Kylie Advertising Escort Services With Secret Illuminati Symbol

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If you’ve been paying attention to photos of Kylie Jenner recently, you may have noticed the 18-year-old doing the “Shh” sign with her index finger covering her mouth. While this may be seen as an innocent and flirty pose, industry insiders have revealed that this is a secret symbol used for escorts in the entertainment industry who are looking to advertise their freaky services.

Sources are reporting now that Kylie is legal, she’s willing to spread it open wide for millionaire tricks who value their privacy.

“The seller [Kylie] wants to let every possible buyer know they will stay very quiet. It is called the pose. Usually you cross your legs and put a finger to your mouth to symbolize, “Shhh,” or “Be quiet.”

Rich, Middle Eastern men are going nuts now that they know Kylie is for sale, and she is down to keep their smash sessions a secret.

It was probably too risky for them to hire her when she was underage, but she’s been advertising herself using that same pose since she was 14.

kylie illuminati escort

Kim, Khloe, and Kendall use the pose to lure in rich men, while Kanye and Rob use it to advertise their bussy. Just a whole family full of hoes! Smh.

kylie illuminati escort

kylie illuminati escort

kylie illuminati escort

kylie illuminati escort


    • ya’ll need to stop jockin my lingo zaaaamm be original everyone *lip smack*

      i guess im the only innovative aquarian rising on the planet. i hate copycats!!

      • @laughable: Who? I didn’t use any slang or street jargon in my post, but, you said “Yall”, so I can’t help but feel targeted by your accusation.

  1. everything is exposed “they” are not hiding anymore it’s been out years now the finger over the mouth “keeping the secrets”.

  2. that is really a masonic sign everyone from hollywood, corporate, etc are part if your make millions you are apart of the elite club. it’s funny how people wipe this stuff off conspriacy but they are doing this shit in your face.

  3. What a nasty, skanky family. Probably have herpes blisters dripping pus from between their legs.

      • That’s a stupid question to ask. I am like any other regular visitor who likes to read various articles and comment on them. Even if they’re about people doing things I refuse to lose sleep over. Kylie sleeping with rich men is one of them. Still, it does not affect my personal life and I will continue to visit the site. Although I must say I hate the ads…

  4. These folks never hid it you check out statues and artifacts by thevegyptians, and sumerians you will find symbolisms as well ylu will find symbolism.and the same past literature and paintongs its been around for thousands of years aint going nowhere the bible had symbolism even the beating of christ was symbolic thats whyhe was crowned and called the lamb since lambs are sacrificial animals

    • Who is yáll? Do not speak for anyone but yourself when it comes to “buying” people’s parts…

    • I am a non rich young woman who does not desire such of a thing especially from a younger woman. So… you must mean “the rich and the currupt”, right? Some of us are not a part of the equation.

      • And… I’m with Aiko on that. You couldn’t have said anymore perfectly!

  5. Yeah so how is this news ? We all know that they are whores who worship money and crave fame and attention. I’m starting to think that if we all just ignored them maybe they would go away.

    • You already programmed dumbass dumbasses you come here everyday to discus ppl who don’t give a f*ck about you or yours you keep them rich and full of your energy …. Fuck they life fix your own shit !!

    • They’ll never go away. It’s like the roach motel… once they get in, they never get out.


  7. Well, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. That big house and the cars are not going to pay for themselves you know and even her brother and brother in law are said to be advertising their “services” according to this article. I remember Kanyetta saying that he is a slave to the industry and there is a lot of things that he does that he doesnt want to do but is forced to do because he has people he answers to and they pull all the strings. Man its hard out there in the world.

  8. Does anyone know where I can find a Kardashian free zone? HSK has become watered down. I’m only here for the comments now. 🙁

  9. u mean boy p*ssy which means anus.

    if that’s whsat these fags wanna do let them why preach, and quote scripture why talk about sodfom and Gomorrah when these fags are doing worse than they did.

    guess its gonna take a bunch of fags trying to rape angels again in order for whatever creator god to destroy everything again right.

  10. All you tinfoil hat wearing freaks need to calm the f*ck down. We don't endorse this shitty skidmark of a family in any way, shape or form.

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