Drugs Damaged Eminem’s Face

Eminem Faces of Meth

Faces of Meth!

Eminem was addicted to prescription drugs and continued abuse of those drugs throughout the years has made an impact on his face.

Here’s what Eminem said in the documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs:

“Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would of died. My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything. They were gonna have to put me on dialysis, they didn’t I was gonna make it.”


  1. All that chalky foundation he’s wearing in that photo isn’t doing him any favors. He doesn’t look great, but I don’t think he looks any older than most 40 year old white men. We forget that him, Dre, Snoop and them are middle aged men now. Of course they’re not going to look like they did in their heyday.
    His liver was shutting down because of the high content of acetaminophen in the pain pills he was taking for years. Actually, he took a lot of different kinds of pills, but I never saw him do any meth. He’s not the meth type. He’s a downers type.

    • THIS!
      And you are sooooooo right that people forget that the guys are all middle aged now. I choose to forget because remembering that fact means I am also middle aged myself.

    • He might have pock marks on his face which is why he is wearing heavy foundation. I saw a doc once about meth users and they all had bad marks on their face, they said it causes them to pick their faces when they are high.

    • try working round the clock like he does and i guarantee it will take its toll on your looks. never mind the drugs.

      looking at that pic, eminem is the hip hop michael jackson lol he looks like a blackman made up to be a whiteman lol

    • Um…my bro is 43 and uh..yeah…..he looks like hes 34 and he is a white male….so maybe you just don't take care of yourself 😉

  2. Em doesnt look too bad. He looks hard as if life has worn on him a bit but he’s not too shabby. I’m glad to know he’s off drugs…or at least I hope he is anyway.

    • I Agree. He doesnt look Good on a normal scale BUT He looks like what he is – White Trash. And on that scale he looks pretty good for all the drugs he’s done(least he still has his teefus). They usually look a LOT worse when they Crash.

      • This made me laugh. I feel bad for it but it was needed after a long day.

    • He does look haggard…tired…done ran himself ragged is what. Drugs most def did not help. Welp…at least he’s rich 《shrugging shoulders》

    • Glory to God!!! Wooooow Trumpet Blower didn’t He fix it!! Just like you said He would! THE PRAYERS OF THE RIGHTEOUS AVAILETH MUCH

      You sure can get the prayers up! Hallelujah!!

  3. All I see is ALOT of makeup. Maybe he’s trying to hide something. Whether they r on drugs or not; most White ppl after a certain age their skin start to crack

    • Especially white folks of Irish descent. Their skin is super thin and almost like tissue paper.
      My guess is the makeup was for a photo shoot. Em may be weird, but dude does not go around in face makeup or guyliner(like Dre) in his day to day life.

  4. It’s kinda early to derail the thread with craycray conspiracy theories, but I read an article(maybe on V C, don’t really remember where) But….it said, Em we see now is not the real Marshall Mathers. Sounds insane but it was this whole article about him, Paul Mc Cartney, former president Jimmy Carter etc. Even Kanye sometimes performs wearing a full face mask and people don’t believe its really him. Not sure I believe in the whole cloning/synthetic theory but its more than possible that somw celebs have look alikes and hire them to make appearances when they need a break. What’s really creepy is how many celebs have seas ringers that died a long time ago. Besides Nice Cage, Jay Z, and John Travolta, …Jennifer Lawrence, Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Zuckerberg, Jake Gyllenhall all have them too.

    • I heard the same thing and I kind of believe that
      A few months ago even Donald Trump was shouting loud from the rooftops that Jimmy Carter was not the real Jimmy Carter. Trump is a little rude at times but I kind believe him somewhat
      When u get a chance pick up this book called “Soul d
      Out” by G.E. Butler
      Its a very interesting read

      • The character in the book named William Mitchell is based on Eminem, you got that? Is that why you brought up the book?

        Had a good email chat with the author when it first came out. I reread it recently and can’t even believe how much has come to pass from a supposedly fictional story…

    • Never 4get. Conspiracy theories are from those with critical thinking and are not really “cray cray”
      Its the people who go along with or believe everything that the media says or what the government says that is good for them that are “cray cray”.

      • Conspiracy theories are from people with paranoid tendencies. There is very little critical thinking involved.

    • I always heard Paul McCartney wasn’t the same Paul from the early Beatles era.





    • I saw some creepy shit like that with Bill Clinton, they were putting makeup on him and he looked like a robot. I cant remember where I saw it but it gave me pause. O_O!

      • Speaking of videos, Black Child just put up a 2 minute one of Beyonce in some kind of MK Ultra trance at a bball game with Jay Z next to her looking quite nervous. it’s very disturbing. Very few commenters can even argue with it, which is unusual for a Beyonce video.


        • He includes footage from her Pepsi commercial at the end, where all her alters are in the mirrors behind her and then the mirrors all shatter. The symbology of her shattered psyche is rather in your face.

        • ILoveJC, I saw it somewhere last night. What in tha… I couldn’t believe it, she was clearly gone and he is sitting there like, maaaaaannnn please don’t snap out on me right now.

          That was hard to watch, the swaying only made it worse.

          • @Black Enga IKR?! I’d love to hear Trumpet Blower’s review of that tape lol!!

            There’s a tv show in development called MK ULTRA, if you can believe that. They’re putting it right up in our faces.

            I expect to see something happening with Beyonce someday that’s gonna have our jaws on the floor. Like even the blindest people will be forced to admit there’s bones in the bread and the milk ain’t clean. God will use it for good, though.

            • Lol, I know she is going to go in on and let have.

              I can believe they would come up with a show like that, look at what they have been are getting away so far.

              I think a lot of people can see it but choose to be in denial so that they don’t have to deal with it.


            • *What else do they need to do in order for people realize that they are not playing.

    • Damn.is that Right?u just taught me something.i never even considered the thought.thanx for the insight. 🙂

  5. I am starting to believe those wacky about the real Marshall Matters being murdered by the Powers that Be and replaced with an actor or possibly a clone for an evil agenda. I know some people age like spoiled milk he looks nothing like he did 15 years ago. The eyes look vacant.

  6. Attn: Conspiracy Theorists of HSK

    I realize that since I am behind a keyboard and y’all don’t know me, there will be some skepticism about this, BUT, I have known Marshall since 1999. He is not dead or holed away on some tropical island in hiding. He is very much alive and living in Michigan like the virtual hermit he has become. I last saw him in June, and I assure you I would have recognized an impersonator or “clone.” When discussing personal recollections from the past, it would be impossible for a stand in to be aware of inside conversations which took place over 10 years ago.
    And besides, why on earth would he just disappear? The only things he cares about are his kids, and he would never consent to living separate from them. I guess this is what happens when a celebrity shuns the spotlight and stays in his house all the time. lol

    • Then, why is it that you can’t find any pictures of he and his daughter after 2006? He wasn’t even at her college graduation! Come on now with the bs. This isn’t E! You know it too!

      • You are so wrong. He was at her graduation from Chippewa High(I’ve seen his pictures) and he was there when she was crowned Homecoming Queen. That was one of his proudest moments!
        She is just starting college this year at MSU.

        Look, I’m not going to belabor the point because I respect his right to his privacy. Knowing Marshall, he may have STARTED the damn rumors so people would forget about him and he could just fade slowly into obscurity. I’m just kidding, Paul would never allow him to completely disappear… lol.

    • If that’s true then Em is one of the few smart celebrities out there. I would do the same thing, make my money and run.

  7. Fugk em I used to fugk wit his music til I heard the song about black girls only wanting your money

    • I know, and he would love to erase that part of his history too. It was 20 years ago. He is a very emotional hot head, and as you know he took all his anger out on Kim in his musical lyrics in the past too. I can tell you that his closest friends without exception are black folks from home.
      He made a mistake, and he has paid the price for it.
      But a racist he is not.

    • @Deface America Alive

      He Called Black Women Ugly And He Also Said The N Word


      Eminem Is A Typical White Man He Doesn’t Think What He Says, He Thinks Just Because He’s Got Black Friends He Can Justify, Using The Word Like Some Whites Do

      • I’m sorry but he doesn’t use the n word publicly or n his music, and he did not call black women ugly. That’s a bald face lie. He may use the n word privately with the dudes he grew up with I don’t know, but if he does, I’m sure it is something they approve of. He sure has never used it around me.

        • @Anonymous

          I’m Not Saying He’s Racist But He Called Black Women Nasty Names, He Also Called Black Women Gold Diggers

          • Yes he did say that black girls only want your money. I will agree with that. He had just been dumped by his girl who was black and he was doing what he always does which is blow off steam in his verse. I am NOT defending it. But he does not use the n word in his music because he knows it’s not his place to do so.
            And by the way LF, name me a black rapper (other than Tupac and a small handful of others) who haven’t said negative things about us in verse. Doesn’t make it right, but have some perspective. Just be fair, if you hated it when Marshall did it, then you should hate it when others do it.

            • Thank you Truth. You expressed it beautifully, and I am going to forward this to him along with the post which breaks down why the writer is convinced he is no longer alive. This will mean a lot to him I’m sure.

              For the record, the photo up top was taken this week when he was in NYC for the Wall Street Journal’s honoring of Dr. Dre for his billion dollar Beats deal. Since it was early in the morning I’m sure he was half asleep and they slapped some makeup on him for the cameras and it wasn’t his best look.
              I like what you said about life leaving it’s footprint on you. So true.

            • Great points Truth and AN 8:20. I wasn’t happy to hear what Eminem said about his ex gf but Em has said much worse things about his mom and his ex wife. Like most rappers, he has very little respect for all women.

    • @Deface America What Em said in that song about Black Women being gold diggers is truth.Maybe not every single BW but I’d say from personal experience 98% of them are.

      • And the negative shyt they say about black men is 98% correct also
        Hey, dont shoot the Messenger just get the message

        • So Your Saying Is Ok For A Crackkka To Use The N Word Just Because They Have Black Friends??

          If So It Means Your Phucking Stupid Take Your Ass Back To School With Your Dumb Ass, Most Of You People On This Thread Are
          Coons Except For BlackAnastasia And Anonymous 16:17

          The Rest Of You A Phucking Clowns And Coons Eminem Is A Phuck Bway Alway Have And Always Will Be
          He Got Lucky Because Dr Gay Likes White Ass And Dick

          He’s A Bubble Gum Rapper He’s Music Is Cheesy And Poppy No Substance No Seriousness

  8. Do’t Act Dumb Cos You Appear Dumb………….

    We All Know White People Do’t Age Well, Eminem Looks Really Bad Not A Huge Fan Of His Because He’s Overrated Because He’s White And He Can Rp
    People Think He’s Like The Best Rapper Out There Not!!

    He Allegedly Got His Friend Set Up Back In 2005 With His (Toy Solider) Song Which Was Crap. In His Music Video A Nukka Get’s Shot Outside A Club
    And Also In Real Life……………… A Coincidence I Think Not!!

    Read Between The Lines People The Music Industry Is A Big Joke!!

  9. Wowwwwww! Is this pic photoshoped? Is this how the industry do people? He looks old and sick.dam slim shady what happen mane?

    • Have you seen the “Monster” video ft. Rihanna? For myself it had been difficult to receive the subliminal messages behind “Relapse” & “Recovery” because he was actually saying what he actually wanted but how it’s acted out within the video is the complete opposite from all the videology from the last 2 albums Whatever his stance is w/ how he gets his money It is evident, obvious, & clear that he died or is in hiding ghostwriting for “himself” EITHER WAY ABOUT IT THE PERSON WHO RARELY APPEARS AT AWARD SHOWS & DOES THE PR IS NOT A “clone” IT’S SIMPLY JUST NOT EMINEM THE REAL SLIM SHADY HAS BLUE-HAZEL EYES NOT JET BLACK 1s like the fake has had since 8-MILE I haven’t seen the real Marshall Mathers since THE GUILTY CONSCIENCE MTV VMA LIVE AWARDS SHOW when he WORE BIFOCAL PRESCRIPTION GLASSES

      The common sense that rides at the front of the brain is alllllwayssss the last part to be conditioned So you react to the music 1st then you see visuals to match & you are to accept it for what it is before you analyze it W/ the “Monster” video common sense will tell you he is still alive but under watch (hopefully not imprisoned or dead & replaced) In the video Rihanna dissociates him & breaks down alllll of his alters & exposes his personalities & all of the trauma he suppresses which if you don’t know is very dangerous because the subject can self-destruct if installed a trigger to do so

      Then as he relives his tragedies whilst glimpsing back through all his old videos dropping further & further within his elevator mind he reaches the bottom lowest floor & he exits the elevator to see himself within a box surrounded by martial law officers aiming guns at him in the box He approaches the other him in the box but rejects the rhymes the him in the box threw at him This enrages the him in the box & Em simply turns his back on him & goes back in the elevator up & that’s it

      For me it was easy to understand he either is dead now & that’s why we will not hear anymore real rap or he underwent the proper torture & his contract his void so he isn’t bound to writing anymore & has been granted freedom even though his passion is his art which the Elite now have complete control over because if he really is dead or free he isn’t who is presented to us So they portray & push whatever they want w/ his face, his brand They can kill this imposter doppelgänger & call it heroin or whatever to smear the real Marshall Mathers then he can never come out to the light to say anything like this ever happened to him That’s why people fake their deaths because it’s easier to let their handlers & masters explain a lie of how they abused drugs then for the star to admit to the selling of the soul & risk fighting a already defeated battle that they know they will lose & end in death or them just sounding & looking crazy

      Hope I helped w/ your question of what happened to him

      • Wow. You really gave this some thought, and you’re clearly no dummy. I am sending your post to him so he can see for himself what is being said and thought about him. I think he will enjoy it in a perverse way.
        But believe me, he is still with us.

        • Well since you know him like that ask him what really happened to proof, did he really sleep with that 15 yr old Swedish girl who had the fake ID claiming to be 22. And is he still good friends with elton John. Just curious.

      • Why would you purposefully expose yourself to something you knew had satanic messages? That seems pretty dumb…

    • I feel the same way when viewing recent photos of who I am led to believe is Missy Elliot, looking like the favorite neighborhood crackhead. I dont approve of the wasting away look on her.

  10. Personally I thought his mom was going to be his sacrifice because of how low down he spoke of her and Kim too I forgot about her and the problems they were having in the past. Wow!

  11. Let’s Be Perfectly Honest Eminem Got Into The Rap Game By Lucky

    Dr Gay Prone White Butts, That’s The Only Reason Eminem Made It This Far In The Rap Game

    Dr Gay Was Phucking Snoop Then Dr Gay Ditched Snoop For Some White Ass….

    Didn’t Like How Eminem Profited Off 2Pac’s Song (Ghetto Gospel) Ft Elton John The Song Was Straight Up Trash!!

    • Right. That’s why no less than Rakim called him the greatest technical rapper of all time and the best at wordplay and writing complex verse.
      He did not say that he thought the content of his verse was the best, but you try and find me a rapper who doesn’t have MAD respect for Marshall’s ability to spit and string words together.
      Rakim’s exact words were(and you can verify this by Googling Rakim, You tube and Eminem)”IF he were a black man, he would be considered the best of all time.”
      Now maybe you don’t respect Rakim, and maybe you know more about rap and hip hop than he does, but you just sound like a hater who hates him because he is white.
      You remind me of that idiot CB who never liked a damn thing in her life.

      • @Anonymous

        Calling Me A Idiot Was An Insult, People Have Their Own Opinion Do’t Ram Your Beliefs Down People’s Throats.
        Eminem Is A Ok Rapper He’s Race Doesn’t Have Nothing To Do With It.

        I Wouldn’t Say He’s The Best Lyricist, He’s More Like A Bubble Pop Rapper Like Iggy Azeala He Doesn’t Rap About Serious Topic Like Other Rappers Do

        • I did not call you an idiot. I called you a hater.

          Iggy Azalea? Really? Don’t you think she is more analogous to Vanilla Ice? Bubble gum is not a term I’ve ever heard used to describe his style, but whatever.

          • @Anonymous

            Listen Bruh, His Music Doesn’t Compare To Nas, Rakin, Jayz Etc He’s Nothing But A Bubble Gum Rapper
            I Ain’t A Hater Just Pointing Out The Facts, Truth Hurts Just Get Over It

            He’s Music Is For Kids Who Want To Rebel Against Their Parents….He’s Nothing Special Just A Bubble Rapper

            • I love the rappers aforementioned..but Em isn’t bubble gum by far.lol..imo EM killed Jay on his own shit. “Renegade” don’t sleep.lol.

            • You are right about that. To me, Jay isnt the greatest technical rapper which is why he sounds subpar when paired with the likes of Eminem, Nas or Kendrick Lamar on the ‘Kill my Vibe’ remix. Paired with UGK, he sounds like Rakim.

              Em is one of the few who I would listen to without a beat because of his technical skills, word play and wit. Its like a combination of Twista, Andre Benjamin, Pharaohe Monch and Red man. The Marshall Matthers lp was my favorite eminem album. The skit concerning Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J was disturbingly funny and he delivered with each track.

            • I agree with everything you say about em n its your opinion which I feel we all have a right to look @ anyone in anyway we feel fit he ain’t shid but a weak white rapper if it wasn’t for his mother treating him like shid and him having so much hate in his heart he would have had nothing to rap about lol dead serious tho he can’t be compared to any black rapper either except lil wayne

      • @anon that is CB. Every few weeks it changes it handle and gender but the writing style is the same.

  12. All these plastic faced celebrities look off. It’s in the eyes.. there’s a vacant look like there is no soul in there. Even in this pic, the skin around his eyes looks unnatural. Something is awry…

    • There was talk about the vacant look in the eyes you speak of in a post on here a while ago:

      “…Like they say the eyes are the window to the soul and when they get empty so too is the soul.”

      Here’s the rest of the paragraph for context:

      “…They (Industry Execs) have your every move recorded from the time you audition. We have hours upon hours of tape on people we never even signed. We film people slingin on their block. We have your favorite male stars on tape begging to give industry men oral for slots on a particular tour, bookings on SNL or to perform at certain events. We have many of them on tape renouncing their Lord and savior.”


      As for whoever above said Em has blue eyes, if his eyes are a different color, is it not possible he was wearing contacts back then? If I’m not mistaken, he once said his label made him dye his hair blonde, so the contacts wouldn’t be farfetched.

        • No problem. Between that thread and this one:


          There was a LOT of knowledge being dropped, though I wonder why the Insider didn’t really go in on the Execs and other label people (i.e. the ones who make/made artists f*ck and suck then for record deals, tours, shows, etc.) by either naming names or giving clues as to who they are, similar to how HSK broke down Terrence Dean’s ‘Mogul’ book? Not to say what was said wasn’t good enough, I’m just saying the ones coercing the artists into doing much of the shit they do should be put on front street even moreso than the artists.

  13. The eyes are the window to your soul indeed. The only time that I have personally seen that vacant look in people’s and animal’s eyes is when they have experienced severe trauma and abuse. They have a vacant stare without any light. It’s like their essence has been sucked out and all that remains is a shell. Can someone say “Dark Crystal”.

    Then there are those whose eyes make me feel very uneasy when I look at pictures of them. After learning more about them, I found out that my instincts were right. People like Queen Elizabeth and David Rockefeller. Their eyes give off this coldness that makes my skin crawl, don’t believe me, google images of them.

  14. They said and he said it himself he’s been replaced with a robotoid humanoid

  15. M always looks like he’s scared and paranoid these days. He a shell of his former self. Maybe he’s grown up or bored with the spotlight. Either way I ain’t missing him.

  16. He has a song where his clone raps he’s been killed and replaced. I wonder if eneminem friend or shill can explain that and don’t say no bs he made them up himself,because we know they hire shills and online agents just like they higher crisis actors.

    • His friend is probably a PR for TPTB to keep the story going that Em is alive and well

  17. He looks like a clone. What is it with these celebrities? They have all that money and they seem to all go down not up. This is common with all celebs and especially old school. Something is going on behind the scenes more than we know.

  18. In my entire life I’d never think I’d ever say j’d say “just say yes” lol, ni99a,looked healthier on drugs! oK/

  19. Aftermath he is, I think he is ruined by math , no way it’s natural for 42 yo.
    He may die..

    • If it bothers you so much why watch? You seem very interested in the movements of these demonic people. The TV button goes off if you want it to.

      • I have one thing to ask of you. Can you use commas and periods when writing. You made good points but it is exhausting trying to insert punctuations while you are reading. #no shade

  20. em looks like a methhead those drugs destroyed his nose.

    price you pay for doing and promoting drugs.

  21. First, let me start by saying Em is one Ill ass emcee. No if, ands, or buts to it.

    Ahem.. He sold his soul before even having an opportunity to blow. He was so demonic from whatever was done to him in his youth and he refused to look to the Lord or anything else he felt wasn’t there for him.

    I honestly believe he was abused sexually as a boy as well. I think that’s another reason he was so resentful towards his mother as well as harsh on other women. It’s a classic case of a woman more concerned with her relationship with a pedo and God knows what else than her children. The child may even disclose things with their mother only to be further emotionally abused and attacked as well as being called a liar. This could be the reason he’s so protective of his daughter and would really kill or be killed before allowing any harm to come near her.

    This is the reason why his mother could NEVER be his sacrifice. She’s his first known tormenter most likely and he must genuinely loath her. TPTB have to take someone who is dear to you and your life.. ie. Proof.

    This man had/has so much rage in him and they used it as a ploy to get more kids to be rebellious with an IDGAF attitude. He reached the masses because he was white and his first single was goofy like white kids like. I was in the 6th grade going to a predominantly white school and the white boys ate it up.. Almost even obsessed with him. They soon after turned a cold shoulder after hearing the next few singles. They hated he was a white rapper. He just never seemed to be able to win.

    I even believe him when he speaks on Mariah C. I don’t believe he’s lying on that crazy broad, and she knew he talked so much shit about others that it’s her unreliable ass word over his shrewd but possibly true word.

    Last.. Em is a dope ass emcee/ lyricist. Even when he’s not saying shit, his chop is deadly. Straight up!!

  22. Oh I also read an article where they say MJ was killed and buried at Neverland Ranch late 80s and the other guy is faux.

  23. @Rah I remember that episode vividly. I fux w/ Robot Chicken. It is 15 min only, yet better than hours of straight bs on tv all damn day.

    • Yeah, Robot Chicken is cool, but they, like South Park, Family Guy, and Macfarlane’s other half-bullshit shows, have said some slick shit about blacks and they feel justified in doing so because of all the Cooning yes-men black actors & actresses in Hollywood. I used to watch the show & clips online a lot before realizing that.

      • Well, not only blacks every culture. I’ve always enjoyed the shows for that reason I suppose. They don’t hide what we all want to say but won’t.

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