Dot da Genius Denies Jhene Aiko’s Abuse Allegations

dot da genius jhene aiko abuse

Producer Dot da Genius is finally speaking out about Jhene Aiko’s abuse allegations.

Before she even filed for divorce, Jhene’s fans accused her of cheating on her husband Dot with Big Sean. When the divorce news was announced, people flooded Jhene’s social media accounts with comments to call her a cheater.

To save face, it seems like Jhene concocted a story to play the victim. She accused Dot of being physical abusive to her during their brief 11 month marriage, but Dot is now setting the record straight.

dot da genius jhene aiko denies abuse

Who do you believe, Dot or Jhene?


    • Me too! This broad is doing all this talking publicly about abuse now that she's been exposed as a hoe…Remember her first video! Lmao!??????? I don't see an an abused woman jumping on the next penis, while still being married to the abuser! Uuuuuugh those are grounds for an ass whooping in the mind of an abuser, right??

      • She's another industry pass around on her way to her next dick. And yeah, if he really cared about their sham marriage and such, he'd have whooped her ass for hoeing around. There may be some abusive men in hollywood, but not all of them are.

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    • Jhene isn't full asian. One of her grandfathers is Japanese. That's the only asian blood she has, however, the rest of her blood is so mixed (Black, Native American, European, and maybe a little Chinese) that she came out with strong Japanese features.

      "Latinas" don't fight anyone. Abuse is accepted in their "culture." That's why they run to black men because unlike their "latino" partners; most black men won't smack them and curse them every day for no reason.

      White women don't fight anyone. Many are so lazy they would rather get smacked than provide for themselves.

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