Ed Hartwell’s Aunt Pops Off on Keshia Knight Pulliam!

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In case you didn’t think things between Keshia Knight Pulliam and her estranged husband Ed Hartwell were bad enough, they just got worse.

Ed’s disgruntled Auntie decided to throw her two cents into this hot mess by posting a lengthy message on Instagram. Apparently, the Aunt is upset with Keshia’s recent claims that Ed is trying to kill their unborn baby.

The Aunt goes all the way off, and calls Keshia’s story “bs.”

ed hartwell aunt keshia knight pulliam

Do you agree?


  1. a mess.
    a hot mess.

    This is what happens when you marry somebody in 3 months. AND they were engaged to your friend.
    stole her best friends fiancé.
    and he is just as sneaky. Cheating on his fiancé with one of her best friends.

    The entire thing is CRAZY, because it was born out of triflin behavior.

  2. Behind every weak black man is a black woman who coddled the hell out of him. Look at auntie rushing to fight a grown ass man's battles.

    • SARAH DONE SNAPPED!?????????? Auntie was absolutely correct though! I'm tired of females trying to destroy the harmless brothers! C'mon man Keisha's obviously a vindictive little Bitch! ED IS GUILTY OF ONE THING, AND ONE THING ONLY! AND THATS BEING A SIMP! HE'S A SIMPLE MINDED, HYPERSEXUAL JOCK! OKAY!??????

  3. First and foremost, we don't know what really went down, it's her side, his side and the truth, I think the aunt should back the f**k up, Ed is a grown azz man and nobody had a gun to his head or a knife to his throat to make him marry her, also if she decided to wait to have a family that's her business, not for you to comment, because it looks truly pathetic that you have to fight his battle, if Ed is so innocent, then tell him to sign the papers and don't try to get at her money, but I guess that's ok, auntie?? I'm not here to bash Ed, because the same can be said about Keisha too, she wasn't forced and not only do she have to deal with this mess, she's going to be attached to this man for the rest of her life, whether she likes it or not. As for Lisa his ex-wife, she coming to his defense, not too long ago, she was kicking his back in from their messiness, auntie did you get at her too?? The common denominator in these messy azz situation is Ed, makes you wonder?? mmmmm hey auntie what do you have to say about that?? I'm just saying

    • Sheila girrrlll….SAY THAT!
      I noticed Auntie made NO mention of the return of the investment money Keisha put into opening a that gym for her user-ass nephew. Auntie conveniently left that out while she was busy having so much to say.

      • Black women for the most part, work extremely hard for their paper! Keshia pulliam didn't come up from whoring. With that being said, what normal, intelligent, reasonably sane, adult Black woman, gives a man that she just met money?? If it was an investment, then there should be signed contracts, and and a paper trail documenting a return on said investments! But again, she just met this nigga! See a fool, use a fool, ya dig! No one forced her to open her wallet! She attempted to purchase loyal Dick, as so many other immature, desperate sister have…A man will prey on your insecurities boo! We as women, have to grow up! Whether or not, Ed is wrong ain't the problem…The problem is too many women procreate with men that they don't really know, and then want to cry victim! Keshia knows the game, she tried to beat Ed at it, but he bounced on that ass, and won! This is a mans world, and instead of dealing with that accordingly that a sound minded human being, women want to play games, and act stupid, like their victims please! Men are absolutely correct, when they say that most Bitches today ain't shit! I know! These are the same whores that will f*ck your husband, or man, and trap him with a baby, becasuse she knows that's a deal breaker for most women! Fuck Keshia! She's a bitch! She's not Rudy Huxtable in real life you know! Rudy had game, she kept Bud on lock! Keshia is a Buster!……Now that I got that off my f*cking chest! Hopefully we can put this victimization bullshit to rest! ????????

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