Tiny Attacks T.I.’s Mistress & It’s Caught on Video?

ti tiny mistress video ana montana

Even though T.I. and Tiny are still pretending to be happily married for the sake of their reality show, the couple is going through a tough time in their marriage, and it all stems from TI’s cheating!

Tiny has reportedly moved out of the couple’s home after finding out TI was hooking up with another woman, an alleged escort named Analicia Chaves, a.k.a. Ana Montana.

Tiny caught her husband in an Atlanta area hotel with Ana, and all hell broke loose!

According to Sandra Rose, the incident was caught on video…

Tiny confronted the woman at a swanky Atlanta hotel several weeks ago. They had to be separated by hotel security — and it’s all on tape!

Are you interested in seeing Tiny beat the brakes off TI’s mistress?


  1. ummm..I thought they had a open marriage..3somes etc…and he just opened up a strip club…

  2. No I'm not interested in seeing the tape.. I think if anyone deserves to get a beat down it her husband.. I don't think anyone cheats without thinking about the problems, they are going to have..
    His ass need to be beat that woman didn't make him cheat, he just wants his cake and eat it too.
    That other woman will get her justice in due time, I would be whipping his ass like the old people use to beat the shit out of their kids.. She's wasting time trying to beat that woman, beat Tip that can't keep his pants zipped up..

  3. T I needs his ass beat! However, we as women do need to have some type of solidarity, and respect for each other…I do unto others, as I would have them do unto me! I live by that code! Imagine if we all did! T I feeds off of Tiny's obvious insecurities! Negroes like him only slow down on dick slinging, when they get old and winded! And even then, they're in something, but not as much! But then again evil scientists gave men that blue pill so?????? Meh! Tiny got hands doe, I heard! Little mama is a tigress, bitches forgot! She's just reminding hoes! Lmao! ??????

  4. It's that "Harris" curse.Tip talks about on his show. The men are so devastatingly handsome and sexy they just can't help themselves.


  5. Tiny done got fake boobs, ass, and changed her eye color for this man and he still cheats. Don't change for a man.

    • Can't put all the blame on Tip for that. If I was Tiny and had to read and hear all the mean and hateful things people say about her looks on the internet I'd probably have lost my mind.

      I really have a soft spot in my heart for her, because her life hasn't been all fun and games at all.
      Trying to hold on to Tip all the while being told you are a piggy face is beyond disheartening.
      She probably believes no one else will love her so she might as well stay with the devil she knows.

      • Will put! I think She's beautiful. She just look like anyone but herself hence most hearing on her because she be compared. And personality and and loyalty? And her kids love her show that shows she's a good mum. Shes a winner

      • Very well stated. I've thought the same thing for Tiny. Really feel sorry for her. The best thing for her is to keep her head high, get her own place with her children, raise her children to the best of her ability, & start doing the things she wants to do with her life. I think at one time, her & Khandi were supposed to get back into writing/producing songs together, but I think TI stopped it. As a matter of fact, I think TI stopped Tiny from doing projects outside of him. Not sure, could be wrong.

  6. I pray that God can turn this situation around in Jesus name. Knowing that Tiny just had a baby too. Tip is dead wrong, This action could be forgiven but not forgotten please fix this marriage Tiny&Ti 2 many years invested for this kind of betrayal.. If Tameka moved out, she meant business this time.

  7. What is the point of attacking someone if you already knew this shit was going down? She's known TI was f*cking other chicks when he'd f*ck them right in front of her. Just kind of f*cked up when she's gone through all that cosmetic surgery to look like something she's not, and even still he doesn't want her ass.

  8. TI is an informant, has put several behind bars.

    Tiny ride and die with him all the way.

    She knew his low down evil ways.

    She was just dumb to think it would never be directed toward her.

  9. A Cheater is a Cheater is a Cheater. Plus in the Music
    Industry the thots will play any game necessary to stay around. Bottom line if he isn't committed to stay in the family and to keep it together, there is nothing Tiny can do to keep Ti around. He has already mentally and sexually left the relationship and as a result he is getting bolder and bolder in his disrespect.

    • Oh forgot to say, still with what I said in the prior comment. my heart goes out to Tiny cause I can tell she is a beautiful woman who loves her family and her man. But as we all know sometimes what we love and want is not good for you and in some cases cause a slow death.
      In time, I hope she does gather the strength to do
      what is best for her and remember she is a Queen and deserves to be treated like one ; so Dump anyone and get rid of anything that takes away your honor and dignity and your god given position as a Queen. May she be covered in blessings now and for the rest of her life. God be with her……….

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