K Michelle: “I’m not Black … I’m a Mermaid!”

K. Michelle Mermaid

Either K Michelle has run out of promo ideas; is showing early signs of Rachel Dolezal’s disorder; has accepted her luck in love for what it is; or just took a trip she ain’t coming back from … You be the judge.

“I danced and laughed so hard tonight. For some Strange reason I’ve been very accepting of me. I love me.” ~K. Michelle

From the sounds of what she put out there, K. Michelle’s make-believe Mermaid-world would be a sea without race.”I’m not black or white but I’m actually a mermaid,” says K. Michelle. “After all these years I’m free! I’m ok with me.” In the same breath, K. Michelle dropped word telling of her being done with dating Black men.

“A woman’s job, is to nurture, perpetuate culture, and rules (not to challenge it), while the job of the man is to create it and or challenge it.”

Here’s what K. Michelle had to say:

“I love sunflowers, gummy bears, wild animals, and sorry I don’t listen to R&B music right now, it just bores me. I love rock, country, men who wear tight jeans and have foreign accents.

I love me a handsome Caucasian man, I’m really not into black men right now. They can date outside their race, so can I!!! Where im from gangstas don’t tweet beef and I actually love the size of my azz. I believe hateful instagram comments are for ugly girls who are losers.

I believe I’m not black or white but I’m actually a mermaid. I believe there is no talent required to be in the music industry. I believe the color of my skin shouldn’t determine the genre of my music! I believe it’s ok for me not to give a f**k anymore. I believe I’m supposed to motivate those I can. I believe In the power of a smile.”

There is a lot of good black men out here but we have a lot of women who feel they want something better on paper (cars,money,status…).”


  1. Honestly she sounds unhinged. It’s time to step back and reevaluate life. Every move u make, every breath u take, nobody is watching u. Stay off instagram.

  2. Isn’t this how it normally starts in the entertainment world before someone gets murdered & it’s reported as suicide.

    • Nah she’s right on track, mermaids are the new thing for brainwashed entertainers. K is probably newly programmed.

  3. She makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What the hell did i just read?

    • The rantings of a mk-ultra victim, demons attack her too there was a episode of lhhatl & K admitted to Aryian that demons come to her at night tryna smash so she has to do stuff to protect herself from them.

      • Please this chick ain’t Kanye West HE’S the real MK-Ultra get your facts straight. Then FIST BROWN, 50 CENT, ETC ETC this low level chick ain’t even in their brainwashed-class!

  4. I just read this mess…
    EVERYONE’S comments to date are accurate. What’s today’s date?
    I smell a new “murder made to look like another unexplained death/suicide on it’s way.

  5. Shes smoking or she been watching too many cartoons or she might be into furry porn but hendrix said back in 68 that in 1983 a merman i shall be hendrix said on film that he was reincarnated from a flying unicorn

  6. Maybe whites will tolerate her bipolar asd and she wants to be tbeir niggerpet have fun witb tbe whiteboys theyll eat her balloon ass out beter tban those dykes will and tell sebastian the crab i said hi

    • Damn you another one of those bw haters and pretend you hate wm. Nobody is cooning more than BM rappers nobody is selling out their peeps like BM rappers. I’ve been reading your shit for a long time and used to think you were OK but you just another phony.” Maybe whites will tolerate Kanyes/Chris Brown/Tyga’s bipolar ass and they want to be white trash females “niggerpet” have fun with the whitegirls they’ll eat your ballon ass out better than those gay bois will. ” see how stupid your shit is replayed back to you? SELLOUT!!

  7. Yall are gullible. This is a PR stunt. Nothing worse than a rapper saying he doesn’t date dark butts.

      • You don’t remember when Yung Berg made that statement last year about “dark butts”? I can’t believe mona kept him on her show seeing as though he referred to her complexion in such a derogatory way.

      • Fuck off 5:19 another bitter bum living with grandmother too stupid to keep up with the shit music he reps I bet you wearing some tired ass Kanye gear from the year 1900

  8. Is it possible that this is an attempt from K Michelle to crossover? I mean, “Country?” Really?

  9. It’s pretty hard to tell if you’re looking at a PR stunt or a case of a celeb going crazy, I guess…

    • Gimme a break this is PR and fools are falling for it I’ve heard much much worse at least she isn’t calling dark skin BM no credit having broke butts like a certain midget dark skin comic “actor” doe about BW. This woman is just playing the oldest game in the book – get ’em talking-$$$$.

  10. She wanna say she dont date black men is one tjing but shes saying she not black and saying shed half fish is another well thats her phukk her hope those white boys treat her better shell never be a rock starr look at deion farris, and teyanna taylor,.and other black women who try to be akternative where they at ask meshell n degeocello, joi gilliam, neneh cherry,.militia vox and tamar kalI that black women doing rock is unheard of ask fefe dobson and straight line stitch

    • Don’t forget Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust. He use to sing for a soul group but was invited to sing for his current band. It all worked out and he’s one of the most noticeable black singers for a rock band who’ve had great influence on other rock singers as well.

      • Fuck Dione Scaris…the only real chick who was in the game is Meshell Ndegeocello…and even if she is rarely heard from, at least she is still touring!

  11. The problem I have always had with Nicki Minaj, KMichelle even Kendrick Lamar and the music industry as a whole is that they have streamlined the industry to where it is just one token and or popular person in each genre after with these artist being the only one reppin there genre and with no other viable competing artists these people start to think they are special and in some extreme cases GREAT, K Michelle is very talented mult-faceted artist, but she is not GREAT and in her field of MUSIC she currently has no other competitors doing the same type of MUSIC (R&B). The Major Record labels are lazy and stupid and or not signing any talented artists right now (there are plenty talented, versatile artists on soundcloud they can sign) so K Michelle feels inaccurately that she can say and do anything she want with little to no consequences, but she has to realize we live in a political correct era right now, and words and actions does have consequences, K Michelle is the #ZENTH of #SELFHATRED and needs to learn her #RICH HISTORY

  12. K michelle is.bipolar shes a damn liar shes a drama queen she doesnt know what she wants man, woman, black girl, whiteboy her history speak for itself now she degrading her self saying shes not black or white yes let those whiteboys misuse her fake ass and laugh at her since she prefer whites k is crazy two faced liar pick on people one minute she love her people then she hate them phukk her bipolar ass

  13. Im not black i, a mermaid she need to take her ass under the sea and marry charlie tuna

  14. Lol you n&@gas are funny….. Only men want that heffer are Blacks or Latinos.. And no, Black men love to e$& ou@ a$&…

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