Cuba Gooding Jr’s Wife of 20-Years Bounces!

Cuba Gooding Jr. Divorce

Given Cuba Gooding’s track record of boozing-up and groping randoms, his wife of 20-years has probably been looking at the front door for sometime. Welp.. Sara Kapfer — Cuba’s highschool sweetheart — appears to be out!

Reports reveal.. Sara, who shares three kids with Cuba, “filed for legal separation in Los Angeles Tuesday citing irreconcilable differences”.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Sadly, just last year the “Jerry Maguire” star publicly gushed about his marriage with his wife to the ladies of “The View” who reacted amazed by his 20-year dedication “Are you the only one who’s still with someone by this time?” guest host, Suze Orman, asked. “I’m lucky,” he explained of his ability to fall in love with her upon every new phase of their lives. “Oh I wanna kill her sometimes,” he joked, “and she puts up with me.”

Wife Leaves Cuba Gooding Jr.

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  1. Oh lawd have mercy! Here we go AGAIN! Another dutch maid bounces on her jethro mandingo.

  2. I don’t know much about Cuba, but it seems all he wanted to do was have mixed children, and love wasn’t clearly in the equation. By the looks of these two photos from way back when and now.

  3. I’m surprised they lasted this long. Cuba is a coon and Becky got tired of his cheating and drunken shenanigans.

  4. Sorry to hear this news on Cuba’s marriage but Hollywood needs to consider Cuba to portray the title character of Leonid McGill in the Walter Mosley authored mysteries

    • Yeah he hasn’t a good role since RADIO. All those low-budget direct-to-dvd action movies make you forget he won an Oscar.

      • Say it!! He picks some of the dumbest roles like Snow Dogs. I did like Men of Honor with Deniro.

  5. Whew that Gooding schnoz has that John Coffy gene dominance. Didnt really follow their relationship but more power to her, he is annoying and seems like the type that you have to lace his soda eith Nyquil to get him to sit da fugg down every now and again.

    • Snow Beast now that was fuuuuuunnnnnnny…I call them Perdue Chickens but yours got me!

  6. Is it me or does she look like the young version of Edith Bunker?……oh Aurchie!….lol

  7. You can always tell the difference between, the high school sweetheart vs. the new Hollywood wife. Watch when he steps out with his new piece, she’s going to look like the cookie cutter Hollywood beauty. His current wife is woof, woof, but that new piece will look like she jumped off the pages of Mademoiselle.

  8. His estranged wife is a caretaker, the kind of whitewoman blackmen leave their own kind for. Not a looker, stays at home, cares for the kids, submissive, etc. Meanwhile, Cuba is running around sleeping with chicks on the side. It’s all about image with these cats. She put up with the bs all these years, now it’s time to get paid and move on with his millions…Becky Way of Life!

  9. It’s funny how one by one all of these black male celebs are being left by their white and non-black wives(whether long or short term). So much for your “American dream” niggas. ROFL

  10. This coon doesn’t even care because what everyone fails to recognize these people hate themselves and they hope to have children that look nothing like them.

    Unlike his brother who is married to a real black woman with black children, Cooning Gooding is trash. How do you think he was so successful.. Tom Cruise I love ya brothra..AKA I will kiss your Azz. Just keep me in your graces.

  11. Listen, check the stats, black male/white women marriages do not last past 10 years 70% of the time.

    When you see a black male/white woman together for 20 years, it is because they do not wanna hear I told you so.

    These folks are on a mission: to create a new race, to change the world, to get attention, etc. But it is just self-hatred getting together with revenge.

    They just don’t wanna hear, either one of them, I told you so. Things were bad in this marriage for about 15 years, trust.

    • OK. But then you have the Doc and Chris Rivers’ marriage which has lasted forever and is still going strong based on love and respect. It can work on occasion. They also were high school sweethearts who
      were together before money was even brought into the equation.

    • The truth and nothing but the truth!!! Most IR are built on fallacy and fantasy. Its allThe ones that do last.are legit. Some Black folk get so turnt out thinking it will resolve their own insecurities and think it will give them some weight…WRONG! The thing is they dont know what comes with the trick bag when its all said and done. Black folk need therapy!!!

  12. Not all black people look at other races and think “hmmm they got light skin i gots to have me some white meat!!” I mean some people do actually fall in love.. Most of the time you cant help who you fall in love with or what color they are. Same thing could be said for these women who date thugs niggas and ratchet women. Oh you gonna be with them because they are black? Anyone seen basketball wives??? Oh im quite sure they are with those fellas because they are good strong black brothas right? Hell if they lost most of they money them women would drop them quicker than they drop they panties to them. * now for the entertainers and the media struck zombie/idol followers out there, then thats a different story.” If you get a relationship based on color, and not love and trying to please everyone or other people certain taste.. it will always fail. Black men and women in general have a hard time being together because we cant seperate the niggas from the black man and the ratchet hoochies from the black women. Hell you soon you gonna see a flood of black women running to other races because the way they (tptb) are locking our brothers up or promoting homosexuality to them. Then the streets are flooded with down low, ignorant media fed gangstas who help creating a racthet hoes and lifestyle.. thats the cancer right there? Thats the real enemy within. destroy the enemy within, then the enemy outside cant harm you.

    • “Most of the time you cant help who you fall in love with or what color they are. Same thing could be said for these women who date thugs niggas and ratchet women. Oh you gonna be with them because they are black? ”

      You are mixing apples and oranges here. You compare hoodlums hooking up because of congruence in behavior, I am talking about Black men hooking up with white women because of self-hatred, a belief.

  13. We have some of the craziest b.s. said on this website.

    If you marry white, then you hate black women. if you marry black women, then she is a beard.

    After watching the chicks n RHOA, If I were a MAN, I would think twice, no three times…I’d relly think about marrying a black woman.

    I am a Black Woman… And these shows have not done well for us as a whole.
    In fact these reality shows continue to show the LOW LEVELS we will stoop to for a dollar. $$$$

  14. I wish this couple the best.
    Hollywood. Has a different life than we do.
    being married the Tyrone the Mechanic or Burger King Manager, is a whole different thing than marrying a Hollywood Celebrity.

    we cant hold their values in the same light as regular folks from Newnan, GA.
    or Springfield, IL.

    Whole different world.

  15. I’m a white woman, married to a black man for 14 years. We have two beautiful children and are committed to bringing our children up in a strong family unit. Love conquers all people, end of!

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