Blind Item: Who is Jacky Talking About? – September 4, 2015

Blind Item 1016

He’s a man of many names; as well as the newest face on the Hollywood set of a popular television series. She’s the Boogie Down Boriqua who bumped him on his former Big Apple TV set, last year. That’s before our mystery pair ALMOST got married, in April. Most recently, his bark sent a buzz across instagram, revealing he’s pissed and she’s in the dog house. The question is why …

Insider word reveals she was triggered during a recent argument between our blind item’s; leading her to bail on him; leaving him “still angry” and alone up inside their love nest at moms house. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Draya, who is said to be the person who introduced her to the hoe game.

Check the Word.:

“She left the house and met up with Draya; and they had a threesome with Orlando. She’s trying to get a reality show. If it doesn’t happen, she’ll be running back to run back to Mona.”

Now, Can you guess the blind item pair we’re talking bout?


  1. Let them be played theyre the fools bragging bout them i git my boobshe aint goin nowhere they love saying that these rappets and athletes continue to get played

  2. If she would’ve been paying attention she would know he been had money problems

  3. Erica Menace better take her ratchet behind and take care of the son she never claims. She is not entertaining just a ghetto hood chick who has no morals or values.

  4. Somebody needs to open up Orlando’s head and study his brain. First Draya now he getting involved with the likes of Erika Mena? I know athletes aren’t known to be scholars but DAMM man!

    • There is nothing wrong with Draya other than her bird face. I’m sure Orlando has been around the block a few times too so they are even.

    • Wait…isn’t/wasn’t Erica Mena on the extra fast trap track to marrying Lil Ruff Ruff I mean Bow Wow? WTH is all this other business?

  5. Somebody tell Ms. Mena, I’d pay $3500 to be her side nigga for a night, no hesitation. How can she even respect buddy when she weighs more than the lil nigga? Get him some muscle milk.

  6. Athletes are dumb and morr muscle the majority of them are illiterate they got by because they excel in sports

  7. how the hell draya introduce erica when erica been doing this when draya was a minor wtf

  8. Athletes and Rapper are hoes. Like who else are they gonna be with?? No real woman will date a nigga name Bow Wow let alone Orlando.

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