Leolah Brown Claps Back at Jacky Jasper!

leolah brown jacky jasper

Leolah Brown is definitely in her feelings after HSK exposed her lengthy rap sheet, and now she is clapping back at Jacky Jasper on her Facebook Page!

Leolah posted two long azz essays trying to take shots at Jacky, but her rambling posts make no kind of sense! She claims she wasn’t charged with theft, but we have a whole bunch of court docs for Leolah…from being charged for giving false statements to police officers as recent as 2015, and failing to pay her rent and getting evicted as of October 2015!

Is this why she’s so desperate for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina fans to deposit money into her PayPal account?

leolah brown jacky jasper clap back leolah brown jacky jasper clap back 2

leolah brown jacky jasper clap back

You know when people start rambling like this, it means they’re full of sh*t!


  1. I can respect a woman that doesn't just lay down, and get walked all over! Her so-called "Rap" sheet is irrelevant. When it comes down to it, she is the only one that has been vocal about the sheer f*ckery, surrounding the deaths of her family members! I believe Leola, and the d the murders of her sister in law, and niece will be avenged! ✌✌✌✌

    • She did clap back with her truth.. There is three sides to every story, your side, my side and the truth.. You said your peace and it was rambling.. I understood everything she said..

    • Leolah is very vocal, but I like her
      I agree @BrooklynQueen and @12:27, at least she is trying to speak up for her deceased family members

    • That's Bobby Brown's sister. She is the one who called Pat out about Krissy's death

    • It was Bobby's other sister Tina who allegedly did drugs with Whitney and sold the pics to the National Inquirer

  2. What a vile woman and desperate attempt to shift the focus. If she didn't commit theft then why a guilty plea and sentencing in court? (In an earlier charge of shoplifting she tried saying she forgot to put the item through the checkout, but that didn't work for her.) In her book she left out the criminal charges after 1994. The forgery wasn't included. But I have always known that there will be some people who, no matter what, are going to stick with her and believe her – even if she has had nearly 20 charges and cases in Georgia. Her fanatics go around the Internet seeking anything about her. But they will get what they were warned about and deserve. She hasn't been much in the news lately but if there is a court case (doesn't seem as likely now but still a possibility), you can bet she'll be there running her mouth and trying to disrupt things so she can get in front of a camera. Then it will be the whole circus all over again.

    • Are you the "insider" who sent this information in? If so, why? What is your motive? Why are you so concerned about Leolah's donations and the people that choose to support her? I believe you are the one who called yourself "exposing" Leolah over on Lipstick Alley by posting her criminal records.

  3. Don't have a problem with her. As I've stated before, we all have skeletons in our closets. Seems she was just clarifying her past history with the criminal justice system. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. I wish she just expose Pat and get it over with
    All this other stuff shouldnt even matter

  5. It's impossible to make her angry, for she walks with her head held high at all times. But she makes all kinds of horrible accusations to Jacky.

    • Horrible accusations seem to be the order of the day for low information BW when confronted without accusations they do not wish to address.

      How many times here have I read BW accusing WW of having sex with dogs? Too many to count unfortunately. Just because there are XXX rated pornos of some drugged out white chick having sex with a great dane does not mean that average normal ww have sex with dogs. Same thing with the stories about peanut butter.

      I do not look at the Ghetto Gaggers porno vid and assume that they represent good, normal average BW, I do not think that the average BW is a ho, a thot or a slut. But if you make assumptions based on what you read in the lower echelon of journalism or in a Tommy Sotomayor video you could easily get that opinion.

      All I'm saying is I wish BW like this Leolah would stop making such hideous accusations about folks just because they don't like them.

      • An Australian woman was in the news the other day caught on her own cell phone footage having sex with her own dog. I have read about four or five cases this year of WW doing this so … I'm just saying.

        • Fair enough. I did not say it has never happened, but it is not considered normal by any stretch of the imagination, and it is as a repulsive a concept to ww as shit that comes out of Tommy Sotomayor's mouth is to BW.
          I mean, it was on the news so it is considered scandalous right? I had never even heard of such a thing until I read it here 3 years ago. And I am not a prude or a shrinking violet lol. There's plenty of obnoxious shit that WW do all the time to make jokes about without digging that deep into perversion.

        • Only Negroes are in denial! The only way a Caucasian can do something disgusting, and dastardly is if their drugged up, or inebriated, right?? Lmao! They don't have to get high to do what come naturally to them…Animals tend to be attracted to other animals!??????

          • Brooklyn Queen It is my opinion that all women regardless of race who do hard core porn and especially bestiality take some sort of drug to get through it. It may be cocaine, meth or an Oxy, but they take something.
            Heck, even strippers who I have known say that they have to get loaded to dance and do lap dances.

        • I saw a video of a bw being licked by a dog and that doesn't make me think for one second that that's commen practice for bw! The fact that you've seen 4or5 video's of ww just means that you must like it

          • I saw a video of a black man having sex with one of his female pit bulls that doesn't mean that it's normal

            • Thank you for saying that. We all have perverse people in our communities who in no way represent the rest of us.

              • A couple of people here and there do not compare with a site dedicated to people who are into bestiality. Check the site out and see who the majority f*cking and being f*cked by their pets are.

      • @Anon you forgot to mention Thug Hunters BUT and I do see some skinny black male Homothug with bleach blonde tips on his dreadlocks I do assume he is working for the Thug Hunters. ? See? You tried to be slick but bullshit works both ways.

  6. Bobby been in jail how many times. All these entertainers been to jail suge, Chris Brown, dmx, beanie Sigel, tip, Gucci, chief keef and they still have admirers

  7. I believe her accusations. Jacky is a satanist and what she describes is exactly what they do at their rituals. This was exposed in the movie "A Serbian Film".

    • For the love of anything good and decent, please DO NOT SEE THIS FILM! Serbian Film is so vile and disgusting I literally vomited after I saw it in Austin at a film festival in 2010 and I nightmares about it for MONTHS after. It is truly evil. It's got newborn baby rape in it, people. Don't open your eye gates to it!!!

  8. Sasha R it has become increasingly obvious that Jacky has sold up (probably to Harvey Levin … ) and is no longer contributing to this blog. Are we really going to have to endure Kardashian sponsored 'adverts' on here two / three times a week? This used to be a nice place to escape from them. I would have posted it in their article but that negates the point – I don't want to give them page views. Jacky J had more integrity ???

    • I don't understand all the complaints about the ads. If you don't like them, disable them.

      That way Jacky makes his money, and you don't have to see it. Messing with his money is unfair when you enjoy the product.

      AdBlockPlus easy peasy lemon squeezy…no more annoying ads or music or page refresh

      • I was referring to the Kardashian 'articles'. Semantics, are they articles or really 'adverts'? I don't minds ads but I hate seeing the K's in here on a regular basis. We never had any articles about them at one point but now almost every other day there is some story about them on here. I preferred it when we didn't have to see their horrible plastic faces / bodies on the daily. Doesn't Harvey Levin own this blog? That makes sense seeing as how TMZ is home to the kardashians. It almost makes me not want to come on here now.

        • I'm sorry. I thought that you aid and meant adverts. I guess you were using the term loosely to mean anything which draws attention to them.

          • I was being facetious. I just can't stand them and their pro IR agenda. Why do they think black women are inrerested in which black (gay) man they are 'rumoured' to be screwing? They just want to rub it in our non surgically enhanced faces! Go away you family of freaks!

        • Totally cosign. I am so sick of the Kartrashians. Anyway, I believe jacky left in 2013. Remember the whole "Where's Jacky" BS and he was supposedly kidnapped in Mexico. The blog had become a political discussion from the entertainment stories and jacky himself said "the gubmint is callin' my jack".

          So yes, this site was more than likely sold. Adblock plus put a virus on my computer so I don't know what to say about these annoying ads which slow down the site and I never open this site on my cell as the adverts totally freeze my cell phone.

          • I have the ad block browser on my phone. I was being sarcastic when I said the Kardashian 'adverts' as anything to do with them is just advertising their brand. It is bad enough on the Daily Mail, LSA, MTO etc. I though HSK was a relatively safe place to avoid seeing them. Guess I was wrong.

  9. Isn't what she is stating about Jacky hear say? If she put it out there and there is no factual truth behind it would it not be slander?

    What have been told to me and my family? OK. Maybe it's me

    • She's said this before, back in 2012 too. I don't think there's anything to it. She's just angry because HSK exposed how she was trying to do deals with the media for money. He wouldn't give her the money she wanted for an interview, so she turned on him. Nobody with any sense though is believing Leolah, and everything JJ is saying can be verified. There are more lies she has told but probably not worth listing them all here. If all her lies and court cases were printed, it would be nearly an entire book.

  10. I do not particularly like Pat Houston, but I'll be damned if I'll support Leolah. Usually I don't concern myself with people's criminal records, but with what she is saying and doing, asking for people to donate to her, she should be scrutinized. I'm concerned about her record and I've seen a lot of it, including the judgments. I knew she had a past because I had read her book, but she didn't detail everything, the book is now quite old, and the charges continue up to recently, so she is not reformed. Even though she tries to act holier than thou on her FB. She probably has a worse record than her brother, all told. (I hope that Bobby doesn't get busted with more DUIs, he doesn't need that atm.) No serious lawyer will take her case because her claims have a lot of holes in them.

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