather and Not the Father

  15. This is an obscene photo in so many ways. Snoop violated his vows with a groupie. And, now he has to fork over untold amounts of cash for a lil bit of pleasure. I don’t see the glory in any of this. Snoop is an old cat, he’s not 21 anymore. Thought he would have gotten this ish out of his system by now? Again, brothas allow their family jewels to enslave them. At this point, Rappers and Athletes are the hoes and jumpoffs. More money down the drain, but cats still think it’s about sex and ego…Higher Learning!

    • I did not see anything obscene about this photo. You say, ” obscene in so many ways,.”” Name a few, point them out so I can see what you see. I’m not disputing your word, I just would like for you to point out some examples. I just don’t see any obscenities. Where they at.

      • Who are you trying to be smart with Miss Lady? Snoop may have the kool-aid smile for now, but, he will pay a pretty penny for sleeping with a woman lesser than his wife. On top of that, he’s taking money away from his own kids. As per usual, you don’t see the negative consequences of reckless behavior. Just because Calvin Broadus has money to burn at will? You look at one side of an issue, i look at all sides. It shows a lack of maturity, meaning, he ain’t serious about life. All the crazy ish going on in the world, and some of us are still ego-tripping to get high-fives from the flock. Sex is good and just in it’s natural state, but, the stereotypes are choking us to death. Sistas wonder why so many of us are afraid to be real? Too many of us define our manhood based on our male genitals. Meanwhile, other men can’t fall back on this ish to get over. With us, all we care about is gettin a release to satisfy us for the moment. Yeah, brothas are knocking up women to and fro, but don’t wanna provide for their seeds. They’ll brag about it to the homeboys, but AWOL like Obama in Paris…A Mystery!

  16. Ty,

    Seriously, THAT’S NOT SNOOP’S BABY. It’s his grandson…not saying “Snoop’s 3 kids don’t yave a younger sibling” but THIS baby is their nephew.

    • Thank you for the clarification Ms. Reg. Leave it to you to set things straight honestly.

      • Asherah,

        I love HSK but I have to admit…
        I’m SHOCKED at the HSK Staff on this one.
        I’ve been so busy I didn’t pay attention to the title of this article which is completely FALSE. It’s the kind of falsehood that causes people unnecessary problems.

        I told the actual TRUTH about this situation 45 mins after it happened & to upload this damn LIE a day late is wrong & shameful.

  17. Last yr? Is this pic from a yr ago? Because said child would be 1yr. So if the pic is recent… (well, you get the point)

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