Nick Cannon & Chilli Make It Official

nick cannon chilli dating

Nick Cannon and Chilli have been dodging romance rumors for months, but it looks like they’re finally ready to let the world know they’re official.

Chilli joined Nick Cannon in the Bahamas for one of his DJ gigs. The couple posed for a picture and they’re even wearing matching “N” necklaces.

The couple has allegedly been dating for two months, and Nick’s family and friends already approve of the TLC singer. Chilli must have a lot of free time on her hands, because she has been spending a lot of time with Nick backstage during the tapings of his show “America’s Got Talent.”

They both looked washed up and worn out in that picture. But hey, as long as they’re happy….



  1. Soooooo! And I clipped my toe nails last night! Now, was that interesting? No………..Two Black, brown skin mofos are having relations, it's great to see! I hope that it's good! Nick and Negroes like him, only go back to sisters, when their money is low! That's why I don't think that any sista should date him! Leave his ass out there! They only want brown skin, when their downtrodden! No ma'am!

  2. What happened to that OTHER DUDE she POSTED UP WIT LAST YEAR? These SERIAL DATERS KILL ME … Im wit that one …next thing you know Im wit this one …then Im wit the other one …There is something really not adding up with some of these people …this dont look like no long love match .

  3. nick seems to like dating all his childhood crushes trust no woman who used to f*ck a married man like chili did.

    • @Chris! Yup! Even if their a thousand years old, old Saint Nick is gonna beat! He's al most down to the end of his list, obviously! ?????????

  4. Nick Cannon goes from rich Mariah Carey to broke Chilli? That my friends is a serious downgrade!

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