Sorority Sister Cat Harper Compares Herself To Hattie McDaniel

Sorority Sisters Modern Minstrel

Sorority Sisters cast member, Cat Harper, jumped on social media to confirm that her VH1 ratchet reality show is nothing more than a modern day minstrel show.

Cat Harper posted a picture on instagram of Hattie McDaniel, who was best known for her role as Mammy in the film Gone With The Wind.

Here’s what Cat Harper wrote:

“Hattie McDaniel Faced much criticism during her career. Critics of her own race argued that her tv portrayals were unfair as well as inaccurate and that such stereotypes were making it difficult for all blacks, not only actors, to overcome racism and succeed.

And yet she went on to have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and become the first African American to win an Oscar.

Not everyone will support you when you have a vision they can not see.”


    • I like the show and I will be supporting it! The sororities at my HBCU acted ratchet just like those on VH1. Not understanding why they were trying to have the show dissolved!

  1. Well at least she admits that she is cooning for coins. But she’ll never win any awards.

  2. It’s time to put an end to reality TV. No matter how much people try to fight to ensure that a positive image of blacks is presented on TV there will always be fools like this who don’t care and will gladly coon for cash no matter how much it sets us as a whole back.

  3. I like this show. It takes the sting out of not going to college. Even if you go to colege and recieve several degrees, youre still a hoodrat at heart amd no amount of education can change that.

    black women have so far to go. Still the lowest todem pool bitches. natural born THOTS

    • Nothing interesting on the KKK website this morning. I never understand why racist come on here…. Oh yea it’s because you really hate yourself and you are just trying to make yourself feel better. Eat shit and die cracker.

    • @Starr your mother is natural born THOT who should’ve swallowed your worthless ass. FOH cunt.

    • You sound insecure and jealous. Black women are the largest percentage of college educated women out of any racial group– FACT. Unfortunately, based on racism and sexism, we are put down BY everybody– even black men. A lot of Black men put black women down because they are so beat down, selef hating, envious and insecure. These men are actually jealous of the women in their race, because we are stronger than them– we had no choice. In addition, SOME of these men are weak minded and believe anything white is right. It has gotten so bad, I have white male and female friends that have even noticed it. On the flip side of the coin, there are SOME non-black women that put Black women down based on jealousy and insecurity plan and simple. If you are truly comfortable with who you are, you do not need to put a whole race of women down. It’s pathetic, ignorant and racist. Most importantly it is showing how little you think of yourself and what a failure YOU are in life because you have to stereotype a whole race of women just to feel better about your pitiful self. So sad, I don’t know you, but I am sure you are someone to be pitied. No worries, I am sure if you are a non-black women there is some color struck black man that will have you. It doesn’t matter if you have the face of a bull dog, the body of a lumber jack, body order, and read on a 2nd grade level. On the flip side, if you are a black man, you always have the options of the non-black women who ar rejected by the men in their race.

      • You kind of lost me when you said that black women are stronger than black men. That’s the divide and concour strategy that has worked on us since slavery. I don’t get how because someone takes a shot at black women you throw black men under the bus. We will never make any significant progress if we point fingers at each other when we are both under attack.

        • Personally, I don’t give a damn about black men. She made some valid points. Maybe Black women have grown tired of sticking up for black men because the the favor is not returned. I agree with everything she said. This site is full of ignorant negroes, at lease this woman sounds like she has some sense.

          • Ok, start calling yourself white or anything else for that matter and see if they accept you with open arms. You sound just as stupid as her. You don’t hear any other race of women disrespecting their males like that but you can always find a sister that is programmed to do it quickly. Willie lynch should have got a Nobel peace prize because I hate to say it but his methods were incredible and still have a grip on dumb asses like you.

  4. Ms. McDamiel was an amazing actress. I’ve seen many of her performances. Thats all I have to say

    • I agree. She is one of the women of history I would love to sit down to dinner with… the stories she could tell.

      • She played stereotypes, let’s not sugar coat it. So sad that you admire this woman. Please don’t give me that line that she opened doors, because these stereotypical roles have made it hard for black people who don’t shuck and jive.

        • I am not saying “she opened doors”. I am saying that she had a job, she earned her pay. There are a WHOLE lot of stereotypes being throw around today people who have a lot more chances than Hattie ever did.
          Until you walk in her shoes, don’t you DARE judge her.
          You couldn’t pour her tea.

  5. Maybe I just can’t read or something…where does she confirm that the show is a minstrel show? What I am reading is someone who is really reaching…she seems to be OK with her role on the show.

  6. The difference between this bitch and Hattie McDaniel is that Ms. McDaniel had NO CHOICE but to accept the roles that were offered to Black actresses at the time. It was either play a maid or go hungry. She should have just been honest and admitted that she chooses to coon for $$$ and although she will never win an Oscar, the money is too good to pass up. Her vision is to put some $$$ in the bank, pay off her bills and have a little security when it comes to money.

    But at what price?

    • Thank you!
      Ms. McDaniel work a thousand times as hard as the so-called “stars” of her time.
      I hate the way she was treated when she won her Oscar and to think that she couldn’t even go to the premier of “Gone With The Wind”…
      Makes me want to chew the head off a nail.

    • Sorry in my opinion Hattie McDaniel was a COONIN Aunt Jemimiah. She said she would rather play a maid than to be one. She didn’t have to play anything. She chose to play a “Happy” Slave. I don’t care how she was treated it was all her CHOICE and she knew what it was. People were still being lynched during that time!

      She was no different than the two Aunt Jemimiah’s who played in the “Help”. The story was stolen from an actual maid and it wasn’t the “happy Slave narrative those two aunt sallie mae’s portrayed. Those Slaved themed movies are tired and old..The Help, The Butler, Driving Miss Daisy, 12 Years A Slave. A bunch of damn COONS. And Selma is going to be a piece of trash too. No Stokley Carmichael, no Black Panthers, or people who actually FOUGHT! The Civil Rights movement was way more than Selma and MLK. Besides everyone wasn’t down with MLK’s and sleazy Bayard Rustin’s non-violent movement. Oprah playing a activist what a JOKE!

    • What the hell do you think coonin ass Hattie was doing it for? They are both two coons.
      Hattie Mcdaniel prtrayed a stereotype that negatively affected millions of black women who were forced to only make a living cleaning white womens houses, they are the ones who had no choice.

      • WTH are you talking about? Black women were not FORCED to be maids or domestics back in the day, THOSE WERE THE ONLY JOBS THEY COULD GET BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK! Do you think Hattie would choose to play a maid? She was a trained actress!! PLEASE LEARN SOME BLACK HISTORY before making such stupid comments. Next you’ll be writing that Blacks came to America as slaves in search of a better life!
        Take your stupid ass off this blog!

  7. LOL. Ya’ll are cold as ice on this website! LOL. I don’t know who this lady is. I’m just laughing at the comments. Yall are so funny!

  8. Cat Harper loses sight of the fact that Hattie McDaniel was navigating and dealing with direct racism, not subtle racism. She and the others on Sorority Sisters are not forced to play the fool, they have options. Black Sororities are held in high esteem in our race, so, for them to s**t on the legacy of Deltas and AKAs leaves a sour taste…Bottomline!

  9. This show is a disgrace to the sororities they are representing but it shows just because you go to college and get a degree does not mean you are well distinguish and articulate. These women are trashy and it is highly embarrassing to see them act like ghetto coons just for some pocket change. They all keep saying that this show is suppose to bring awareness and help establish their career. How???? I don’t see any type of potential but being a Z List wanna bee celeb. Attention whores!!!

  10. White People Criticized Miss McDaniel About Her Boobs And Ass, And Body Structure, Now White Women Are Getting Their Butts Done Getting Bigger Boobs, Go Figure!!!

    • What is your point. Besides, I don’t think anyone in their right mind wants to be shaped like Hattie. There is a difference with a woman with a big behind and a BIG woman. The women getting those implants are trying to be shaped like slim well build black women– NOT HATTIE. I would never want to be shaped like her. She is build like a quaterback with breast.

      • Plenty of country men in the South appreciate big women. Unless you are fresh out of the delivery room or have a butt WITH a gut, you are screwed. Locations like Goldsboro NC, all of Mississippi and parts of Alabama see Nell Carter (rip) and the old MoNique as the prototype. Its kinda cute since a lot of the admirers are Kci
        from Jodeci /Jimmy Walker bony.

        • If thats what maf*ckas down south like good. They can have ALL the Hattie Mcdaniels to they self!

      • @stereotype

        Shut The Fuck Up, You Ass Wipe
        Just Pointing Out The Facts, Back In The Day Black Women Got Mocked For Having Big Boobs And A Fat Ass

        All Sudden White Women Are Copying

  11. I told everyone, Hollywood is only hiring negative black men and women to promote !! These black hoes are coming out of nowhere, being plucked out of obscurity, with no background too the industry. These black women are being use to destroy the image of black women while being used as an influence for young black girls to follow.

    Only black women that watch these shows are the ones who are just like these females who lack class, wisdom, grace and a spirit of meekness.

    • You are absolutely right.Unfortunately, women like this are starting to over populate the race. The Queens are being forced to roll solo because we want nothing to do with those fools.

  12. you will watch whayever mona scott puts out.

    she might make a reality show out of beyonce’s church members.

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