Katt Williams: “Our Ancestors Were Soft as Twinkies”

katt williams ancestors twinkies

Katt Williams showed up to a golf tournament looking all sorts of crazy. The troubled comedian was asked about how the urban community can seek the changes they are demanding, and he rambled on and on and proceeded to drag “our ancestors” in the process!

Katt says our ancestors were nothing but a bunch of “soft twinkies,” and they should have died before allowing themselves to be forced into slavery!

Peep his comment at the 4:00 mark.

I see he’s still on that stuff. Seek help, Katt.


  1. SELF preservation is the first rule of survival. Our ancestors SURVIVED, so this motherfawka who is defending overseers and citing our ancestors as soft could be here to make these dumb ass comments. By the way millions of ancestors perished and those that survived were the contrary of soft. So sad to demean the legacy of those who came before you. Substance abuse and mental illness is a dangerous combo. I wish he was more responsible.

    • They didn't survive. They were conquered where it matters the most: psychologically. And then they passed down those memory cells onto the rest of us which partly explains our general defeatist attitude as a group.

    • We definitely were not predators & we've been conquered by Muslims then white…hope we turn it around

      • The truth: black folks cannot bond together, Not here, because of all the hating, and not in Africa, because of the tribal affiliations. It's tragic, and I am starting to think it will never get better.

  2. He was absolutely correct. Yes self preservation is important, however look at where it's gotten us. The rabbits hole goes very deep, and there's many layers to this shit. White supremacy and religion have corrupted our minds, and brainwashed us into this fear, and turn the other cheek bullshit. Im sorry but many of our elders have failed us. The bought into the Our nationhood, our communities, our dignity as a people has been largely destroyed. Like he said, the Spartans would have rather died than allowed themselves to become slaves. I know Im going to get some shit for this, but even Tommy Sotomayor made a video series on this very subject; blacks chose slavery. Good to see Katt knows whats up.

    • 1st blacks didnt chose slavery, they were manipulated, hunted & kidnapped into forced labor. 2nd, slavery was a event in our history that evolved over generations of manipulation.

      • Like katt stated- the spartans were willing to lay down their lives and die before they became enslaved, so what does that say about our ancestors?"

        Our ancestors chose to remain in bondage, when if enough of us came together or were willing to stand up and tell the jewish slave masters that weren't going to be slaves anymore, slaverly would have ended LONG before it got started. It's a bitter pill to swallow yes, but it's a pill that needs to be swallowed regardless.

  3. Katt is only speaking of the ancestors that surrendered! He's absolutely correct!…most people today, are direct defendants of the so-called survivors, and have been perpetually" surviving "ever since!….That's not living, it's existing, and there's a big difference between the two! You can't just survive without a master plan! We allowed certain mofos to wear us out! Instead of getting ahead of our own business as a genetic family, most people opted veto put the energy, resources, and complete existence into the hands of our enemies, (Integration), which was the worst decision ever! Don't build your own, use theirs. Don't become a doctor, just ghgho tyo them for treatment, and Blacks have adopted this mentality after we built whole communities that flourished better than the whites. We had doctors, dentists, lawyers, shop owners etc etc of our own, and Caucasians burned them down! They sent in their white whores to lie, and say that they were raped, in order to have an excuse for the bullshit! This was done more than once, in fact, Louisiana was deliberately flooded more than once! These decisions that were made caused Blacks to become the embattled, misfortune riddled, insane niggas, that most are today! Blacks today are currently pointing the finger at eachother,fans infighting more than ever over dumb shit! We can forgive so-called whites for the greatest atrocities ever commited by one small race in documented human history, but we can't forgive each other! Why? No one has done more to the whole human race than Caucasians, they f*ck everybody up, but they're forgiven! Why??? They also create propaganda in order to keep dumb niggas infighting! Just like people are going to fight over katt's comments! While we're fighting each other Caucasians are getting away with murder! Mass murders! I like to call it operation Razzle Dazzle! So while you'll niggas are arguing over dumb shit, just know that your livelihood is compromised, and on it's last gasp! I've already said too much, and I know how some niggas hate my boring essays, right! Niggas rather go hard for R. Kelly, and why that nigga should enjoy pissing on bitches, rather than deal with facts relating to the harsh reality of Black lives, under Caucasian misrule! A race of talking monkeys that shouldn't been genetically annihilated in the early 1900's! Who's keeping them afloat? Niggas! ???????

    • We also need to get rid of these so-called "Black leaders." Their all boule sellouts who to be thrown over, and under the jail; especially Al Sharpsuits CIA informant ass. This is why we're never taught in schools too much about Nat Turner, or Toussaint Louverture. Especially Louverture, they LOVE to keep that one very WELL hidden.

      • TTS…..?

        YES….I thought I was one of few who felt that way. What's most bazaar is I've ALWAYS felt like this even when I was a kid. I can't believe you sald/wrote that but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I read, learn from & enjoy almost your posts!

        • The typos have been kicking my assignment today…I'm sorry?
          I meant *all* your posts.

        • Thank you much! I learn from all your guys post-you guys end up spilling a lot of good jewels to later go back and search on. Yeah ALL of these black leaders need to be shaken and gotten rid of. What are they doing to really help the community? It's been like 40+ years, and we're still in the same predicaments with these CIA informants still running from this to the next incident looking for that next PR stunt.
          Oh and by the way, in response to the last article, the one about Quik and YG, there's something I wanted to ask you, and perhaps ask you quietly. If it's not too personal or infringes on the trust you have with David that is.

      • Dessalines is the one…He's the one the eliminated the French in Haiti & burned the plantations to the ground…made sure they never even thought of coming back

        • Haiti is doing really good right now because of that, right? I mean that country is a paradise. I bet the people of the Virgin Islands wished they had taken that route.

          • I am Haitian and there is nothing good about my country. I am blessed beyond words to be here. I am a nurse's aide and I make $10 an hour. I am considered rich by my people in Port au Prince.

            • I am a proud Haitian-American woman that see's things for what they are not what we want them to be.#1 There have been slaves as long as there has been humans walking the earth. Its not about race its about class. Rich v.s. Poor, Patricians v.s. Plebians (all world government is based on the Roman empire political rule ). Africans became slaves first in Africa when their tribes were beaten and conquered by richer and more powerful tribes (as depicted in Roots). Much like the children of Israel were enslaved when the more rich and powerful Ancient Egyptians conquered their villages. Every race and civilization through out human history has had some sort of slavery or another.The Spartans were Greeks, the Roman Empire stole their science, Gods, land ,people and everything else they could take. Their slave revolution did not get them freedom but it did let the Romans know that treating a once free man savagely will indeed turn him into a savage.Now lets talk about the Haitian revolution.Bois Caiman where it first started. Lets name the real key players of the Haitian revolution that no one talks about. (Dutty)Boukman- His name was given to him by fellow slaves due to the fact one of his masters had secretly taught him how to read (by teaching him the bible scriptures).Born in Jamaica,he was a slave who was one of the most visible leaders of the Haitian Revolution(also a known Houngan/Voodoo priest).Francois Mackandal(joined the maroons,spoke arabic(might have been muslim)also a Houngan/voodoo priest, as well as an herbalist who was very knowledgeable in botany(the study of plant).He used this knowledge to get the poison derived from plants to kill many of the slave masters and Napoleons army.

              "Mackandal created poisons from island herbs. He distributed the poison to slaves, who added it to the meals and refreshments they served the French plantation owners and planters.[5] He became a charismatic guerrilla leader who united the different Maroon bands and created a network of secret organizations connected with slaves still on plantations. He led Maroons to raid plantations at night, torch property, and kill the owners.

              In 1758, the French, fearing that Mackandal would drive all whites from the colony, tortured an ally of Makandal into divulging information that led to Makandal's capture and subsequent burning at the stake in the public square of Cap-Français, now Cap-Haïtien.[6]

              Beyond the sketch of historical events outlined above, a colorful and varied range of myths about the man's life exist. Various supernatural accounts of his execution, and of his escaping capture by the French authorities, are preserved in island folklore, and are widely depicted in paintings and popular art."
              Cecile Fatiman(daughter of an African mother and white French father )who along with her mother were sold as slaves in Saint-Domingue. She was a Mambo/Voodou Priestess. She is famous for her participation in the voodou ceremony at Bois Caïman, which is considered to be one of the starting points of the Haitian Revolution. When the slaves killed all the slave masters and fought off Napoleons army, it was in exchange of the island.That is why 600 years later that belief still has a strong hold over the peoples of Haiti. The U.S. was so terrified the slaves in America would find out about this and revolt themselves, that they kept it out of all newspapers.Now remember all the slaves came from various tribes and they spoke different languages and dialects so for them to pull this off without speaking a common language was a miracle with in itself. Haiti has a running joke, it is 75% Catholic/Protestant and %100 voudou. You make a deal with the devil and nothing good ever comes of it.Look at the entertainment industry. Don't you ever wonder how so many talent-less people are so famous? Lol…..Things that make you go hmmmmmm……and yes it exists even if you don't believe in it. Although I was raised here, I spent the first 10 years of my life on that island, and when I was 5 years I saw my friend's older brother in a closet dressed in jeans and a striped shirt, only problem was he has shape shifted into a werewolf?lougaroup. #Class dismissed.

    • Typo Caucasians should've at the least genetically annihilated at the turn of the 19th century! The Caucasians almost completely died off, because of their own filth! The Black Plague! Read book called Dirt: A social history as seen through the uses and abuses of dirt by Terence McLaughlin, a book written by a Caucasian, about Caucasians and their filth! He was murdered for writing books exposing their bullshit! I know that Blacks only believe white people, that's why I recommended this particular book, to those that have at least 5th grade comprehension skills! The best thing that ever happened to so-called whites, was living under Black people! They didn't even know how to was their asses, until we showed them! And these are the low class, filthy, uneducated, Caucasians that's been allowed to terrorize us for centuries! These same Caucasian whores that lied on black men are their first pick for wives. These same men that murdered our sons, fathers, and husbands are a way for Black women to rebel against our man and pay him back for leaving us high and dry! No ma'am! No sir! Id rather be f*ck less than to ever sell out my Beautiful North American Black man, or my Gorgeous strong sisters! I love you still, even in your Vickery! That's why I leave commentary that can be mistaken for hatred, or an essay! ✌✌✌✌

      • Wow BrooklynQueen….
        Thank you for such enlightenment, love & respect. I've heard "comments" about the book you mentioned but they weren't complimentary. Understandably we'd have to consider the source because it was argument between 3 white men, 1 of whom agreed with the author's perception & felt the book was truthful & well written while the others firmly disagreed.

        I'm going to the Barnes & Noble across the street in a minute to see if I can get it.

        Thank YOU again!!!!??

        • @Ms.Reg! Your welcome sweetheart! Happy to be of service! Reach one teach one, you know!…….Now, about the book! Of course most Caucasoids will disagree, because they're unclean, ignorant, and incapable of higher spiritual enlightenment, unless they're grafted into our bloodline! They have chemical imbalances(mental illness), that won't allow them to have a higher consciousness! Being around us (Blacks), was the best thing for them, and the worst occurrence for us!✌✌✌✌✌

      • We should've never called ourselves trying to teach them shit…our biggest mistake, you can't civilize a snake, ever

  4. I'm afraid to say I agree with him to an extent. It's not just our ancestors, it's us too. It's the year 2016, white people are adamant and open about their dislike of us yet we are always running to beg them, marry them, turn on our own for them. White woman throughout history have gotten black men killed with false rape accusations but black men will give anything to associate with them. Also we lack strategy as black people. It's so bad that it scares me. Think about this ok. I know lots of us here don't like joowish people. But not so long ago black Sudanese people and Israel had a common enemy, Arabs. Arabs were oppressing the black natives in their own country. So Israel supplied weapons to the Sudanese. The Sudanese smartly used those weapons to go to war and win their independence and form their own country (south sudan). Using your enemy to wipe out another enemy. That is strategy and most of us don't have it unfortunately. Katt is right.

  5. Like how many times are white people going to tell us they don't like us before we believe them? How many?

    • Don't concern yourselves with the Blacks that are out of line, and refuse to commit tytyo the facts! Concern yourself with arming your mind with knowledge, so that you can walk with the "certainty" that you're correct in your way of being, because there's always a coon that will try to change your mind! If your certain, they can't I only deal with facts! Read thast book Dirt: by Terence McLaughlin! Its about the low down coprophiliac Caucasian, written by a Caucasian! Its gets down to the very nature of that monkey!

  6. Are we supposed to be outraged by that small blurb, when everything else he said made more than total sense?

  7. Katt is smart but …..Katt is hilarious but……He used to dress fashionably but……Now we aint sure about Katt no more but…..

  8. The lack of self awareness among the posters here is astounding. I weep for your future.

  9. The post on this are ridiculous. Everyone wants to talk about Black people how of victims of this and that in this country yet I see none of you giving up your jobs in white owned companies, giving up your credit card/house or renouncing your citizenship and trying to create a new nation for Black people or moving back to the ghetto or living in predominantly black neighborhoods. Black people are not the only race that has been enslaved for many years. You all cuss Black men going to white women and Black women going to white men but still you live in a country that is a melting pot of people of different countries and nationalities. Many of you that post are not purely Black yourselves–you may have a stray white person or two or ten in your family tree. Tell me, when I band together with Black in this country, how should I do it? Cause there are a lot of different types of Black people here. Point is, you are perpetuating an us vs them scenario that is really just typical of the human condition. Not every African country gets along with other Africans nations. Same can be said for Slavic countries, Asian countries, Middle eastern countries–I could go on. GTFOH that every white person hates my guts or that every Black person is rooting for me. People are people regardless of skin tone and you have assholes and angels in all colors. I won't blame someone for other people's mistakes. That like keeping a child in jail because of the grandparent's crime. Do you think that Africans want to band together with African Americans as a "genetic Family?" Not really. You think the world hates you cause you are black? Nah, they hate you cause you are an American. I would worry about that more about now.

      • @ Sarah, @ anon 9:12, STFU, If everyone else can write a f*cking essay in the comment section then so can I. More meat was necessary to counter the out of control statements I saw and it took me no time to write it, boo. I synthesize my thoughts and express myself very quickly if needed. But not every thing needs to be a sound bite for your simple ears. If you don't like it, then don't read it. Not every person on this site falls for the bullshit conditioning that some people on are trying to spoon-feed.

        • No one said you couldn't, but do not act like you wrote some extra insightful shit, because you didn't…I don't agree 100% with the majority of the comments on this thread.

          And you can cut the mad and bitter act because no one HAS to agree with you and disagreeing with your tirade does not make us spoon-fed, it just means what you said is dry, crusty and out of touch with reality. Now go lick your salty wounds and pout in the corner where your childish ass seems to belong, for not being able to take a couple of minor hits…lol.

          • Please sit down. I really don't care who agrees or not. I'm just saying that I'm free to say whatever the f*ck I want about how I feel just like every other person on this site. I'm not mad or bitter. But there are other opinions than the ones that are constantly regurgitated here. I just give another side. If you don't like it, too bad. Since you decided to answer back, did I say something that is against your programing? Otherwise you should be doing what I am doing. Concerned for folks buying into all the lies mingled with truth. If I were you, I would enter into a honest discourse and try to get a another perspective but you won't/ too busy hurling insults and put downs cause I rankled YOUR feathers with a few words.

            • Bitch please, yeah you do, if you didn't you would not continue responding, lol.

              LMAO…take your own advice you lame MF….I am not reading all that BS, because that is all it is, And the only person here whose "feathers are rankled "are yours for you to have to keep responding to an original sentence response….LMMFAO…LOL.

              • I can respond to you if I like….too bad for you huh? That you can't cow someone in a comment section. I can answer back to you all day long and it won't take a second out of my day or life. I actually find you amusing cause I want to see how bad you want to have the last word. And you weren't the only person I was responding to so, stop feeling so important. Your turn, love.

              • Which means you care dumb MF…you are just a simple ass coon who cannot take anyone saying anything to them, clap back again with some more weak ass shit, that I will only read two words of, because everything you say IS GARBAGE!…LOL.

              • Like I said, I can do this all day long, sweetie. Your insults just make me laugh. It's a shame that you don't know how to go against you programing and have a civilized convo without the insults. I feel sorry for you. You seem to read all the lines I write because you respond, so don't try to fool yourself. My word affect you deeply enough for you to keep this game up. Call me a coon, but you are only going against your own, which is what massa told you to do a long time ago. I feel for you my sister/brother because you act just like the house nikka. Any last words, love?

    • Agreed. I don't understand all the hate. You spoke the truth. Can't lump all ppl together.

      • Disagreeing is not hating. No one has to agree with what anyone else has to say on here. That is why it is an open forum.

          • None of that was done to the poster you are speaking of…the rest of the posts I cannot speak on cuz I did not bother reading that shit. And I said shit becuz I can say that or anything else I want on an open forum.

          • Before you bother with a retort add the person you "agreed" with to the hate list, because they did everything you said and then some as well…

    • It took your bitch ass a whole day to come up with that…lol.

      You should have kept that lame ass BS to yourself, stupid ass bitch.
      And no I did not even bother reading it, because everything you spew is straight doo-doo, lol.

      Keep your mouth closed stupid ass bitch, I can smell you from here, lol.
      I am done replying to your moronic ass, you are a waste of time, and breath. Especially since yours is dookie-laden, lol. Keep responding it will solidify your crazy and loser status, as I will not be back. Bye trick, lol.

      • Well my dear…I work. so I didn't have the time to "get back at you. Still struggling for the last word? I really do hope you won't be back cause, yawn, I'm tired. I don't care what you read, sweetie, I'm not trying to impress you. You are the one who goes on the attack simply because someone offers another perspective, . Like I said, keep on with your programing and insulting your own. It will get you far in this world. I wish you good things because your angry tendencies may cause problems to your spirit and I hope for better for you. Bye, love.


    his golf get up is a bit much. I understand keeping the sun off of his neck.

  11. Anon 4:01 : You sound dumb! "People are people" ….GTFOH Then tell me why black people are being exterminated all over this planet? Until you educate yourself on the matter STFU!! And save the dissertation for the coons that want to hear it.

    • @Rosewood, I more educated then you know. So please stop with the insults. I am free to say what I want (as are you) and quite frankly I feel you should open your eyes. Do you think that black people are the only people being exterminated on this planet? Have you even traveled outside of the US to see what is REALLY going on? When I tell you there is a bigger picture that you are not even seeing or looking for because you are too busy focusing on what is happening to one race in a world many races, you want to call me dumb! SMDH! What is happening has nothing to do with race-there are Black people in this world who will sell you out just as fast or faster as White people because they want POWER. They will exterminate their own without even thinking about it for trinkets. You better believe it!!

      • You don't experience race like the black natives of other countries do. You get treated better than the natives in those countries then you think race isn't a factor. It's like how many white americans prefer african immigrants to black Americans. I'm not gonna then lie and say "oh the whites in America treat me fine so black Americans are lying about race being a factor."

        • @Sarah, I get your point. But I think you assume that I am white and not a native. I am Black and my family comes from Africa and I was born in America. I go back and forth to my motherland in Ghana many times since I have been a baby. I know how bad racism is here because I have been a victim of it myself. I am informed about the shit that happens to our race in America and it is pretty f*cked up. But I am telling you a truth, it is bad for all poor people everywhere. I have traveled all over and have seen atrocities done to the voiceless ones of many nations. And it sickens me. I'm just here to give another opinion. There is a bigger plan at work to divide as all by class, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. so that we can be distracted by in- fighting and hate when the great deception comes. And unfortunately, some of our own people will be a part of that.

          • I wrote that from the assumption that you are black and American, which as you confirmed you are. My point still stands.

            • I was born in America and lived many years in Ghana, so I am not treated like an American when I go there. My whole family is still there. Not really sure about the point you are making. South Africa is Very different from Ghana. You experiences and mine are not the same in many ways. I am not treated better than anyone else when I go home. You are making assumptions based on your own experiences.

          • You've start by saying youve experienced then go on to say its bad for everyone else too. Why? Because they experience racism. You're being dishonest. I lived during apartheid. You will not convince me that global anti blackness is a figment of our imagination

            • I never said that anti-blackness is a figment of anyone's imagination because it's not. Nor did I negate your life experiences. You have negated mine by saying I'm dishonest. I have lived and I have my opinions as well. I made valid points and said anti-blackness exists but it is part of a bigger picture. It seem that on this site, if you don't repeat a rhetoric you are anti-black or a coon, which I certainly am not. I can be aware of what is happening to my race and still be aware of is happening to other people all over the world. And I am proactive in fighting these atrocities, not just talking about it.

      • For what it's worth anon 4:01 I agree with you. I myself believe that the biggest factor in out strife is poverty at this point. Poverty and a lack of opportunity.

        I know no one wants to hear this, and I am not saying this to toot my own horn, but I am fortunate to have risen to the upper middle class, and I can honestly say that within that element I experience almost no racism in this country. Poor whites and poor blacks hate each other with passion, and that is what we see on TV every night on the news. It's the poor and disenfranchised who are being shot by the police and who face huge hurdles and barricades placed by society to keep the status quo.

        So I have a lot of empathy for the miserable people here who are so deep in their hate and pain that they see everything as black vs white. But that is never going to benefit them in any way. The only way to break the yoke of misery is to pull yourself up and get out of poverty. For those who think that makes me a coon, I expect and understand that.
        But if you could only realize what your life could be like, you would spend every waking hour in efforts to improve your lot in life rather than ranting on the internet about how much you hate white devils and how The Man has plotted against you.

        My family was poor as church mice until this generation, so I know what can be accomplished through hard work and a positive attitude. A "white" bank took a chance on me, and helped me to fund my own business which now is a big success.
        If you hate all the white devils, you may miss the hand up you were hoping for. No one in the black community did shit for me.

        • Just because you experience was positive does not mean there are not forces holding down, smart intelligent African Americans.

          There are always the few who get through the cracks i.e. Clarence Thomas, every other so-called black republican, who received a handout from whites, hollering that I did it bullshit and so should you. GTFOHWTBS.

          There are more than a few forces trying to hold me down and back as we speak and I have the education and talent it takes to make it. I will make it and when I do I will not be praising some cracker for helping me, even if they did mainly because of all the BS I have faced. But what I will do is make sure the road and path is easier for those coming up behind me and make sure to create more opportunities for those coming up behind me, instead of cursing blacks like you, talking about how they did not give you shit or do shit for you.

          Your background and heritage gave you everything, because without it your bitch ass would not be here to even tell the tale.

          • Please tell me where I "cursed blacks? I said nothing negative, in fact I said that I understand why they feel as they do.

            I do not doubt for a moment that you have the education and the talent…but do you have the attitude and mindset that it takes to clear the hurdles put before you? That is what truly matters, because there is always someone just as smart and talented as you who HAS a positive attitude and is willing to accept a hand up(not hand out) who will pass you with blinding speed if you don't.

            Best of luck and I hope you get what you are working for.

            • Oh, and unlike Justice Thomas, who I loathe, I am not a Repug.

              I have a heart and a love of my people, so I could never vote with my pocketbook.

            • Read your last sentence and say you are not cursing blacks.

              I know who I am and what I deserve so please do not come with the psychobabble. I am fine and will continue to be, and when I do make it I will never write the BS you did, because I have love of self and where I come from.

              I do not need well wishes from someone who is all up in the white persons ass who gave them a handout, while saying what you did about the black community, when you do not know the entire black community. Outside of the fact you sound like they owe you something, when people are struggling to survive themselves…or like we are the 85% of the country who has the power…please.

              I did not say you are a repube, but the shit you spew sounds like their bullshit rhetoric, so maybe you should check that.

              No need to reply back, because I will not be back to read anything else you have say. Deuces.

        • @Anon 6:20. I am glad that you took an opportunity to make your life better, and you are very right about poverty. Poverty is awful because it makes you powerless and voiceless. But can toughen you up and make you smarter so that when an opportunity comes up, you can grab it. The point I was trying to make earlier was that there is a trend of us turning on one another instead of working together. Wiping out the strongest genetic code via in fighting, and creating a race war is exactly what some would brainwash us into doing. Pitting the group against a group is an old tactic. I was just saying don't buy it. It's bait.

  12. Ghana is holding land for Black people in America that want to buy land…don't believe the hype that all Africans hate us. Do your research.

    • Sigh. Let me tell you something. Ghana has no restrictions on any foreigner trying to buy land. My family and I have some property in Accra so I can say this with certainty– Ghana is not "holding" land for black people to buy…but there are a lot of African Americans moving to this area because they want roots in the Motherland and there are great opportunities and the people are welcoming. But government there doesn't just grant you citizenship just cause you're African-American and you better be prepared before you move there. I never said that all African hate us. I said that SOME African are not looking to band together with American blacks as a "genetic family" because they think we are too damaged from out history to see eye to eye, among other reasons. And that IS a fact

      • I've spoken on this "Africans don't like us" thing. Africans don't like each other either but it doesn't mean we're gonna shoot you randomly or whatever. And it's not because you're too damaged. It's because you're worlds apart from us culturally.

        • Africans don't shoot each other?? That is not true. Why don't we take a trip to Sudan or South Africa, which is just like Chicago? And Africans are not "worlds apart." In Ghana, we speak English and are really up to date and worldly and we love our culture and love to share it. Plus, there is the AAAG ( African American Association of Ghana), which is a wonderful organization that helps with transition. I cannot speak for all of Africans, but I do know that I have been around enough to know that there is a chasm with African Americans and Africans. Like I said before the reasons are numerous. I only gave one.

          • You're ridiculous because culture is not determined by being able to speak english. I cant really relate to Nigerians culturally even though they speak english too. Americans, I can't relate to even more because of cultural differences. Give me a place in SA where a miserable white boy randomly shot up a cinema. I'm not even a little bit scared of that happening. and Cape town is the only place in SA with real gang action.

            • The greater majority of the mass shootings you hear about in America, are a part of the gov'ts ploy to repeal the 2nd amendment

            • You seem to misconstrue what I say and you seem intent on being in disagreement with me. So be it. I mentioned the part about Ghana speaking English, etc. in continuation to my response to @Rosewood, which you answered, @Sarah, on why many African American relocate to Ghana and can find a somewhat smooth transition. You can believe that mass killings only happen in America. I have seen WITH MY OWN EYES murders and killings that happen that the media doesn't cover and that are not talked about. Just because there are differences in culture and customs do not make us "worlds apart," in my opinion. I have found kindness and cruelty everywhere so that is one way I can relate to others, regardless of customs.

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