Mona Scott Young Is Scripting Her Cast To Get Arrested

Mona Scott Scripted Arrests

HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop New York production cameras were rolling last month when cast member Rich Dollaz was arrested for failing to pay back child support payments.

An insider is now saying, Mona Scott Young has stepped her game up and cast members going to jail, is now apart of the script. Don’t believe me.. Ask Yung Berg.

The drop:

“When Rich got busted television cameras were filming the whole thing. Mona is now scripting her cast members to get arrested to catch the tabloid gossip conversation. She has the other side of a highly discussed event. It’s FREE marketing.”


      • LMAO @hair-hat loofa. I just saw this! LML…but real talk, her hair hat loofa looks like it gets in all the cracks…shit is thorough

    • Miss Lawrence is attractive, to me, sans makeup and clothing. Has a nice face and strong features. If he didn’t juggle keilbasas with his rectum and was a tad bit taller with more muscle mass I would smash.

      Mona looks great afterwards. Actually looks younger and approachable.

      • Totally agree. Miss Lawrence is a cutie and is Funky Dineva(sans drag getup.) Derrick J. Is rather unfortunate though, bless his heart.

      • And then… After my long winded comment i scroll down a lil further in the comment section and there goes the comments about plastic surgery, bleaching blah blah blah smh lol… It never ceases to amaze me how easiky somebody can critic a persons looks so much so as to determine their little opinion and observations to be Bible. Smh. Thats a sign of evil to me and you can slice it up to be ok in your mind anyhow you like but its a sign of deep insecurity, egoism, vanity, and arrogance. I guess everybodys supposed to look how you want them to tho in your social retarded minds tho huh? Lol unbelievable how someone ppl claim to be so unattractive, can become so successful at the same time. If Mona waited on most of you to fe good about here before selfie pic, than she would be in the slums under baldwin hills at this point. I dont cosign any altercation of anyones looks besides their weight if its better for their health to lose or get in shape. I dont even cosign makeup or lipstick. Lipgloss an lotion/or oil is all i could stand. I also can not wait till most black women if not all leave the dead lice hair alone and learn how to rock their natural beauty. But my critical thinking brain tells me that its not about self hating most times, its about being addicted to a style that keeps your natural hair low maintenance. I even have a 18yo cousin with naturally coily hair down her back and you cant tell her nothing with her weave sow ins. She says its the style and she doesnt have to do her hair at all. However, she just turned 19 and now she doesnt even want to wear them anymore so she has stopped. I respect braids way better than that dead hair ish. Braids are our creation and look, but we def need to manufacture our own braid worthy hair if you have to wear somebody elses hair on your head. Anyway, i went left field, but my point is that all the bashing that you blacks and many others (bc i know by the comments most of yall are not even black), do only make ppls lives worse and push them to extremes. This is phsychology 101 and simple to a dummie. This is why ppl lean more towards ppl who seem to accept them more, and a big reason why blacks are suffering from a massive perpetuating cycle of racial disunity. We are the most critical of each other and its getting us no where. Its immature old and ridiculous. And we wonder why we are being held in capitivity still to this day by mutants controlled by draconic demonic entities. Why cant the natural women be revered and if you dont like someones plastic surgery or whatever then fine, but to ridicule them bc of this trajic decision is not even necessary bc most regret it in the long run anyway and have to live with the fact that they tamper with the Most Highs creation. Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder and skin deep no matter how many blogs you make to bash ppl w/o truly spiritually evolving and helping them in unconsciously. You are just making a fool out of yourself and the Cosmic forces that got you stuck here on this prison planet. Shalom.

    • Good Lord, you saturate this blog with CAPS, parenthesis and exclamation points. It’s ANNOYINGLY and DISTRACTING. HSK, allow you to do.this everyday, all day under every article, SMH. I never read your junk because it looks like, WELL, pointless dribble, JUNK!!!, useless garbage, coming from someone who really wants to say, ‘Look At Me, ‘Look At Me’, pay me some attention pleeeeeeease pay me just a little attention. Type like you got some sense or at least with a with a full deck of cards.

    • this bitch was in the uk with buster back in late 90’s or early 2000’s preaching respect and power to black women

      now look at her

  1. I had never seen a picture of the “before” Mona Scott Young until this. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so benefited by a moderate weight loss combined with a bit of subtle cosmetic surgery. She had a great doctor, because she doesn’t look freakish or plastic at all, just better. I think it was the maxillo-facial work on her under bite and jaw which really made a difference.

    • You really have a way with words That Chick! Escargot! funny 🙂

      I think this is living proof that cosmetic plastic surgery ISNT just for wrinkly white ladies. I always say that, while I may be wrinkle free, I and more a few others have ahem, “neck issues” which are related to having a firmer thicker skin than my Caucasian counterparts. When I hit the big 40 I am having the neck work that Mona had.

      • But we make mistakes or some people are born with defects. Believe it or not, thats y a lot of people abuse drugs and alcohol, because they r unhappy with themselves and ignorant people keep telling them to just be happy on the way God made u or dont try to improve yourself, just stay the same and suffer until u die
        Plasic surgery is not the entire solution to a mental health problem, but it can be of great health towards ur improvement
        Aint nothing wrong with a little plastic surgery
        God has placed them here too to help people
        Its the abuse of cosmetic surgery that is bad
        Cosmetic surgery can also improve your mental health along with pyscho therapy and medication
        I hate it when people say God dont make no mistakes and He made u this way
        Generational curses and ancestral curses are real and Faith without works is dead
        Thank God there is someone who can correct things professional and who can assist u in improving your life
        God is good sister and do u and get your cosmetic surgery so u can live life 🙂
        Hell u can get hit by a car or any type of thing (God forbid)
        Sometimes in life u may have to take risks and there are pros and cons in EVERYTHING!
        Just pray and seek a board certified surgeon

    • LMAO! NOPE! Big lookin’ like she carved and stashed a homemade shank up her sleeve! Stick n’ Move bytch, stick n’ move!


        • CTFU! Good Morning Sis!! We turnin’ this mo’ out this morning. Laughing and loving life!

          • I see! That ain’t Mona in that first pic. That’s Precious! (In my Monique’s voice),Precious, Get your ass in here and cook! Lmao!

          • LMAOOO @DR1. Oh Shit!! I’m cryin’ cuz they also said that’s Mona’s evil twin Bernadette that the 4 Tops was singin’ about.

          • Lmao! I can’t! Y’all got my crying laffin, coughing and everything else laffin at y’all nuts!

        • LMLLLL…Oh Snap…Love and Hip Hop Bayou…rappin, shuckin and jivin from the Swamp Land with the f*ckin alligators and Mona the Wilderbeast. Dipset Bytches!!

        • CTFU!!! Then after the TV hits her, we’ll commune together to bash her in the f*ckin head (two times) like the evil boar that she is…like John Travolta did to that pig in Carrie.

        • Y’all are AWFUL!!! teehee 🙂

          But for real, if ONLY Lil Kim had gone to Mona’s doctor! You can tell she really did her homework first.

        • My happy face is a retarded 1986 happy face. LOL..No emoticons for me I guess. LML

  2. She just collected SNAP in the first pic, and her SSI benefits rolled in in the 2nd

    • LMAOOOO!!! Nothing at ALL!!!! I pay 70¢ on the dollar when my cuzzo gets it. It’s BRAND NAME time!!!

        • You already know 414! I spread that love mad quick for you! Leave that lousy White Rose on the shelves…we buying Delmonte today! Wooh!

        • Bawhahahahahahahahahaha! Oh God! Bawhahahahahahahahahahaha! Y’all ain’t right! Lmbo!

  3. She had a great nose job by the looks of it. I wonder who her surgeon was? – Just for ‘research’ purposes …..Oh all right then, yes I do want one too!

    • I know right, one can only contour and do so much shading with makeup. I thought about once and then my dad lied and told me that generic you’re cute and perfect the way you are mess. Guess he didn’t want to pay for it at the time.

      Brandy and Oprah had a good one too streamlined their face without chopping off their ethnicity. Some Whites, SouthEast Asians and Latinos overdue it. I am told weight loss can alter someones face though so it could that her natural bone structure surfaced from the fat.

      • I bet her doctor is black and he knows how to do A-A noses. Unlike that butcher who does the Jacksons and others who end up nearly noseless.
        It’s like a refined version of their original nose, rather than an obliterated one.

        • Word, all the Jacksons’ noses look like they’re being pinched by invisible clothes pins. like they’re breathing in all the air in the room profusely.

      • It would be nice not to have to contour the nose all of the time. Like going from wearing contacts to having 20 / 20 after laser surgery.

    • I want one because I look extremely ugly from certain angles because of my nose profile. I would look – and feel better – if I had a little less width and a more structured look. I like everything else on my face and body though – well, my boobs are kind of small (and saggy) but hey, you can’t have everything in life …

      • Girl @Scorpiess
        Get your plastic surgery and do u 🙂
        U will be a hell of a happy when u do it
        But would be mad at yourself for waiting so long to do it
        Believe me, I know *wink wink* 🙂
        Remember everybody is in different predicaments and places in their lives
        So u cant view or take advice from everybody
        Do what your heart is content with and u are the only 1 who knows what can make u happy
        Delight thy self in The Lord and He will give you the desires of YOUR heart
        Be blessed sis and just do your homework and prayers on the doctor u select
        Make sure he is Board certified 🙂

        • Thank you for your positive proactive spirit. I think you made some very food points both here and in your post above^^^^^^. I will do my homework and find a board certified doctor who has done work on A-A necks(Michelin Man syndrome)so I can get rid of my issues like Kimora Lee Simmons got rid of hers. And it most certainly would make me a happier person, because right now it is bugging the hell out of me.

  4. She’ll prob set someone up to be killed..
    Wouldn’t put it past her..

  5. This Woman Is Like The Devil, This Show Is More Like A Drama Than A Realty Show, Mona You Need Help Girl.

  6. This before and after is no f*cking joke, jesus be a plastic surgeon and a fat farm…

  7. That before picture SO represents the inner beast in Mona! She looks real sinister and bitter! Now she all smiles in the after picture because she collecting coins off the foolishness of her ‘cast’!

  8. Nose-chopping and/or contouring talk…Self-hate at its finest. You never hear of anyone trying to make their noses like blacks, but blacks would kill their mothers to have an aquiline nose. All that does is reinforce White Supremacy, whether you’re in the Entertainment Industry or not. I’m sleep, though.

    • Our sisters have coined the term enhancement as the catch all for weaves, plastic surgery, wigs and so on. If black men went back to konks and Elvis and Beatle wigs ala Ike Turner black women would be mortified. Whatever. I’m sleep too.

      • Sisters have not coined a term. Physical enhancements were present before Westerners and Whites. Native Americans used to flatten their children’s foreheads for beauty. Ancient Egyptians also used augmentation, read up on the Edwin Smith papyrus. Rhinoplasty was perfected in Dravidian(Black/Cushite) India.

        Black men rarely wear their hair or facial hair grow past a length where their natural texture is present most men do not sport afros, dreads and beards. Black women love them regardless, Dax wax, wave cap and all.

        I don’t see too many Black American males or females coveting KRS 1’s nose. I believe people just want to look the best they can within the context of what they were born with.

        • Good points NI. I love ur mind btw but looking your best should not equate to white-like. It can’t only be self hate when it’s on somebody else.

          • NI doesn’t need me to cosign, but I want to add that there’s a big difference in equating looking good to looking white and the desire not to have KRS-1’s nose.
            Persian/Iranian folk and all Levantines and Arabs have been known for their prominent noses since the beginning of recorded history. I recently watched a documentary about the fact that women and men in Iran are chopping of their noses at a rate that is shocking all the elders in the country. Do they want to look white or do they simply want a more esthetically pleasing appearance?
            It’s human nature to focus on what one perceives as a “flaw” in their appearance. But when you see yourself as a conglomeration of flaws, that’s when you ought to dig a little deeper and come to grips with the real source of your unhappiness.

    • easy to say when you’re a man Raheim. It’s hard out there for a b*tch. Sure, we tend to want to fit the cultural norms of the West, but heck, we LIVE in the West. If I lived where bridgeless noses were universal I’m sure I’d be fine with it.

      But then again, that might not be true. Asia is the largest continent on earth, and yet Japanese, Korean and Chinese women want eyelids and Korean women are the worst for wanting to Westernize. I saw a whole series of before and after pics on a site which showed how Korean men and women are now going to surgeons who specialize in de-Asianizing Korean faces. They change them from broad and cheekbone free into something approximating Angelina Jolie to the tune or 50K+.
      It would be a wonderful world if we were all secure in our own natural looks, but the pressure to look like women in the magazines is neverending.
      You men really don’t know how good you have it. You like and wear your hair well, you like and look good in your skin regardless of the shade, and no one criticizes you for carrying a little extra weight. Well unless you are sporting the Gucci Mane third trimester look.

      • That’s true…To an extent. Black men may not be trying to ‘look like men in the magazines,’ looks-wise, but you and I both know we’re attacked even MORE than black women are in every other way.
        But for the interests of the subject, I’ll start with hairstyles–To this day, neither black men nor black women can wear cornrows, dreads, or twisties in certain jobs, particularly corporate jobs. ‘Natural’ hair (i.e. an Afro–Let’s call shit what it is) is more accepted, but still not ubiquitous, and colorism is still alive and well for both sexes–Black women just get the worst of it, thanks to entities like the Boule and the Boule-controlled so-called ‘black entertainment Industry,’ which has for years systematically put light-skinned and/or mixed women above black women (i.e. Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, all of whom black women are killing themselves to look like [Especially the first two] despite their having one mixed parent each). And don’t get me started on the skin-bleaching and manipulating lighting in photos and photoshoots. All I say is that if black women want to continue to butcher themselves to look as white as possible, then they need to drop all that ‘Beautiful, Strong, Independent, Powerful, Goddess Black Woman’ bull.shit., as it’s hypocrisy at best and worst.

      • The point is you ladies wear your hair well as well and look good in your skin. Good for thought.

          • My point was that black women shouldn’t feel like turning their noses into Geometry problems and wearing weaves are what they have to do in order to get a (quality) black man, or any man, for that matter. I know there’s a multitude of whitewashed black men out there who drool over non-black women and bw who look as least black as possible, but it’s not true for all of us (And those who do like you for who you are don’t wear Rasta Tams, are smoked out, or have an overabundance of Incense in our homes. That being said, all weave-wearers and nose-chiselers can chill out and do what you do.

            • I got your point raheim. We are so much more beautiful in our true essence. I stopped getting perms two years ago and my hair has grown so long and healthy way down my back. I stopped wearing makeup also, I use natural products like neem oil soap to clean my face. My skin is glowing and I no longer have break outs. I constantly get compliments about my skin and hair. We are beautiful people and we don’t need to conform to the European standards of beauty. I wish more black people would put down all of their products…I’m so Greatful I did.

            • Raheim,

              We LOVE you! Thank you for always uplifting & encouraging black women & for never tearing us down & forsaking us.

              I appreciate you more than any words can express.

            • Thank you, Ms Reg Says!, and the feeling is mutual, as I’m sure you know. I know we as black men and women have a multitude of issues/problems between and dealing with each other, many of which were created and maintained by TPTB, but I for one would never forsake the good bw because of the actions of so many bad bw AND men. The last thing we need as a people to be as utterly divided as we are, and that includes how we see and present ourselves to the world. Thanks again.

            • Thanks Shortcake. Encountering black women on here who aren’t obsessed with trying to look and be like those who hate them is a rare occurrence, to say the least. The same goes for Ms Reg Says!, Jazzy, and a few other female regulars on here.

  9. This fat nasty looking bitch is a f*cking mess. Bitch still looks the same with all the makeup. Bitch, you is still f*cking ugly. Take your stink Ms. Piggy looking ass back to Haiti.

    • Stop lying! U know damn well Mona look so much better now after the plastic surgery Smh.
      Black people are so negative and hateful

  10. I’m not surprised by Mona’s tactics but it’s very low. I remember the story of Benzino getting shot by his nephew. Did she set that up too?

  11. Wow thats Mona in that picture looking like a chia pet. The caption should say just add water. Lol.

  12. the shady producers are the same across the board. Andy Cohen, Mona Scott Young, etc

  13. Thanks Jacky. I was trying to remember what “Exploit ’em” Mona looked like pre LHH days. I now remember her from Missy Elliott’s reality show. Things that make me go, “hummm” is all I can say. Sidenote: My HSK family’s comments are on fire today. KMSL especially @”THATCHICK414!!!”/”THE TRUMPET BLOWER!!!”, @TainoBoriqua and @anon9:11 You all have made my day is complete. Lol

  14. Honestly look at the last 20 stories on hsk. It’s advertising for reality tv. That’s it. Mona probably brought the site.

  15. Mona doesn’t see what other folk see…She’s Oblivious To It All! In this day and time with all the black male derangement syndrome poppin’ off on a continual basis, and she has the nerve to be in front of the stage as “The Biggest Cheerleader” of them all. I don’t condone violence against women, but, somebody needs to slap the brown off her ass. We can disagree on certain things in relation to LHHNY and the other spinoffs, but, this is not one of them. Our foreparents fought like hell to get out of bondage, and negros really wanna take it there in 2014?

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