Blind Item: Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 23, 2015

Blind Item 1003

Just days after posts to social media revealed another dude playing Daddy to today’s Blind Item’s ex-wife and kids … On Father’s Day … this Hollywood EX Husband is being left with no choice but to Shake It Off!!!

That could be a feat that turns out to be much easier said than done. Know why? While ex-wifey has apparently bagged a billionaire, our blind item seems to be getting Drake’s leftovers … through at THOT straight outta IG land!

“—–‘s running with this h*e Reese in Disneyland not knowing OVO n*gga’s already ran a train on her.”

Dig the Drop:

“—– is smashing Reese, because he doesn’t mine taking seconds after Drake. His ex-wife has moved on to a wealthy man and he’s dating IG models.”

Now, can you guess who Jacky’s talking about?


  1. Definitely nick cannon. Isn’t it funny how women upgrade and men downgrade to the bottom of the sewer?

  2. Men don’t care about women’s success unless he’s out to use her for money. Men care about ass and titties and can she cook.

    • Normally would agree with you. But it seems that Packer has had thing for Mariah for a long time. Add to that the fact that he included Roc and Roe on their fabulous vacay in the Med, I think he has a real case.

  3. And who’s to say this billionaire will even keep her? I think Nick is just a dude and he’s doing dude things. They all have had each other’s leftovers, so what?

  4. I knew it that the woman is a Thot. Ever since Mariah, He has only been linked to Thots like Amber Rose. I get the feeling that alot of the more credible women in the industry are staying away from him either out of Respect for Mariah cos the divorce isn’t finalized yet or they are Scared Mariah will Blackball them in some way. She’s been in the Industry for 25 yrs and Her connections are Strong so she does have some influence with industry people. Thots aren’t interested in their careers or respect. they just want their 15 Minutes of fame. Probably why the only girls he can attract at the moment are Thots.

  5. Mariah has been in LTRs with wealthy, talented, affluent men for many years before she began dating Nick. Luis Miguel named his yacht after her. I was hoping they would’ve made it because I like him.

    I doubt she is dating anyone to “make” Nick jealous. Nick has since denied the “THOT” he was linked to and said she is not his gf. I imagine if women were exposed to as much as Mariah was growing up, having been married to Tommy Mottola and being in the entertainment industry, people would label them “nutty,” too. Broke, regular person “nutty” and being a wealthy, internationally known eccentric are two different things.

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