Ed Hartwell Claps Back at Keshia Knight Pulliam – She Was Desperate for a Baby

ed hartwell keshia knight pulliam divorce
After Keshia Knight Pulliam was boo-hooing all over Entertainment Tonight, accusing her husband Ed Hartwell of cheating on her during their brief marriage, Ed is clapping back!

In a new interview with Page Six, Ed says Keshia was desperate to get pregnant right away, but he wanted to pump the brakes on their relationship.

“She wanted a baby really fast, and what I was trying to explain to her was that — from my beliefs, from seeing other successful people — that when you first get married, especially since we didn’t have a long courtship, that we should actually focus on each other and not just have a baby. That’s something she really did want to do.” – Ed Hartwell

Ed says he found out an ex of his had a miscarriage, and it made him realize he still had feelings for her. He tried to break it to Keshia as gently as possible.

“I said, ‘I think we probably messed up. I think we moved too fast. Our lives and wants are headed two different directions.’ [Keshia] wasn’t mad that I still cared about [my ex]. All she was a mad about was, ‘You don’t want to have a baby, but you’re mad about her baby. You can’t talk to her 13-year-old daughter. And there was a big fall-out,” – Ed Hartwell

Ed said he then stopped having sex with Keshia, but she ended up pregnant…she got what she wanted in the end…a baby!


  1. SOMETHING is not right about the story of these two. I can't put my finger on it just yet but none of this adds up right. I don't want to sound mean or cruel but this whole drama-rama sounds more like our beloved Rudy Huxstable was not desperate for a baby but just plain….desperate. Not only does it seem like they didn't date very long…it almost seems like they weren't "dating" at all or at best he just wasn't that into her in which case he should never have married her. I cant prove it but I'm betting he was "having frequent sex with Keisha as a bed buddy but was still dating other women including his ex." If Keisha just wanted a baby which I DON'T believe she could have gotten a far better donor from the local sperm bank.

    If she's got any sense at all she'd stop discussing this in the media & rush to have that sham of a marriage annulled immediately.




    • To me it sounds like the same story they been telling all along:
      1. Boy meets girl
      2. Boy is still with another woman that he didn't marry, yet marries new girl
      3. Boy is in a dilemma, because he now has two families, or two girlfriends
      4. This boy is stupid – don't be him

      • @NOitALL, you mean "boy is still with another boy". At first, I thought he was straight. Dude is gaaaaaaaay.

    • REAL T A L K !

      He's full of sh!t!!! He's been a ho since his season on RHOA, when he was married to Lisa Woo. Then left her……. I think he's using these women for some type of "Financial" gain or publicity, plain & simple! It doesn't take for your d@mn ex to have a "miscarriage" to realize you still have feelings for her, BULLSH!T!!!

      Keisha is bad enough to choose WHOEVER she wants and not slim pickin's! He's kinda sexy but he's easily replaceable, fo' sho' ……believe THAT

  2. If she was desperate she could have adopted or went to a sperm bank. Ed was looking for a meal ticket. Now I see why Lisa Wu dumped him.

    • aaah don't you mean the other way around? it was Lisa that was looking for a meal ticket, and when his Football career dried out she left him dry, Rudy Huxtable prob still got some of that Huxtable money but since the show has been taken off air I doubt the residuals are coming in as much as they used to.

  3. Keshia was too impetuous! She wanted a baby and she got it! Tigger wasn't having it, his pullout game was too strong, so she found herself a weak minded simp named Ed! Lmao! She knew that he was still in love with another woman, so she hastily became pregnant, so that she could derail the other woman's feelings for Ed..She couldn't stop him from loving the other woman! What really bugs the f*ck out of me is that, keshia should have known better than to play these old played out, and corny, trap a ninja games..Like really Bitch??? It's 2016 and we are still trying to trap men with babies! Come the f*ck on! Be patient and kind, and the good brothers will come along or not! But have some respect for yourself!

    • Are you buying his story?? Cause I know for a fact that Ed had a side piece all along and Keisha was suppose to be his sugar momma. She was living in the haze of a new love and had no idea. But the ATL, streets talk and Keisha found out and wanted a divorce. When she found out she was pregs, he sweet talked into changing her mind so that he could file first, get proof the child is his and leak her either through child support or big fat settlement agreement, which mean he keeps his gym that she financed. She got played.

      • Yup! My ATL relatives said the same thing. He deliberately targeted her and he deliberately played her and he's a bad man and it's going to come back to him you don't go around messing with women all of your adult life without some fall back.

  4. He contradicts himself. I guess he wants to cover all bases. Forget divorce, it's annulment time.

  5. If Keisha was desperate or not means nothing if he knew she was so eager to gave a baby why he f*ck her

    • Exactly! The world is coming to an end when a MARRIED man is surprised about his wife getting pregnant. The f*ck boy is evolving.

  6. I've already heard about the shortage of straight, available black men in America, but it appears that Atlanta is suffering a severe case of it. Not excusing cheating, for those who value monogamy, but I can only imagine all the daily ass thrown to a straight black male in Atlanta. Rich and poor men, alike.

  7. @ Renaissance Rose, Your analysis of the situation seems right on target and Anonymous is right about needing a black woman's guide. Halle Berry got played by Aubrey as well as Justice the Athlete just to name a few. But we need to remember men can be Gold diggers just like women. Remember how Britney Spear Baby Daddies played her and he ended up getting the kids and a shit load of support for years to come. No matter how you look at it not bad for a back of dancer, he made out pretty good. Most recently, look what happended to Sherri Shepherd and her drama went public also. ….. yep we better learn how to get laid and hold our purse at the same time , cause men have taken the Gold Digging Game to a Whole new Level and it seems Most Black Women don't have a clue.

    • I say you have to look from the very first date for signs. I hear feminists talk about splitting he restaurant bill and I say NO. If he wants to spend time with you but couldn't be bothered to pay the dinner bill how is he gonna have no problem paying for kids/household expenses? This leech behaviour starts in the beginning. If you have to even convince him to cover the bill a little bit then he is not the one. A few years back a well qualified professional man "joked" to me about me buying him lunch. I haven't spoke to him since and I want no part in that. Not a joke to me.

  8. Oh forgot to mention Gabrielle Union has on a few occaissions mention that even though she was married to an athlete in her first marriage, she was financially better off and I believe ending the marriage ended up costing her. Somehow I believe she sorted of hinted she felt she was used for the things she could provide or give him. Believe me when I heard that I had so much respect for her honesty, because she humanized herself and showed beauty , fame and fortune doesn't protect you from users or Gold Digging men on any level.

  9. Forgot to say, despite modern technology most black women want fairy tale of Love , Marriage and the baby carriage an will delude ourselves into believing that person is the one no matter how ridiculous it may seem to everyone else. As Luther Vandross song goes: Let me hold you tight if only for one night, let keep you near, to ease away the fear….. It will be so nice if only for one night……… So Bottom line most women if they would rather have the Romance and Illusion of Love than a test tube baby….. Needless to say of course not to say most women ultimate goal and first choice would be to have the Golden Ring….. Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage, House , Wealth, Health, Peace and and overall good life. But don't be so quick to judge and say she was just desperate. Maybe she fell in Love an thought it would work even if only for one night……….

  10. @ Sarah you are absolutely right to think the way you do and because of the way you think you better believe you dodged a few bullets and dead beats. Me on the other hand , I drunk the Kool Aide of showing the man I was an independent woman by not only going dutch, but by paying totally and all it did was set a negative precedence were they just wanted to keep their money for themselves and enjoy my company as well and believe me I am a good looking woman who looks at least 12-15 years younger than my age, a vanessa williams look a like and guess what they still tried to get over as much as they could. So Sarah , now I am following your lead and testing them up front.

  11. @ Sarah , You are so right the leech behavior is normally displayed in the beginning. So Sarah What would you say are the true signs of a generous man , who is not just fronting? Remember now a days, men have Gold Digging down to a science and the smart ones can fool the best.

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