Rev Run’s Nephew Sh*ts On Def Jam & Jay Z

Redum Simmons vs Gay Def Jam

Jamel “Redrum” Simmons  and his Horrorcore group, The Flatlinerz, in a recent interview spoke on gay rumors up at Def Jam Records and the group also called out Jay Z as a devil worshiper. with the Murder Master Music Show.

Here’s what the Flatlinerz said about Def Jam rituals:

“Yep, Yep! I am not giving my soul up and I’m not giving my hole up! Your a$$hole is connected to your spine and your spine is connected to your brain.”

Here’s what Redrum said about Jay Z:

“I know mutha f***az that worship Satan, but they want you to listen to them because you accept it. They want you to know. They own in!”

Flatlinerz vs Jay Z



      • Chonilla thanks for posting the link to our interview homie. This interview was done on the Murder Master Music Show

      • I don’t know about that album cover, but everything they’re saying after that 34:29 mark is 10000% on point.

    • That album came out in 1994 when they tried to make the Horror Core genre popular. The album title U.S.A was shortened because the name of the album was Under Satan’s Authority.

      The group is led by Redrum (Jamel Simmons, nephew of Russell Simmons) and two other emcees: Gravedigger and Tempest. FLM was an extension of the Flatlinerz (Flatline Massive) which included artists Mayhem and OMN999 (Omen).

      Def Jam targeted the Flatlinerz as an alternative to Gangster Rap which was dominating Rap at that time.[citation needed] The term “Horrorcore” is a fusion of Hardcore Hip Hop and Horror.

      The video for “Live Evil” featured Redrum rhyming while hanging from a noose. The second and last video (“Satanic Verses”), features Tempest eating guts from a body, Redrum restrained with rats crawling on him, and Gravedigger rhyming on a crucifix.

      In June 2014, The Flatlinerz announced via Facebook, that they have reformed and are working on a new project.

    • Smart man that names himself MURDER spelled backwards and is part of a group called Horror Core …I just cant with you CLOWNS LMAO…

      • It stands for Righteous Equality, Divine Ruler, Universal Master. My name means “Giving Life”, which is the opposite or reverse of MURDER. You should check out our music bro. It’s not what people tend to think.

    • Read what he said DR1, he is saying that he accepts devil worshiping but just because he accepts it, does not mean that he will listen to someone’s music just because the do it and they are the ones at the forefront of that movement. He needs to clear this shit up or miss get the f*ck on with that bullshit.

      • That’s not what I said bro. I commune with my ancestors, I don’t believe in the devil, that’s a TITLE, not a name. He who does D most EVIL, is the D-EVIL.

  1. SPEAK! BRING IT OUT TO THE STUPID PEOPLE WHO LISTENS AND BUYS THEIR BULLSHIT MUSIC, touch down on the bases, that they sold themselves for fame and money, they bought and sold to the highest bidder, but it isn’t over because when the real Satan lose they thought they knew but they don’t watch the detruction that will be cast apon this earth, Kanye already crack’en under pressure bit by bit,the devil is a lier back stabbed and a user, the water fall is starting to spill

    • lol you know that you are just as brainwashed as those you are accusing ….Satan and talking serpents …..LMAO




        • LMAO such a shame such a shame …I guess GOD does not show up or show out in modern times

        • Say it again @CrazyChris . I too am a believer. Crazy or not, does not negate the facts of what you are saying.

  2. They all will feel the wrath of god one by one the kanyes, rihannas, bey, jay z, and the rest of the sellout crew there dayz are numbered they are started to be revealed. Did anyone hear about chris brown second shooting at a venue he was at they might be after him next time might not be so death.

  3. Yeah thats bad this is the second shooting something is going on with he betta becareful next time might not turn out so well. I really like chris but he has sold out so hes open to anything. Very talented young man but this wont end well.

  4. Just picturing Jay’s fugly camel ass getting getting plugged just has me feeling some type of way…….ugggh.

  5. You all let people sell you anything then you buy into it like its going out of style. Why didn’t HSK post the question asked? This is pure comedy! “Redrum” and the “Flatlinerz” performing “horrorcore” while denying “Satan”??? Yeah right. The imagery, groups name and content sums up what this group is about.

    • You are wrong bro. I do not even believe in the “Satan” that another person believes in. Everyone’s mind is different. Everyone’s god is different. No two Christians personally follow the same Christianity. My culture is Ancestral commune and worship of the universal intelligence. But, be-lie-be what you will Brother.

  6. No one shall be called Reverend but God! I wonder if Run knows this and have read it in the bible? I am so happy to that he is not giving up nothing! Everyone needs to be a member of Church of Christ! Even TD Jakes once was a member but he left. He never speaks about that. But he will soon meet his doom!



    • the sad part about our lives is somebody is feeding the black community a lot of bullshit! White people are afraid that we will over take this world!black people rap white people wanna wrap black people seem from the soul white people wanna sing from the soul! They fear us, that’s why they shoot us! tis stop listening to the bullshit! I think it’s funny that you don’t have all these white people stating that they’re gay in that all white celebs are gay! But if you are a black celebrity you gotta be gay, becuase you cant have talent! stop spreading these bullshit lies!

    • The Bible says no one should be called “Father” but God. Never read where it’s against the word to call someone “Reverend.”

      • When we look into the Bible, we find the word “reverend” refers only to God Himself, and not once is it applied to a man. The lone instance of the word, found in Psalm 111:9 in the King James version, says: “He [God] sent redemption unto His people: He hath commanded His covenant for ever: holy and reverend is His name.” God alone has a name worthy of reverence. No man, including any minister, has a name worthy of such respect or worship.

        The use of religious titles, such as “Reverend,” began when the great apostasy set in at the close of the first century. Ministers put themselves “in the place of” Christ (the meaning of vicar), taking upon themselves the attributes and titles of divinity. God’s true ministers have never done so.

  7. this is sad really really sad, we have reached the end of times people plan and simple, I mean look at the whole scenario of this, these things have been spoke about in the industry for years, BUT now it’s getting more and more out there, the vaile has become very very transparent, you hear these people chatting demonic stuff in their music, the super bowl show they’re doing demonic dance, Nicki Minaj came out in a big red dress with the face of Satan on the dress in black beeding and had a look alike Pope, and Beyonce she just ridiculously dancing around like a slut looking like she just came from underground sad, the homosexually is being welcomed more (no offense gay people) and I clearly has been said that the day all 50 state’s legalize gay marriage it’s going to be doom’s day, it’s getting out more and more time to get educated about this mess and see shit for what it is, these puppets don’t know what’s a head of them and it isn’t going to be pleasant I am in no way a fan of any of them know why?because I’m ON TOPA THANGS BABY! praise God (wink)


      SCREAMIN JAY HAwkins made that song i put a spell on you.

      jimi hendrix called himself voodoo child and talked weird lyrics about everything.

      jimi was into drugs, wild sex and backmasking his guitar riffs.

      rudy ray moore talked about petey wheatstraw the devil’s son in law.

      jazz greats like john coltrane and miles davis was into the occult world as well.

  8. this idiot talking about jigga seves the devil and hbow is this fool any better with a cd cover of skleletons, crosses and the grim reaper and 2 dudes wearing masks.

    check out who really serves satan.

    being russ nephew this fool never probal;y ebven set foot in a ghetto so he might wanna checxk his hardcore rhymes.

    horrorcore rap is nothing new 36 mafia did this chit.

    ganksta nip
    k rino
    brotha lynch hung
    x raided
    c bo

    • Oh I said the same thing …people so mad at JAY Z they not even making sense on this one…dudes name is MURDER spelled backwards and his choice of music is Horror core with bones and skulls as his album cover and his word is SACRED…I just cant lol

    • Bro, I grew up in bed-Stuy, all my peoples is dreads and bloods. I’m the Hood Simmons, and the book smartest. You can ask anyone that knows me who I am.

  9. I didn’t know the Genre was “Horrorcore”

    I make it myself & it doesn’t refer to any demonic spirits or satanic gods I consider it a black heart sound but overall Screw because I slow it down Personally I title it “Hypnotik” & that’s how I credit it but I’m obsessed w/ the misconception of living & dying so I feel the creativity but just now hearing about in 2015 when they came out in the 90s says alot

  10. one of the first horrorcore rap songs to my knowledge was geto boys mind of a lunatic.

    but some say the fat boys ready for freddy and dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince nightmare on my street which both talked about freddy krueger started off the trend too.

  11. God is not mocked. All these idiots who sell their souls for fortune and fame will pay the ultimate price. I’ll never forget Beyawnce saying she was afraid of “losing all this” (her fortune) in a TV interview. So tragic she cares more about losing money and material things than her soul and where she will spend eternity.

      • No, you lying trashbox. Original man walked the earth and worshipped Him before Cro Magnons slunk outta their caves and started destroying the planet. In spite of your disinformation we all know that I Am was worshipped in Africa and the Fertile cresent back when europe was an undocumented pile of rocks. Which is why the earliest dipictions of our messiah show him and his mother with the correct skin color. Whats spooky is the energy trolls waste lying when they should be somewhere lathering themselves with sunblock.

  12. Bravo for him calling out the gay mafia in hip-hop, but, the cover art is demonic in and of itself. The puppet masters push violence and deviant sexuality as one…Birds of A Feather! Russell Simmons gave up Def Jam to Island Records as a blood sacrifice. Thee iconic hip-hop label of our time in the hands of The Corporatists that brainwash the masses for greed. Honestly, the brothas are confused. Flatline means death in medical terms. Young black males have been turned into merchants of death via Hollywood and gangsta-rap. Hip-Hop is in trouble, folk need to take this ish seriously. Push away from it for your own sake and sanity.

  13. beyond the structured ritual, the true ritual is this…
    the “devil” is really a group of very wealthy people who have never personally met the devil, but will swear the devil is real. the true “devil” is another white lie used in this way…
    the “devil” approaches talented individuals (usually starving artist) with potential to make lots of money for all parties concerned. convinces individuals that if they believe, then they can make fame and fortune, but only if they commit an act that can be held over their heads and be controlled. the weak minded and greedy go for it.

    the “devil” networks and make the artist famous. when they are through and feel that you have reached you earnings potential, then you are defamed (in the entertainment industry, any publicity is still publicity) and maybe even killed. the death of an artist brings in substantial monies and the rich get richer… does anyone else see this cycle?

    ask any devil worshipper have the ever met the devil in person. should they say yes, they are lying. there is no devil for them to meet. however the perception is strong enough to promote fear, yet when you think about it, it will be MEN AND WOMEN who come for you….

    • Wrong. Never forget that the metaphysical world is a very real one. You should read up on London and how its becoming a sort of bkack arts mecca. Also research Astana, and its geographical coordinates. It will shock you to kearn that certain locales are where those people who have climbed high enough, like that R family, do meet their god. Finally, research the legends about the crossroads. Beneath all that folklore and myth there are grains of truth. I pray for discernment constantly because there are those out there that count on most of us believing that none of this horror is real.

      • once again, have you ever seen the devil or any of these parties in the midst of these acts??? do you believe the “devil” does NOT own printing capabilities??? the evil network is wide spread, more than capable of printing STORIES that you have never witnessed and yet you want to convince me this is real. the purposeful lies that you are told begin when you are a child (santa claus). the lies continue on in order that you waste your precious TIME and BRAIN POWER sorting lies, meanwhile the rich get richer. you are better off reading TRUE WORLD history. 10,000 years ago, the forefathers of ancient africa had hot and cold running water. the u.s.a. has had running water for less than 100 years. my point is, there are people still searching and people who have already known for a long time…

  14. I was at one of their first performances in Atlanta 1994. The were one of the start up acts before Redman & Method Man. THEY ARE EVIL!!! They ushered in an evil presence while they performed. You could fill the atmosphere change. I literally got scared and I couldn’t get out fast enough. I was young and went back in to see the headlining acts, but will never forget that. If they are really reformed I hope they change their names and COMPLETELY change their style. Either way I won’t be listening to them.

  15. The music they currently put out is 100% independent self funded and delves into exposing evil on many levels. Don’t let the name of the albums they put out scare you away or lead you to believe it praises Satan. I looked into what these guys have been working on and if they are still working with big record labels and it’s not the case. They put out a series of albums in chapters which dives into a pretty deep story. 6ix Chapter 1, 66ix Chapter 2, 666ix Chapter 3, 6ix RevilATIONZ, and 6ix PURGEatory. Nowhere in the listening did I get a sense of them promoting satanism or encouraging devil worship, I actually found quite the opposite. The world has become a wicked place. Flatlinerz are the truth in a world full of lies and deceit. May they be blessed in their journeys against the beast.

    • Hi, I was never a Satan worshipper. I have always strived to be righteous, personally, and emulated horror movies like wu tang emulated Kung fu flicks. I was young and reckless then, but never evil. I have always had a close relationship with my ancestors and the universal creator. Love ya

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