Beyonce Reaches Out To Her Nephew

Kelly Rowland Matthew Knowles Daughter

The rumor mill has been spinning for years by people making accusations that Mathew Knowles is really Kelly Rowland’s father.

Now, Beyonce might have thrown some fuel on that fire by sending out a message yesterday on social media. Know why? Because Beyonce’s instagram message didn’t only say that Kelly Rowland is her sister, but the pop star also addressed Rowland’s new born baby Titan Jewell, as her nephew.

Here’s what Beyonce revealed:

Beyonce Fuels Speculation


  1. That was nice of Weaveonce’…
    Now let’s see if she can let Kelly have THIS time & spotlight without her making some silly-ass announcement or attention seeking antic.

    • You up being hateful and foolish already? One has to be on the B list at least for Beyoncé to feel threatened, none of her group members pose a threat.You blog warriors love to say you want Kelly to have some shine but turn off the lights everytime she releases an album or a single not about sex. Lip service is all Kelly has gotten from her “fans” hence why one liar is the star and the other wishes she was!

      • Kelly is not a star like bey cause of her not standing alone in interviews, style and song choices. Kelly has a lot of potential but she keeps squandering it away by talking about Beyonce all the time. Kells need to tell reporters don’t mention Beyonce name and keep the conversation completely on her (Kelly ). I truly feel she made the wrong move with this guy she could’ve done so much better and i think she was already when she got married. If her husband was fine as hell Beyonce wouldn’t be congratulating her on a beautiful baby.

        • Tim WItherspoon may not be as fine as hell but compared with Jay Z he is freakin’ Tyson Beckford.

          • Both are unattractive, it doesn’t matter how you cut it. Now Kelly baby boy can get away with not being a cute kid ,lucky for Kelly, it’s not a girl.

    • the siteowner is an ass

      black people are of a culture where by your parents friends are considered an uncle or an auntie. It is a mark of respect

    • she’s already stealing the limelight by stirring up this sister rumor. if she wont claim her proven lil bro why would she claim a sister

  2. Smh
    This star/idol worshipping is getting way out of hand
    Its ok to admire ones talent and success but too take up for these people like u know them and are related to them is on some other shyt. Smh

  3. Well, who cares about a little thing like biology, anyway. Those two are sisters whether or not Matthew is really kellys dad or not. And they could be bio sisters cuz matthew has shown the world his expertise at making beautiful children and then pretending they don’t exist. Wonder if Kelly gonna let him see the baby?
    I’m glad Beyonce expressed joy and called the baby fam, I think she did it a, cuz she is sincerely happy over the baby and b, she’s letting us know that she knows how to acknowledge a kids existence should she be so inclined. She ain’t trying to embrace any of her platoon of outside siblings except Kelly. That is all.
    Can’t wait to see the baby tho. Bet he’s a little brown sugar piece of heaven on earth.

  4. LOL are you serious? Stop trying to turn bullshit into a story….Really….stop. Don’t be like Bossip or MTO – ignorant. Not knowing about something and then trying to make up a story about it is wrong.

  5. Fugk bennnonccce n every other fake assess celebrity I used to think meeting a celebrity was cool but I forgot u gotta spend money to see them and I rather make myself rich

  6. Kelly is basically Beyonce’s boring and skinnier adopted sister having lived with the Knowles as a child. This is harmless. Many people have friends who are like siblings. Sometimes you share a closer connection than blood relatives.

  7. That was really sweet….. it sounds like the beyonce we know. they need to get together and just bash him completely especially for all the confusion and trouble that he caused them in the year 2000

  8. Beyonce Is What You Call An Attention Bich………

    She Couldn’t Let Kelly Have Her 5 Mins In The Spotlight So Decide To Play The Doting Aunt Role (Yeah Right Bey)
    Do’t Worry Kelly, Because Jay Tamber Brellie Is Writing An Unauthorized Tell All Book About Beyonce

    About Her Life Who She Dated Before Jay About And About Her Marriage

    He Actually Asked Beyonce’s Family And They Told Him Everything

      • Maybe not but those students who went to school with all of destinys child (old & new) members, can tell a mouth full about ya girl. Heard bey used to get her ass whoop all the time about her hot mouth and Kelly use to run.

        • @black

          Thanks For The Info, All Beyonce’S Hidden Secrets Are Coming Out

      • @Cocobread

        Listen Honey! Do’t Run Your Dutty Mouth At The Messenger Ok!, Just Telling You What Wendy Williams Said On Her Talk Show
        Jay Tamber Brellie Is Writing A Unauthorized About Your Girl B. Her Family Members Has Given Him Or Her Information About Beyonce

        It Will Be Out This Time Next Your,

  9. Kelz and Koi most definitely favor. Unfortunately Kelly is the ONLY outside child they are allowing because they were all kids and didn’t know any better. But as Adults they aint having it. Wonder how Kelly feels about the other outside kids?

  10. This Is My Theory……..

    Kelly’s Father Was Abusive Towards Her Mother………Why Would A Man Put His Hands On A Woman?, Unless The Woman Was Cheating
    On Him. Then Kelly And Her Mother Moved To Texas?? Where Matthew Resides With His (Scary Looking) Ex Wife And 2 Kids

  11. I call my childhood besties sister and their kids are my nieces and nephews. This means absolutely nothing.

  12. SMH, why couldn’t Kelly be allowed to release such an intimate picture with her own child?

    Very messy B, very messy.

    • Are you blind?? That is NOT a pic of the baby and those damn sure aren’t Bey’s hands! Yall have let hatred consume whatever f*cking common sense you HAD. That pic symbolizes new life, NOT Kelly’s new baby.

      • That’s her post I don’t care if it isn’t her hand. I don’t let hate consume me, you do hence your attacking people for saying anything negative about your precious idol. And don’t be saying Ya’ll, what did I say that was hateful? I said she was messy.

        She’s the one who always shades Kelly in public. So she acknowledged Kelly and held the baby, what does she want a cookie?

        So buzz your little self on back to the bee hive and tell Bey I said good job.

      • Haaaa haaa! Are you serious? I guess you know what is in her mind, body spirit ans soul huh? She posted the message. Shouldn’t Kelly already know that? She felt the need to tell the world, why? Exactly…………

        Bye Beyonce, I see you are all in your feelings.

      • Quick memo, did you see that video of her at the game? I think her mind and soul have officially left the building.

        Perhaps you and cocobread can put your energy to greater use by helping her find them. Ummmmm, yeah…. I think that would more beneficial to her than you worrying about what other people post about. Stan much?

  13. Did i or did i not see a doc on d/c on mtv and the knowles fam adopt Kelly but the were like almost of leagal age?

  14. Screw Beyawnce and her bougie low down family. At least Kelly knows what it feels like to go through childbirth. Everybody knew that Mathew was Kelly’s father. Now the question is Mathew really Beyonce’s dad?

  15. “I felt very maternal around eight months,” she remembers. “And I thought I couldn’t become any more until I saw the baby. . . . But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child. I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain. . . . We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.”

    “When I gave birth, that was the first time I truly let go and surrendered. And it taught me how amazing that feels.”

    “So much joy and… she introduced me to myself,” says Beyoncé. “My daughter introduced me to myself… My mother and I are so close and I always prayed that I would have that type of relationship with my daughter. And she’s still a baby, but the connection I had with her when I was giving birth was something I have never felt before… We had a communication, and I envisioned her. And I envisioned the birth.”

    • Bitch please. The world know Beyonce never had a baby her ass showed no signs in her body, actual clear pictures or behavior. Kelly, Solange and many others were actually pregnant so please, like this lying fraud have several seats and stop stanning.

      • You should watch who you call a bitch. It would behoove you to re read my replies before you start name calling.

        These are actual quotes that Beyonce SAID about child birth. Did she have her baby naturally? I don’t know I wasn’t there. But what I do know is that when I gave birth to my children the things that she said were the least things on MY mind. Can someone say epidural?

        Beyonce stan? Never. I responded like everyone else to an article and gave my opinion on it. Some people didn’t like it. So what, I don’t care, I’m not the one putting my business in the streets to stay relevant.

        All of these self proclaimed (gods/goddesses) who think they are perfect with perfect lives eventually fail and prove that they are mere mortals, capable of making mistakes just like the rest of us.

        Oh heavy is the head that wears the crown………

  16. You guys are MUCH bigger fans of Beyoncé than the people that stand in the front row of her concerts because those people go home after they are entertained to their lives. Meanwhile, yall follow every single move she makes and actually care about her personal life and family.

    • So you just go on every thread telling people to stop commenting on celebrities cause they are stans. Haven’t you got somthing better to do. Cause you looking like a bytch in here. Talking loud and saying nothing,

      • I actually don’t post here very often. But I see no one has a rebuttal to my posts. That’s because I am right. It’s a free country nevertheless. Just know that the people in this thread are much more in love with Beyoncé than the average fan because you take time to debate her personal life.

        Peace out!

        • Why you here then. Why. You like your horse and looking down. People are trying snap people out of doing what you accuse people here of doing, staning for celebs. If you are “awake” and you let people around you sleep, you are as bad as tptb. Awake people here are trying wake everybody up. It seems you don’t care if people are asleep. Don’t come back then. Fuck off and stay the f*ck off. Cuz we are gunna push all the buttons, and pull all the switches.

    • How do you know what her fans do when they go home? If you have some research and statistics about which fans are more rabid: the concert goers or those online, doesnt that make YOU worlds biggest stan?

  17. Fuck this shit about all of Mathews basterd kids, I’m trying to find out what kind of Chinese Molly Beyonce been popping..

  18. when mother beyonce speaks the world needs to stfu.

    how dare you all blaspheme the mother of all creation.

    repent all of you.

    • How about you stfu. Your “mother” doesn’t give a shit about you, stan…you sound real f*cking stupid, lmfaooo.

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