Blac Chyna’s Mother Threatens To Expose Tyga

Blac Chyna Mother Threatens Tyga

Blac Chyna’s mother, Shalana Hunter, jumped on her Facebook page only to threatened the rapper Tyga. Shalana Hunter told Tyga if he says another word about her daughter, she’s going to expose him to the press.

Here’s what Shalana Hunter revealed on her Facebook account:

“Social media is the best way to get sh** out… Trust me, I’m hip! LMMFAO! But remember momma is in town and it ain’t going down quite like you think.

Watch out for me!!! I’m not playin with no ni***a f**k who you are B***h! I am Tokyo, more powerful than you think! I will be on TMZ, Vibe, and some more shit if another word is said…

Mom has spoken.”


    • Always though she danced under Ms. Tony. Chyna’s mom is hilarious. If this is true the events that unfold will be a treat.

    • Ladies
      Please enlighten me. When did it become alright to be big and unhealthy and on top of that wearing clothes that shows off all of that like WHAT. I’m serious. It’s gotten to the point that now big woman consider themselves average size because it’s so many big sistas out here. And before you say I don’t know what type of woman you are around I will remind you that we are in the internet age so I see a lot more than just my circle. I love my sistas so I say this out of love. Nothing in this world is as beautiful as a black woman whom has God first in her life and loves and truly takes care of herself and those around her. I never saw anything like this until the last 10-15 years of my life. It used to be that sistas had 26 or 29 size waist at the most and now their waist can be as big or bigger than mine. It’s not attractive.
      Real talk

      • You live in China? Full figured women have been around for centuries. Think rubuenesque and if that’s too deep, google it!

        • I never said that there was never any full size woman. What concerns me is that it’s now considered average to be big and out of shape. That’s not healthy and wasn’t the case until recently. The crazy part is that anyone would even defend this. I love woman especially my sistas but it has truly gotten out of hand. I live in DC and when I was a child DC was known for having some of the most beautiful woman inside and out on the planet. Sadly, that is not the case anymore. We now have a lot of overweight, weave wearing, turnt up, selfish and over sexualized sistas now. The truth hurts

      • Girl bye u sound cray big. Women been around how old r u and what country u live in where every body was a 28 29 !

  1. So, THIS is what spawn this Blac Chyna character. Well, it all make sense now. I bet Tyga’s mom sits back EVERY SINGLE DAY wishing her son NEVER got himself involved with that girl, let alone have a child with her. Because of HIS actions he & his mom have share his first born son with this wretched mess of a person. I’m almost certain Tyga’s mom tries not to associate herself with this.

    How embarrassing for all parties involved…such.

    • Oh yes! Because having a son date an underage white girl with a pimp mother is so upscale…

      • No, that just makes an already ugly situation worse. Tyga’s mom can’t be happy about that EITHER & I’m sure you won’t find her associating & acquainting herself with the “Pimp named Kris Jenner” ever! She knows just as we do what can easily happen should her son should he fall out of favor with them.

        All Tyga did was go from one bad situation he created for himself to another bad situation he created for himself. We’ll know which one is worse in due time.

        • Boy I tell ya. Somebody is going down! And its all over a stupid ass boy! If this shit ain’t high school then I don’t know what to tell ya!

        • Tyga should have had a conversation with Reggie Bush & sought his advice. Had he done so he may have found out doing anything beyond making a PAID appearance at the Jenner’s party is as far as he EVER needed to go with this crew of hustlers.

          What I DON’T understand is…
          How is there a presumption that Tyga is seeing/dating/sexing the Jenner girl & Chyna is best buds here lately with Kim & hanging out in pictures with a “Pimp named Kris Jenner?”

          And…now let us go back to that wretched one in the picture posted above who didn’t teach her daughter the basic fundamentals of being a young lady.

          • I get what you are saying Ms. Reg. People on here often complain about the celebs putting their business out on social media because its tacky. They all may be embarrassing to a certain extent but the way she said what she had to say is not indicative of someone who has learned over the 40 plus years she has been on earth, not indicative of woman with grown up children and definately not indicative of a grandmother. Right now she is the most embarrassing person in this here situation.

            • No tyga dating a 17 yr old is whats embarrassing, as far as this lady being rachet thats only hurting herself, tyga is preying on a little girl niggas get beat.up in jail for ish like that

            • You have no idea what you are talking about. If you dont like that fact that he might be f*cking a 17 year old white girl from a long line of whores, then say that, but dont start stating non factual shit and making yourself look stupid. No prisoner cares if a man f*cks a person old enough to consent. You are talking about pedophiles. As a matter of fact they are changing the laws as we speak. They have gotten tired of all the teenage girls opening their legs, giving up the goods and when the parent finds out, trying to put people on charges only to find out they will do the same shit next month. Don’t believe me it’s called “yes means yes” consent law. Take you feelings out of the equation.

    • You seem phony. All that judging you doing but I bet you don’t give back to the Black Community or lend a helping hand to people but you got so much to say.

      • You seem like you are missing a couple of chromosomes. Do your parents know you are at the neighborhood sex offenders house doing favors for left over holloween candy and a chance to play with the computer. Do you need me to call the police honey?

      • No, cause I like thE woman that comes over and eats my p*ssy while the sex offender rub my clit and holds my nostrils,I’m a nasty bitch who loves taking risks so I can play on the computer its all in fun!

        • damn bytch, let that cell mentality go…, if you on here, you most likely was released from da joint

      • Most of the broads (most not all) that come on @Hsk are phony and fake. And if they do things for the community it is only 4 boasting rights.They r not sincere cuz u u can tell from their postings

        • @Anonymous 14:11

          Wow, you are really good. I am impressed. You can analyze and reach a conclusion on the types of women that post on HSK? You know what we do, how we think. OK, let’s try this: Which finger am I holding up?

          • BayouBabe,

            I know…right? I’m with you on that & it’s so funny how THIS is coming from “some of the Johnny Come Lately” crew.

      • Another ho knows What another ho does, its part of the biz bitch and don’t talk to me like we click or some shit I don’t know you.

  2. This is about to get ugly…tyga is really tripping right now …never underestimate a person u dont know who she know she could have kept some one secrets and know it’s time to repay her favor watch out tyga dont get enemy’s in the game so early u r commitin career suicide .

  3. LoL who is tygas mom supposed to be be judging anybody!?! Tyga ain’t about shit

    • Right, lol !
      Who the phuck is she? She raised a very insecure boy
      This is what she suppose to get

  4. And how old is mama? 50/30?

    She looks good. Maybe a lil slorey for a grandma. .

    Definitely looks better than her daughter. .

  5. Look at this old hoodrat ass bitch lol no wonder China a trick her mama one, this bitch look 50 and up try’en ta look 20 site bitch time up, your no longer a young she reminds me of Ivan Iverson’s mother I don’t know what she’s like now but when he was going through it wit his wife his mama was straight gangster lol she was getto as hell, this woman is sucking on a lollipop and have on a belly top wit that muffin top popping out REALLY? I bet everyone in the hood run up in it lol. This is why we have a breed of disrespectful girls coming up. There’s no more mothers that try to raise young ladies, but they teach them to be tacky sluts why? What example is she setting? Wow what happen to classy and elegant? Stop trying to be your daughter and grow up.she just looks tacky unclassy rude loud ignorant as well. What exactly will you be revealing about tyga? How he snatched your daughter off a stripper pole? You proud of that? Really? The question is what can tyga tell us about YOU? I know it’s it would take years to get all in one conversation, he’d need to write a book lol and for the record ever you supposingly going to tell don’t leave your daughter out because she was right with him and we know how the industry is lay’en we know all about it you wouldn’t be telling us anything new. And agin Don’t forget your daughter we heard lots about her to remember that.

    • I agree 100%. Is this b@tch hair blue? Yeah she make black mothers and grandmothers look ratchet. My daughter would be embarrassed. She told me the other day that she glad I’m not a ratchet mom because some of her friends mother are off the chain. What happen to classy?

      • Trust me I know hoodrats I’m one and a former ho. well I stop sucking dicsand eat p*ssy for a living but if I have to I’d do it in heartbeat shit, a ho gotta eat !

        • @GWRAA You are not a Ho! U are a human being who had to do what you had to do to survive. But if push come to shove we all gotta do what we gotta do. AGAIN YOU ARE NOT A HO! YOU ARE A STRONG LADY! A SURVIVALIST!!

            • I don’t have to know your past to be a human being. Everybody has a past but let that be that. Don’t never let your past bring you down ok. In fact be better than that. Show folks you are a survivor list and not victim. Tell them, ” Yeah, I was that but no more! Call it what you want but I am here and that’s all that matters!”

            • Ok I hear you girl but tell my p*ssy that,its big enough to allow humans to walk in, its like a cave and hiding place between my legs!

            • DR1, you can’t help a dog ass bitch realize that being a dog ass bitch ain’t good, when being a dog ass bitch is all she aspires to be.

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    • @On topa Of thangs out here
      I bet she look a hell of a lot better then u with your salty ass

  6. But AI’s mom was 14 when she had him so she was still young and immature when he made it big.

    • And she gets no respect in 757 to this day. Running around with all them lil kinked up chains around her neck, spreading for anybody who smiles at her.

  7. Ratchet or not That’s still somebody mom and she love her daughter. Its so called classy moms out here neglecting their children and doing worse behind closed doors. We don’t know this woman’s heart so stop judging. How can yall go in on somebody mom like that? Don’t matter if she did porn or not. Everybody circumstances is different and until we all start helping one another we have no right to judge how someone survives. Its women who are teachers out here and they are the ones molesting kids. SO NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

    • Oh please. Her outfit speaks volumes about her character. Blac Chyna is lucky she turned out so well.

          • Seriously my Screen name was stolen. I am not into all that Internet tough shet.

            • And why I am I explaining shit to you people? Like a have no friends and other sites I can go to ,f*ck all you people on here you guys suck here anyway, I am into eating p*ssy and none of you bitches bit.

      • You and that simple bitch deserve eachother. Look at what you agreeing with. Yall need to stick together. There needs to be more honor among funky hoes. Yall need to show a united front, its all for the greated good of the “staink Hoe movement”

    • Fuck what you talking about, didn’t your mammy tell your filthy ass that you suppose do you nasty shit behind closed doors. But like my boy Trick say. “I figure you a hoe but you can’t help it, cause being raised by a hoe is kind of hectic” People are tired of your simple ass typing stupid shit like being a nasty stinking bitch is fashionable. Turn your TV off, pick up a dr Seuss book and begin to improve yourself. You got to crawl before you walk, Maybe not, you might have been born walking, walking the streets. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste but you are proving to be nothing more than just that, a total waste.

        • You stole my screen name. I know this is you Glok 9 a.k.a Daywalker from B0s$ip.

          • Excuse me I blaming everybody, I’m a stupid and paranoid bitch right now his name omes to mind.And glok is behind all this, not Philly I would never say these things, its him he must be a real genius , even though he not on, I know its him I think !

            • Lmao, Bitch pls now you want call out names you liar, you’re this troll jacking names, this didn’t start until you showed up bitch pls.

      • So your granny didn’t tell you not to do nasty shit at all. Sounds like the typical closet how strategy. People like y’all are the reason these kids don’t know they daddies.

  8. She look so disgusting, like a pot of stale, infected pork. She need a hobby, like a treadmill hobby with her fat ass and hour long baths. Good grief.

  9. ive lived in the suburbs and in the ghetto, in the ghetto people might be rachet but they are more real, in the burbs it might seem like everybody is “classy” but thats just a veil your next door neighbor could have 20 bodys buried in his back yard and you would never suspect anything because he looks like mr. Roger from mr. Rogers neighborhood

  10. Looking like she’s desperately trying to hold on to her youth.A belly shirt?? No mam! You can tell the Apple is not falling far from the tree here either.What is Chyna famous for again????

  11. I think she looks good at her age. She looks young and content with life. That’s what its all about at the end of the day Being happy regardless of what society thinks because society isn’t gonna help you everybody is out for themselves. Do you and have faith in God because he knows the hearts of people who seem classy and meek but in their hearts they be evil and touching on kids when they get off their “normal” “self respecting” jobs. Teachers molesting kids but everybody judging this lady because of her background. Last I checked Jerry Sandusky wasn’t a stripper and yet people like him are the ones y’all should be going after with so much hate and vile languages.

    • I think you have mental problems. Seek help before it worsens. God Bless.

      • Look at who’s talking to themselves? WOW i’m out this bitch is cray cray!


    • Im out too its Kitten claws and GWRAA, 2 name jacking bitches who came from out of nowhere.peace.

    • Seriously. Jacky know that the person who’s stealing screen names is really Glock 9. Just look at his writing style. He also writes like Daywalker the daydream from off B0s$ip.

      • I don’t see big caps and that’s Glok writing style. I been on bossip in the past and always seen them two (Daywalker) fighting,so you are the troll and until you popped up the trolling began. Ms.Reg I totally agree , until these 2 names came on here trolling and name jacking started .Glok been with us and never this shit, sorry Charlie you can save it.

        • Isnt Daywalker at bossip a white man/woman?
          From what I remember it used to always say a lot o racists shyt to blacks on there

        • Anonymous @ 12:35 & DR1,

          We have a SERIOUS problem going on in here. I have NEVER seen such a time when “people come here & disrespect EVERYONE on EVERY thread, make such vulgar personal references regarding themselves & others & create such a hostile hate filled environment.” This is not to say “disagreements never happened in the past but what we’re experiencing NOW is outrageous” & the staff/administrators of HSK have some serious “housekeeping to do.”

          THIS IS NOT what HSK was created for. For the longest time ANYONE could come here & come away feeling better than they did when they arrived. Feelings & opinions were shared, problems unrelated to the gossip topics could be openly discussed with a wide variety of view points & diverse perspectives brought to the forefront ending with suggestions, resolutions & answers that were helpful to many people here. THAT was the HSK spirit that won the day.

          There are SO many bright, intelligent, God fearing, vital, brilliant, loving, knowledgeable, articulate people who come here & have been coming here for quite a long time. A lot of them are coming here less but quite a few are not coming at all & their presence is severely missed by those of us who care to notice.

          It’s sad to see the positivity being completely drained & replaced with such vile foolishness on this blog.

      • I used to frequent bossip and Daywalker is nothing like u say
        And that poster name Glok be spitting knowledge enlightment an positive shyt. Grant it he had to cuss a few posters out a time or 2 but that was bcus they were phucking with him
        Real shyt bcus Ive been observing

        • True Indeed , that’s when the poster glok got side tracked by the likes of GRWAA!

      • @GodWasRight
        What was your screen name over @Bossip? Lol, I probably know u from there

    • That’s why I got QUIET.
      You know we don’t act like this & talk to each other in this manner. I don’t blame you one bit.

      • Glock 9 stole my screen name and is also writing from an Anonymous account.

      • U are new to this blog so u dont know how things go
        Ive been on here for 5 years and they talk all type of ways and shyt on Hsk
        But for whateva is going on now , the site is getting more posts now

      • No and I wished they would! Yall will know if the real me. Trust me y’all will know the real me if that happens!

        • Most of these people going back and forth arguing dont know they are talking to.trolls that have jacked multiple peoples names including mine thats why i went back to anonymous

  13. Who knew pure, unadulterated Struggle could be so perfectly encapsulated in a picture?

  14. Exactly how it would go down if Blac C was my daughter! And Tyga’s punk a$$ needs to be scared when mama has to come out and handle that a$$!

  15. Tyga straight sold out like a straight sucka! I thought he was swagged out for a minute but after ditching his son’s mother for white trash i’m through with him. He’s a one hit wonder if that anyway so he won’t be around long. PS: How many black men drop a thick babe for a bony beoutch?

    • I agree, she look like she like to and she can throw down.

      Sounds like the racist khazars who own bossip now own HSK. The tone and timbre of conversation has dropped precipitously. The quality of stories, well, it is like an editorial column of reality TV. No news about the woman pulled off the street in Philly, no news about the Fox Exec found dead in CA, only this reality TV ish and the lowest media representations of black folk.
      Y’all don’t notice that you comparin screen avatars with another site [bossip]?

  16. She probably had a bad life, speaking of Chyna mother. Regardless of she looks, she is a mother protecting her daughter. Tyga should not disrespect the mother of his child. She was good enough to lay with and play with. Pay child support, buy some condoms and save the seedlings for his wife,

  17. looka here i rights my piece to make my point STOP ERASING MY SHEITT! looks like tyga is a ho like young berg that think he more than he REALLY is! the rap game is a JOKE now so folks str8 clowin! tygas momma is ashamed of alot of the things he does just like im sure young bergs mom is too, they give they momma money but IF the mom is a good mother she CORRECTS her child like she’s supposed to …..

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