Was Trina a Beard For French Montana?

Gay Rapper French Montana

Trina recently did an interview with the Breakfast Club and she basically said she was the rapper French Montana’s beard. Know why? Because Trina said she never smashed French Montana and she can expose the Don’t Panic lyricist if he steps outta line.

Here’s what Trina said:

“We really was not in a relationship. Let’s be clear about that. I never told him that I was your girl. There’s a lot of reasons. I guess now we can see why. Because you just got a lot of growing up to do. I could come up here and expose you and bash you, but I’m so much better than that. I’m not gonna do that. But I will say this, we were friends. And as being friends today as we speak makes two years I would have known you.”


  1. I didn’t get that “Trina was a beard to this guy” from this article. I got that he may be a tad bit too immature & a cut up for her to consider being his girl. Far as her claims of “not exposing him”…that could mean several things not simply that he’s gay/bi.

    • Welllllll Reg its like this. Frenchy boy is from the Middle East. And Trina like she just she was his beard and he went back home and a homo, U know they can put him to death. Now I know what you are saying and yes some of them Middle Eastern countries do practice homosexual activities. But according to their beliefs if they catch U in the act that’s death. Weird and oxymoron at the same time. Never could understand that but its crazy.

      • DR1,

        I know one thing…
        There are a WHOLE BUNCH of middle eastern homosexual men in the US. They DON’T play that in their countries.

        Girl, you know I’m slow & live in a canyon under a damn rock! Explain to me one thing… Didn’t I read that this French Montana dude was supposed to has been dating & has now impregnated Khole Kardashian or whatever her name is. (We know she’s not Robert Kardashian’s child) So, is dude sexing girls & guys?

        • Yes they do and this is a quote from researchers. You can look it up yourself.

          I’m not throwing shade, just trying to shed some light.

          “Israel is considered the most tolerant country in the Middle East and Asia to homosexuals with Tel Aviv being named the gay capital of the Middle East is considered one of the most gay friendly cities in the worldThe annual Pride Parade in support of homosexuality takes place in Tel Aviv”

        • It is a standard practice to have a boy in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.

          I wont put he link in but Google Dancing boys of the Middle East. It’s so sad. I didn’t even know of these practices until a watched a movie a few years ago with a friend called “The kite Runner”.

      • What part of the middle east are you talking about? Because in certain places that I have been, them nasty motherf*ckers say that women are for making babies and men are for having fun. I have seen them walking around in public bromancing.

      • Egypt is in Africa too, so is Algeria… its not about geography, its about affiliations. Otherwise Russia would be in Asia. And Turkey would be in the middle east. Turkey is in the middle east but they are culturally and politically inclined toward Europe , but are not in E U.

      • Daradiant, you are on point, actually he’s from Afrika he’s Moroccan, but in afrika the rules are exactly what you said, I’m zimbabwean and I know some countries are enforcing some things for gays over there right now like crazy cause africans look at this homo marriage shit going on here and they follow everything americans do so gays are coming out of the wood work(NO PUN INTENDED) in afrika, like Nigeria. If you’re caught there it’s 14 years in prison. Even though prison time promotes homosexuality, but they do it to keep them off the streets and away from children or from getting attacked by people on the streets and causing trouble. Yeah those middle eastern men are some big freaks, they want to control every woman but they hang together and do homosexual things with the guys, why do you think they control the women so much so they can do whatever weird shit with other men duh. God bless DaRadiant1:)

    • They were beading for eachother. Trina eat p*ssy like its one of the basic food groups.

  2. Trina, I loved you for years but if y’all wasn’t in a relationship or never f*cked why make a song called “Fuck Love” “and remake Jhene Aiko’s song “The Worst” remake “Cut Him Off” then dedicated it to him? I’m just confused…..

    • I’m not one to gossip, but, does anyone think that the reason they never did it is because Trina is rumored to have the package????

    • Because your instincts are letting you know, she is lying! She is miserable as shit.

    • “why make a song called “Fuck Love” “and remake Jhene Aiko’s song “The Worst” remake “Cut Him Off” then dedicated it to him?”

      Simple, she’s capitalizing off the situation. Not like she has any music out that’s worth hearing.

    • Me too. I read that French Montana got an abnormally big size jumbo penis so even though I like Trina, I believe she phucked him

      • Why do you think Puffy signed him so quickly to Bad Boy! Puffy always mixes business with PLEASURE!

      • Interesting. That would superficially explain his affinity for big booty black girls and overweight white women.

  3. Makes sense then him hooking up with a Kardashian. They all only date/marry bisexual men.

  4. I want Trina’s life, still fit, still dating rappers, athletes and dope boys well into her 40s. Wonder if she is happy 🙂

    • You joking right? I didn’t detect the sarcasm, so I’m just asking. YOU ARE JOKING, RIGHT!?!?

  5. It seems like all these celebrities have the same black book that they use for emergencies and crisis, Get caught in a compromising position with a member of the same sex, dial Thots Unlimited. Career not where its’ suppose to be call reality TV R US. Need money asap call Sex Tape Leak Enterprises.

    The list goes on. Want to know who is a part of the club, just look at who’s been in circulation, getting passed around like a blunt at a house party. We see you Trina.

  6. Obviously they were ARRANGED to date lol just like how they arranged him and Khole. all he’s doing is climbing up the ladder of Fame because he doesnt wanna have to go back to working in a Deli corner store in the hood lmfao

  7. I dont understand these chics particularly in the industry because these rappers never claim them. Look at Drake, Baby,Wayne, Diddy, they never admit to who their with. I feel sorry for Cassie because she’s so young to put up with Diddy’s nonsense. Get some self esteem ladies and dont settle for the gifts, trips, and money.

  8. I don’t see how she was his beard. They never claimed each other. They stated that they lived together in New Jersey, but they never admitted to being a couple. Trina isn’t fooling anyone she had feelings for him she is just in denial and don’t want to look like boo boo the fool because he left her for someone and she claims to be “The Baddest Bi***”

  9. Well, I believe he’s sleeping with Khloe, sooo, maybe it was YOU, Trina…….im juss sayin

  10. This is exactly correct…where did Trina meet frenchie? At Puffs bday party. Where did Khewbaca AKA Khloe meet frenchie? Through Puff. +++1 million all day

    • Possibility. Read the book “Mogul” bty Terrence Dean . It talks about shyt like that in the music industry

  11. I don’t think Trina has the package. She never looked sick nor did she ever lose a pound. She’s always been thick. And yes I no they have medicine and most people you can’t tell if they’re sick blah, blah, I definitely no this just my opinion tho. And maybe they were smashing and maybe they weren’t. Its possible to be close to a guy and not smash. After this interview I see another side of her, and I think she gets a bad rep just because she’s seen with a few guys. I fuxed with Trina. French look like a lame anyway

  12. C’mon son/daughter! If you gonna lie don’t make it a big lie. You could have said y’all only phucked once. No one gonna believe you when you say you never gave up the p*ssy. You not phucking someone? You got a better chance of convincing me I can fly then convincing me that you were able to keep your legs closed around a man (gay or not)!

    • Nothing’s impossible, and at her age maybe she realizes having sex just is not good enough. Besides it aint that hard to control a p***y, it doesn’t get hard or pop out!

      • Sagitarius women are a little weird
        They are big flirts and can be very very open minded
        Then they have morals and standards 2
        They can be very freaky and very reserved at the same time which give them the label of being bat shit crazy
        But they are very smart and intelligent and ALWAYS have a heart of just often misunderstood

  13. Morocco is nothing like the middle east whatsoever. Yes, it’s North Africa, but it’s very liberal and progressive compared to many muslim countries. In fact, prostitution is rampant and very tolerated; and Im talking about both males and females. Arabs fly there to sleep with the women and Europeans go for the boys. The stories are notorious. How do you people not know this?

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