Lionel Richie’s Daughter Sofia Exposed as “Ms. Steal Yo Man!”

sofia richie stealing boyfriends

Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia may only be 17, but she’s a savage when it comes to her men! She is currently dating Justin Bieber, but her long history of stealing her friend’s boyfriends has been exposed!

Biebers fans have been leaving snake emojis under all the photos he posts of Sofia because of her reputation of befriending girls in Hollywood…only to end up hooking up with their boyfriend’s behind their backs.

Sofia was once friends with Kylie Jenner, and after Kylie dated Jaden Smith, Sofia went behind her back and hooked up with Jaden too!

Then there was model Anara Atanes who Sofia befriended just to get close to her boyfriend, soccer player Samir Nasri. Sofia was just with Samir as recent as June of this year…to celebrate his 29th birthday! Lionel, come get your daughter WTF!

anara atanes sofia richie samir nasri

sofia richie samir

And then there was Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Haylie. She and Sofia were friends when Haylie was dating Bieber. And well, you know what happened next. Sofia is now traveling around the world as Justin’s new boo.

sofia richie haylie baldwin justin bieber


In case you forgot, Sofia’s mom, Diane Alexander was Lionel’s side piece for years when he was married to Brenda Harvey.

Back in 1988, Brenda found out Lionel and Diane were smashing in a Beverly Hills hotel room, so she pretended to be room service, gained access to the room, and proceeded to beat both of their azzes! Lionel and Brenda were divorced in 1993, and he married Diane in 1995. They later divorced in 2003.

Hmm….maybe that’s where Sofia gets it from?


  1. He was also messing around with K-Pimp [who in Hollyweird hasn't] and at one time also got caught up in that whole who-is-the-daddy paternity garbage surrounding Khlodawg Kardashian who people have said Sofia looks very much like… an older sister with a similar picking up of other 'friend's' sloppy seconds mentality perhaps?

  2. Yeah, before I read the end I was thinking like mother like daughter…obviously the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    And don't forget when Brenda hit that hotel room she beat the shit out of lionel who ran and left diane to get her ass beat all the way down, shit Brenda even pulled that bitches hair out, LOL.

    • I swear…DR1 & I were JUST talking about the good old days back when Brenda Richie beat the breaks off both Lionel & Diane. All these years I've always thought it went down at Diane's home…don't matter though. THAT incident will be forever noted as one of LA's most Notorious Nonfiction Stories.?. My friends & I die laughing every time it comes up. What's really crazy is…. Brenda Ritchie is one of the sweetest people anyone can ever meet.

      As for Sofia Richie….that apple truly didn't fall far from the tree & Jezebel's spirit is very much alive & rolling in her bloodline on BOTH sides. The real issue boils down to lack of PARENTAL SUPERVISION all her life. Her mother was accepting expensive gifts, getting her rent paid & screwing the very married Lionel Richie at around the same age Sofia is now so there's nothing new under the sun here!

    • It could have been at diane's house, I was a kid when it happened and do not remember all the details. I just remember hearing Brenda followed his bitch ass and nearly broke down the door, LOL.

      • From what i read, she did break down the door to where she caught lionel & diana & then proceeded to beat both of their azzes. That was funny. But remember, diana was cheating on lionel & then the next thing you know, they are divorced. I guess diana just likes to cheat on her men. Oh well.

  3. I am starting to believe there is some truth behind what is called a "H*E GENE" that's carried down from one generation to another. Over the last 10 years, I've noticed it too often in both men and women.

    • @ CrashC – Yes, you are correct. It is called "Cellular Memory" VERY REAL STUFF!

      The more I look into this stuff the more I am astounded.

      For example. I read that Chris Rock did a heritage study and found that his great great grandfather was a minstrel… Truth is stranger than fiction.

  4. Well we seen what happened to Nicole. She still looks severely malnourish and anorexic….Lionel Richie sold completely out after Brenda beat the breaks off of his ass!!! If we had the "Dave Chappelle Race Olympics" today…We can trade Lionel for Tony Bennett! That old man has more soul in him than Lionel !!!

    • Yes…an exposed sidechick turned whoring wife who was then turned into a divorced millionaire. Yes, this would be a very accurate description of Sophia's mother.

  5. What's up with black males not parenting their swirl kids right? Look at all of the famous mixedpeople from Obama Halle Berry, Alicia Keys… Drake they all had bum ass black male father what's up with that can't blame that on black women now can you!!!

  6. Oh so it was her mama with ole Lionel ass that was delivered with that beat down….sweet but oh baby girl ether be careful, before someone do to her what was done to her parents!
    I know Lionel's first wife is just seating back, & shdh to this news!

  7. actually sofia dated jaden waay before kylie! in fact jaden dated her first, then dated stella hudgens, and then dated kylie, among many other random girls like rue from the hunger games, etc. but sofia didnt steal jaden from kylie, thats for sure. in fact it was KYLIE who hooked up with her friends’ exes (she was friends with stella, then dated her exes cody simpson and jaden). i follow sofia since like 2013 and she never had this type of scandalous rumors actually, its very suspicious that all this stuff suddenly pops up when shes seen with jb. that girl anara is a hoe, i checked her ig. shes half naked in every pic but then wants to slut shame sofia? lmao. and she also dated sofia’s brother so maybe something happened there and shes mad at sofia.

  8. sofia and anara werent even friends lol they hung out bc anara was dating sofia’s brother miles. and hailey and sofia werent really friends either.

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