Beezus Is Running With Fake Pregnancy Rumors For Publicity

Beyonce Publicity Whore

Beyonce posted a picture on her Instagram account Sunday afternoon that has rumors of baby number two swirling around the internet.

The chart-topping singer’s picture features her on a beach, buried in sand; with a noticeably large baby bump.

Here’s Beezus’, curve ball instagram picture:

Beyonce Fuels Baby 2 Rumors


  1. So true , keep those legs tight with a `vice like` grip and with double padlocking and with `double wrapped` bared wire and just to make sure, a good supply of PETN….lol ….”THEY” must be “desperate” to remain in the public domain, in order for them to be “posting” superficial stories and lies like this…..I can “feel” a “downfall” coming on, in my waters….

    • all this talk about them selling millions when other real talents are striving to sell 100,000 should tell you that their perceived super fame is nothing but a government funded operation with your tax dollars for their help in bringing down black music

      • Step 1 – REMOVE TINFOIL HAT!!
        Step 2 – Ummmm…People SELL Records for REAL!! And you’re teen cousins LIKE IT and BUY IT!! So I guess you think the government is buying all her concert tickets too. (I’d appreciate you providing a list of ticket pickup locations PAST or PRESENT)
        Step 3 – Take Your Meds…

          • That’s true. It’s called MWR. But as of late that money has been going somewhere else. It’s supposed to be a morale booster for the troops, but they’d rather them just off themselves. Saves the govt ALOT of money…smh

    • who is desperate ……Beyonce or the silly sites that keep reporting it or the silly people who keep commenting on the same thing

  2. I feel beyonce is slowing fading into nothing her is coming to a close an im definitily im getting tired of her an jay go away already were tired of your desperate asses if she is pregnant who cares.

    • You are so correct. Beyonce is not as popular as she use to be so now she has to do these foolish things to stay relevant.

  3. because they are becoming OLD & IRRELEVANT rofl at least we can dissect each and every words of their lyrics and comprehend that they did NOT sacrifice Aaliyah! Aaliyah was murdered but not by beyonce & jay! people still have a hard time understanding that WE ALL CANNOT TRUST OUR OWN “FAMILY” AND WE CANNOT EVEN TRUST OUR OWN MOTHER MOST TIMES smmfh i just hope Beyonce keeps it real with HERSELF and divorce that homo like she really wants to so that all of us can get the ORIGINAL Beyonce back from 1999-2OOO lmao Beyonce didnt change! ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Y’all sound stupid telling a married woman to keep her legs closed to her husband. No to mention a married woman with enough money to pop out babies pop-tarts if she so chooses. Save those comments for the side pieces and home wreckers.

    • all that money and she cant eat but one pig feet a day and wear one dress at a time, and sleep in one bed at a time, and cant drive but one car at a time. OOps! forgot she too dumb to drive.

      • lol and YOUR POINT would BE ??? LOL ….maybe I am crazy but is that NOT what you work for to make more money

        • Intelligent people work to make a decent living. The best salesman on the floor doesn’t work 24/7 to amass money he can never spend or enjoy. Working and enjoying life is what it is all about. Balance.

          Wealthy people spend their time surrounding by luxury in fancy suite hotels, Beyonce on most of her vacations in the 3rd world, surrounds herself with the impoverished, where she is most comfortable in being.

          Money does nothing for a poor minded product of the ghetto.

    • I migh be the dumb one here but I think the keep you legs closed comment is refering to her showing he crotch to the public….but I’m probably wrong…

    • They sound STUPID as HELL lmao…I mean come on find something else to hate about the woman because that list is always growing…these people are so filled with envy in regards to ONE woman they are allowing their bitter to turn into delusion..the Hate for this woman is consuming them just as much as the stans have for the love of this woman is VERY DISTURBING

      • And your lust for her puzzay is consuming you. Im sure it is disturbing to you. You seem rather hot and bothered over her. Are you one of her lesbian lovers?

        • lol black enga you are truly weird and this obsession you have with Beyonce is scaring me ..Please let it go just let it go ….LMAO whew wee the freaks come out at hollywood street king the freaks come out at HSK

          • Look, skank, I am NOT B. Enga. Inbox the administators here and ask if more than one person is cursing your dumb ass out.

    • Closed to her husband???? That bitch spead eagled like that before an audience….I mean damn snes spread wide enough to show the world her womb.

      • No one wants to go where a ghetto drug dealing nasty camel has been. That’s why her breath stank. Rot She stays because no man wants her. and he just using her.

  5. …Well technically ….’ByChancey’ is ONLY a ‘wife’ in name and by a well orchestrated business marriage arrangement… just like old our old faithful Kim K and her husband Mrs Riccardo Tisci…Bychancey has succumbed to the elite by trying to become risque, scabrous, indecent and lewd, by trying to keep up with the younger ‘meat’ in the cattle market/auction stands, (where shall we start the bidding?)… such as, Cyrus and Grande (more like Ariana Grande ‘Canyon’)..the way these girls/women are passed around from man to man, it is like a high speed blunt. Mrs ‘eyes wide shut’ is just a side piece…her so called ‘husband’ has so many chicks on the side and she is ‘one’ of
    them. Her management team and handlers are just very good at their job, by keeping salacious gossip out of the media in order to protect the ‘brand’. In a few months or so, something REALLY ‘juicy’ will be exposed from the House of Carters. In fact, it will be so big, that you will need all the water from the Hoover Dam to make that all that ‘tea’ – Watch.

  6. Ooops…too many ‘that’s’ in the last sentence, and in addition to…when the REAL Worldly news, comes to a hilt, that is when they will be “used” as a form of ‘news deviation’ to distract the ‘masses’…in the meantime, I am off to watch the Worlds Fog Plaiting Championships…

  7. No you mean the MEDIA been running with these stories all Beyonce does is post on HER personal PAGES and you clowns read into everything she posts …the MEDIA are the biggest STANS for this couple…they constantly post irrelevant stories about this couple because they know the haters and obsessors will always add in their 2 cents and increase their traffic flow

    • Every three to six months she spins some story about her life to keep the interest going. So no more marriage troubles, it is now pregnancy. She obviously is not aware that nobody gives a hoot about her crapfest.

  8. She needs a hit…Get to writing Camel…that bullisht she’s been coming out with lately…uggghhh…redundant. Get yo’ azz of the BEACH and get us a Funky Hit Beyoncé!!!

    • On second thought…we good. I don’t want to hear another one these two make. lol

  9. I can’t help but notice, it looks like smoke coming out of her cooch. On second thought I could be funk fumes.,.lol

      • Yeah, I heard about the breath years ago. She eats special M&Ms, the stuff inside the candy coating is brown but it ain’t chocolate. Lol

      • I guess we now knw why on some of their songs together jay z hollers, “talk your shit B”. Because when she talks it smells like shit.

        She needs surgery but they need a diner first, she needs a transplant from the neck up in order to het rid of the foul stinch. She should gargle with nitroglycerin…

    • Lol, Eddie why you made me scroll up and look? That shit looks like when you use one of those raid bombs to kill ants. Bwahahhaaaa.

      • LMMFAO, I bet that snatch could be used to exterminate most insectst and spiders….lol.

  10. Since I started the close yo legs comment I’ll tell you why I said it. She is married but we are not her husband and should not have to constantly look at her hello kitty, shouldn’t that be for her husband only?

    But nah, she has got to pop her tart on every video and in every pic even to the point of photo shopping her inner thighs. Enough already we see you Beyonce, we know you have a vagina.

    She is a attractive woman, all of that over exposure is not necessary to showcase that fact, it only cheapens the brand and makes her appear to be desperate for attention.

    I saw a pic on here (HSK, a gossip site) and responded to it via the REPLY button put there for……..Wait for it………Replies. Don’t like it, sue me or be my guest to kiss it where the sunni don’t shine.

    • well Here is my response to you …..TURN THY HEAD WHEN HER LEGS ARE OPEN ..and then you wont be bothered ……PROBLEM SOLVED

      • Arrow meet target. LMAO!

        Here’s my response to you, get a PR job for Beyonce, tell her to close her damn legs and stop being a thot bot to help her solve the problem of her fast fading career.

        The pay has got to be better than what they give you to come here and start trouble. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • I agree. I never understood why people get all hot and bothered by someone else’s thoughts. SMDH

          • I don’t either. That one always appears to be in attack mode for reasons unknown yet they are posting here like the rest of us so it doesn’t make any sense. SMDH too……

            • lol WOW just WOW …I am conversing with a CHILD I see …ummm attack is a pretty strong word are you truly that sensitive that you can type out 4 paragraphs about a woman you claim to not favor and then get bent all out of shape when someone with sense tells you the obvious and that is.. IF her legs being open bothers you then turn your head rather than spending 4 paragraphs talking about how it bothers you ..YEAH OKAY that be a whole lot of mental issues that intelligence cannot meet …PLEASE GO CRY SOMEWHERE ELSE OR JUST QUIT TYPING …lol what is wrong with you clowns

            • 12:41 bitch just shut the fuq up you goddam hypocrite. Sick of your annoying old ass. Who are you to tell anyone to do anything? Dont get mad just cuz your girl pantomined an Ob/gyn appointment in front of the world and got called a whore by white media for it. I hope one day she lets you have a taste cuz you stay with your face planted up her ass. Have the nerve to attack anyone that aint down wi th looking up her snatch all day. Bytch, fuq u and eff her too.

          • and you sound the dumbest of them all…It seems to me you should take you very own advice with how you feel about Beyonce…why the need to type out all your frustration about her lol why you so bothered about her legs being open or anything else she doing for that matter ….you clowns just love to type and NEVER proof read how stupid can a person be are you people OVER the age of 12

            • Wow you got a lot to say huh to be ragging on about my looooong paragraphs. *dying laughing tears*

              Calm down son before you pop a gasket or something. Beyonce doesn’t give a damn about you or me for that matter. It’s not that serious Boo. Slow down, take a breath and have a seat before you hurt yourself……

        • IDIOT the arrow obviously missed the MARK …..Common sense should prevail on this one but all sense is NOT common …If this chick bothers you that much then keep it moving and for the record DUMMY BEAR your LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG paragraph of typing dictates that you are more qualified for that job on THIS SITE then I will ever be …carry on loser carry on lol

          • Only an idiot would attack people for gossiping on a gossip site SIMP.

            Ohit met its intended mark or we wouldn’t be having this conversation would we. Fall back please, your previous identity is showing. You wouldn’t want to get yourself banned again would you?


            • B.Enga,Thats the same bich from last time showing up foaming at the mouth over Beyondstank, like anyone gives a shit. Fake paid troll on here to shill for her irrelevant boss. Fukk her.

            • You truly do sound like a CHILD …AGAIN QUIT THE WHINING….you typing shit but then holler when shit is thrown back lol okay baby girl

              you got way to much time on your hands ..responding to yourself to support your silly comment ..I JUST CANT LMAO ….

              Lets keep it real here…YOU APPEAR TO BE way more intrigued by Beyonce than I do …her legs being open does not bother me because I am not a fan BUT it appears to really DISTURB you and I am not a stalker so I have to ask one WHY IS THAT ..why do you waste so much energy on a WOMAN that does not know you and could care less about you and considers YOU beneath her lol …my understanding of trolling is giving this site all the negative energy you can evoke because you are ANGRY at Beyonce lol

              I am made a fan because I have common sense …lol….out of the mouth of babes ……I do not like Punk rock music so I exercise my right to keep it moving not going to spend several paragraphs talking about how much I HATE punk rock so if it makes sense for you to spend your IDLE time constantly talking about how you do not like beyonce then CARRY on loser carry on… Beyonce has another STALKER to add to her list

            • You have surpassed me in the paragraph department, lol. Why wont you go and attack the other posters who said pretty much the same thing?

              I don’t HATE Beyonce, I was just replying to the obvious. I don’t need to cosign myself, I’m the same person everyday all day, I don’t need any help say what I have to say. You can take it or leave it.

            • Bytch plz, if we gone keep it real then we gone keep it extra real bexause how da fuq you gone come on here saying we more intruiged than you when you hollerin like a hit dog everytime somebody calls her put on her shit. Actually the owner of this blog put that pic up there….but I see your bullying cowardly ass aint tryin to lock horns with the big dog . Lets hear you call JJ idiot or stupid so your corny ass can gwt clapped. Trick plz. Scroll back and COUNT all the times you attack over Beyondstank, you crazy bitch. Wasnt that you yesterday talking a whole buncha shit? I dare u to go back and then post on how often you call yourself defending her open cootch. You wont cuz you know how crazy and obsessed it makes your dumb ass look, you fukkin shill . Stfu.

            • Welcome to”Guest” is our newest troll. Well someone had to replace Glok/ CB/ 414/ anon and I don’t miss…

      • Don’t allow these crazies to fool you,It be the same people on this site day in and out talking the same mess about Bey and Jay , I mean just about every post they be on it and if you do not agree with one thing they immediately call you a stan or say you are on her nuts, ect.,You see they can write 5 million and 600 post about how much they hate her but you are not allowed to make one post about how you like her or else they be coming for you , they are just as bad as the Beyhive, sometimes they even change their screen names but be saying the same mess , I personally would think that would be tiresome. I said something similar to a Kim K post and I got a verbal beat down lmao. Obsession is Obsession some people will go to the extreme to defend the artist and some will go to the extreme to discredit the artist ,Both on the same playing field because they went to the extreme however one does not realize their obsession

        • its to anybody who is obsessed with bey showing her crotch and getting offended by it.

          bey gets paid for this let her show her ass.

          • You replied to my post not just anybody’s. I replied to a pic on a thread like everyone else.

          • It makes sense to me crazy Chris…I am NOT a huge beyonce fan as in I wont actually buy her music or pay to see her in concert but I will watch her perform on TV and here is my reasoning…..what does Beyonce with her legs open have to do with any stable human being get offended..if it bothers that person so much then that person should just turn their head but to actually argue about it has to be the most silliest thing I have ever seen and truly shows how unstable that person truly is

      • Ninja, I know ur glue sniffin ass aint tryin to read nobody. U stay talking insane gibberish and I dgaf cuz thats you. But dont get cute cuz the only closet is the one you use to huff in, weirdo. Hop off if you know whats good.

        • you know a LOT ABOUT SNIFFING GLUE.




          • FYI you are responding to Black Enga you know that right..that Jigga is actually responding to itself..LMAO

            • You straight out yo fukkin mind. No she aint. Most of hese comments are from me. I sound nothing like B. Enga. Shes actuay keeping it relatively classy with you whereas im telling u and ur buddy cc to kiss my entire arse. Im seeing you call folks out they name for a minute now and thats why your paranoid ass getting reamed . This thread is full of people telling your stan ass of, why we all gotta be B.E? I done told you email the admins, they will tell you about something called an isp address and how its like an asshole. Everyone has one. Dumbass.

          • N egro u obviously know as much as me cuz you said about as much as I said, which was one line asshole. Aint nobody talking to your devil worshipping ass , u demon, so stfu and mind your own gd business, crackhead.

    • okay I am out before I start losing it like you have …you got 2 or more Alias ..responding to your dam self …and Crying like a BE0YTCH when someone tells you to exercise your God given right and ignore the people that do not please you …and all THIS TYPING because you angry at beyonce someone that could care less about you ….I have seen it all just cannot be that serious

      FYI: I the common sense guest…. do not own a beyonce album never been to her concert (not spending that kind of money) but I will watch her for free on TV..what I do have is common sense something that has eluded you in a major way…DAM FOOL I dont defend Beyonce I defend your right to IGNORE a woman that you do not find favor with ..a right you want to fight me about and somehow that makes sense to your dumb ass

      so what ails you my dear I can tell you this it aint Beyonce or the common sense guest it is YOU IGNORANCE and BITTERNESS and your inability to have a life of your OWN..GET IT …GOT IT…okay NOW GOOD

      • Okay enough is enough. HSK knows who has dual identities. Angry, bitter because of Beyonce? That would mean that I hate her or something? Which I don’t, you nor her are worth hating. You are angry because I called you out for doing exactly what you claim I am doing which is pretending to be someone other than yourself.

        If you read my posts, I never call people Bi**** or N words and I rarely curse. I do occasionally call people fools though.

        So go on, get out because you have already lost it. Seek anger management soon and stop projecting your own feelings.

        • lol okay crazy lady…SLOWLY ALLOW THIS TO ABSORB

          Are you not the the VERY one whom started a post ABOUT beyonce needing to close her legs and how you DID NOT WANT TO SEE ALL OF THAT

          okay now did I not respond to that post with perfect clarity and that is IF her legs being open bothers you that much then it would be best for you to turn your head especially since she wont stop doing it….DOES THAT NOT MAKE SENSE TO YOU or it makes more sense to COMPLAIN about it even though that complaining wont get her to stop entertaining people with her legs open

          but you would rather DEBATE that fact by stating that I am mad or I am an obsessed fan …yes I called you dumb stupid and a beoytch…you type like you are a 2 year old and you whining like a 4 year old that constitutes dumb beoytch in my eyes ..GET OVER IT YOU ALSO DONT KNOW ME ..logging onto social media with all that sensitivity and explaining your dislike for Beyonce and when someone tells you to just IGNORE Beyonce your scream HIT……CHILE PLEASE

          in order for me to be mad I gotta care and I could care less about YOU or Beyonce but you lame attempt to play the victim is usually what losers like yourself gravitate to the most …spend your energy talking smack about entertainers is that what your LIFE IS ABOUT??????

 folk got a ton of issues and this non stop complaining about what other black celebrities are doping is crabs in a barrel OVERLOAD

          the only thing I could ever be mad about is HOW STUPID black america has become and how the residuals of slavery run so deep it has us focused on dumb shit

          • ^^^It’s a bird, it’s a plane?! No it’s Super Stan!
            Beehive in da building! Bird brain bish all those words to say nothing! What an idiot!

          • Also @Guest wtf does race have to do with this thread? If you’re gonna bring race into it maybe Beyowoof should set a better example for young black girls. Instead of selling out and fooling the masses with this “stripperella, fake lesbian” feminism shit her and these other female “celebs” selling these days. Sellouts like that and docile bitches like you that are black should buy a one way ticket to Mars and come back.

          • Ok , Univited Guest, now its clear you had a cup of crazy for breakfast this morning. Now you on here writing full page novels n shit. Lunatic.

        • Aren’t they stupid? This new culture is sad. A person can’t say anything about a celebrity on a GOSSIP SITE without one of their mindless robots breaking their necks to jump to their favorites defense. I just want to know if any of these crazies treat the real people in their lives with the same reverence as they do Beyonce.

      • You outta here my arse. You aint going nowhere. Soon as Jacky posts a pic of that sand belly collapsing like her pillow bump did on live tv your ass gonna be right back here screetching and carrying on. Because you love this . Probably the most fin you had since you ran over your neighbors cat, you attention seeking freak.

  11. beyonce is under mind control and sex slave to the masonic brotherhood. beyonce needs a blood sacrifice badly. but jay z and solange are going to have to do it. kelly rowland just did one with her mother. on another note aailyah she was murdered and blood sacrifice for dame dash and rachel roy notice how rachel and him came up. but, did you know that aaliyah family knew that she was going to be a sacrifice! her family and uncle barry hankerson know the truth aaliyah family sold her out to the industry at a young age. they took the oath and signed her name in blood. her mother and father were promised things in exchange for aailyah. cars, houses, etc. meaning that these powerful people in the industry would make aaiiyah a star if they could have they way with her. all child stars go through this todd bridges, gary coleman, cory fieldman,

    • feldman was raped by every director in the industry.

      yeah give your daughter to a freak like r kelly another pedo but people boiught his music anyway.

      the devil is never satysified he needs more so guess kelly’s mom was’nt ewnough who was so called a cousin of beys.

      well beyonce can’t get no further she is on top she has devoted dykes in atlanta who think shes god.

      all her albums sold a prenmature death now would drive her crazy and it would make bey even popular now than she is now.

      if bey dies she’ll reach godhood on the levbel of michael jackson, 2pac and aaliyah and when whitney died it was like oh she reached immortality now.

  12. …..and why do you think she has her legs spread wide open from east to west? So that we have to look at her crotch…she has not splayed her legs apart so that we can try and locate where her ‘chromosomes’ are..!!!….sheesh…some people just do not get it….

      • What’s happened to you mang. You never answered other peoples comments, you stated yo shit then be outty. Now your replying to anons. Talking to the mod, getting personal. Still ain’t convinced it really Chris.

  13. not gonna call bey a ho cause she has her legs wide open.

    we know she’s sellingh sex thats her job no better than other female stars who show their asses.

    kim k showed her fake injected white ass on a cover and nobody says jack about her oh yeah all praise the allmighty white woman.

    if bey’s a ho so is every other female entertainer who shows her ass and spreads her legs.

    every time trina has a new album coming out she poses nude.

    keyshia cole does a video showing her ass to a dyke portrayed as herself.

    toni braxton did vibe mag naked hell who did’nt brandy showed her ass symbolizing a certsain position AND SHOWING OFF HER BUTTERFLY TATOO.

    • Were you under mind control when that Paper mag cover came out? We dragged kims oily photoshopped arse to dubai and back. She got called out hardcore for her tricking. Same as we did when she screwed that old austrian clownface billionaire dude for half a million. Shes a prostitute. So all this nobody said jack, nobody said a word thing you saying is bullshit. A lot of females in entertainment double as sex workers. Your ass lyin if you claim we give them a pass when their skin is yellow, beige or white.

    • Nobody said a word about Kim K- are you deaf or daft or dumb? Shit even purple people had plenty to say about that hot mess.


    • umm black people talking about white people issues rather than black people naw they would rather PUT down their OWN that is what they do best ..I thought you knew

      • That’s the dumbest comment ever. Most of these “celebs” no matter their color are misleading the youth in America. Females acting like strippers but calling it feminism. Foh! Only ignorant, docile stan mfs like yourself accept this bs they call entertainment and then agrue with strangers on a gossip site. Let me guess im a hater too?! Like GAF u dumb f*ck!

      • She is none of my own . When she did her makeup commercial she was quick to.claim her otherness. J Lo did hers and said she was 100% puerto rican, cuz she is proud of her heritage. So dont throw that stank skank Bey at me and yell catch. She dont claim me and i.dont claim her either.

    • I think you’ll find hardly anyone in the industry no matter which color, dissing another celeb. They’re all fake as hell, that’s the name of the game.

  15. First the elevator thing, then the divorce thing, and now the pregnancy thing. Cheap publicity. They should be ashamed of themselves. How about some music publicity. That’s right, there is none.

  16. solange beat up jigga because jigga was creeping with rachel roy.

    but since jay been cheating on bey.

    bey should have said something about it solange was too concerned she’s too involved with their marriage.

    unless jay threated bey.

    but then again jay and solange might have had sex.

    would’nt put it past them.

    solange struck jay like a jealous sidepiece while bey stood there grinning.

  17. beyonce is gonna strike ya’ll with a lightning bolt or she will call her disciples to kill your asses if you ain’t careful.

    the beyhive kill rams, and goats everyday for her.

  18. Jay and Bey need to chill out. Lying about birthing another child…Who Does That? She has stated publicly that she wants multiple children, so, Why Fake It?

  19. People Are Getting Bored Of Beyonce, I Remember 10 Years Ago Beyonce Was On Every Bodies Mouths, On Newspapers Magazines, Films Etc, Another Singers Like Olivia, Ashanti, Amerie Etc Wasn’t Getting No Shine Or Recognition
    Because Beyonce Stole Their Images And Music She Even Black Listed Amerie

    Now She’s Desperate

      • bey’s selling records and making the industry money.

        jiggas making a killing off roc nation hes making money off j cole, Rihanna, willow smith.

        as long as jay and beys making money were gonna hear about them until the whites get tired of them.

      • @DaRadiant1

        All Higher Up Celebrities Get Their Competition Black Listed, Jayz Beyonce Etc Etc

        • Well damn! In that the case shouldn’t Rihanna be blacklisted as well. All I can think of when Teairra Mari, Amerie, and Rihanna did the remake of Lose My Breath.I must admit, they did better than Destiny Child!







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