TI’s Scales 925 Restaurant in the Clear? Phony Landlord Exposed!

ti scales 925 fake landlord eviction

We reported that T.I.’s Scales 925 restaurant was served an eviction notice. But come to find out, the landlord who filed for the eviction wasn’t even authorized to do so!

News station WSBTV admitted that the phony landlord, Cedric Wallace as well as the Fulton County Sheriffs, had tricked them into believing Cedric had the authority to evict the restaurant after claiming T.I. and his business partner were behind $1 million in rent.

But Cedric was actually a co-owner of the restaurant before T.I. came on board and before it was renamed Scales 925.

Cedric still says he is owed rent, but come to find out, Scales 925 isn’t the restaurant that owes him money!

The restaurant has not been served an eviction notice after all, and it’s still open for business.

What a mess.


  1. Wow! It seems as if everybody's scamming, or getting scammed! Welp! I was quick tytyo throw T I'd monkey ass under the bus, because of his past shenanigans, and for that I apologize! I should've waited for the smoke to clear, and had all the facts before I dogged the brother! Shout out to Jacky, for clearing that up!

  2. This aint gonna be TI's year cause he still owes the IRS and now this plus his wife busted his azz and left him. Saw him doing some janky talk show where a penis came up out the floor – ridiculous!
    He walked off – did he walk out with the money though?

    • When that zombie busted through the floor and grabbed his ankle the man looked terrified LMAO! He started chewing on that gum in his mouth hard as hell!

      Shooooooot, he said daks bussing out of desk's and men walking in with daks swanging while some big black dude standing too close behind him he said eff this! Dude got ghost! LOL

      "I'll Be Damned" Haaa haa haa! Too funny!

  3. But has the illegals (I guess you can call them employees) get paid yet? What's up with that?…….. I'm not letting him off the hook just yet……..

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