Safaree Samuels Is Back Home Living With His Mom

Safaree Samuels Back At Moms House

Momma’s Boy!

HSK Exclusive – Safaree Samuels is back at home living with his mother in Queens, New York.

Our source says, when Nicki Minaj kicked her ex-boyfriend out of her Beverly Hills house, he ran back home to stay with his mom.

Dig the drop:

“Safaree was cheating on Nicki, so she kicked his a** out. He’s back at home sleeping in the room he grew up in.”


  1. And pity that fool if he didn’t invest almost a decade’s worth of hype man money to buy mama a brownstone in a gentrified neighborhood(where there are coffeehouses) or spot upstate.

    • He’s from Flatbush so its possible his mother has a house he’s a fool because he didn’t invest his hypeman money into his own house so he wouldn’t have to run back to moms crib

      • Normally don’t get interesting an perspective from male posters. Well said and real talk.

      • LMAO and SMH! Soooooo, he wasnt tucking none of Nikki’s money????

        Nikki is like Pretty Tony from “The Mack”…I keep my bitches lookin fly, but I dont give em no dough” LOL

  2. I can’t figure these two out. Aren’t they supposedly married? I remember when Nikki posted pics of them flashing matching rings , implying they eloped in the carribean somewhere while vacationing with another couple.
    Nothing is sacred to these people, nothing is real. Whole existence is tabloids, Facebook and istagram ops. They live for ” likes”, Smdh.

  3. Smartest Dumbest black women she ain’t let him knock her up and she kept most of the shit on her name but she needs a new persona the Barbie look fake boobs n booty u got hair why wear someone else’s on top

  4. Wasn’t Nickki And August Alsina Dating?? Because It Was Reported On Here Last Month, That Nicki Dumped Her Boyfriend For August

    Also Safaree Has 4 Tatoo Of Nicki On His Body Ouch Gotta Hurt……..

    Nicki Ain’t Air Head After All

  5. Women are enablers. Not drugs but for men being sorry & unmotivated. When you are allowed to be sorry you will be

  6. Too bad should’ve behaved and he would’ve had a bit more time living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Now go clean up the kitchen and clean your room.

    • Lol!!! Yes mom dukes gonna treat him like he is 14 again. Hopefully he was smart enough to make his own connections and build relationships in the industry for future employment.

  7. Mess with bi-polar egomaniacs and this is a possible result, especially if you weren’t smart enough to pocket the cash you’ve made off her name the past few years. Damn, is anyone on that label besides the boss(es) smart with their money?

  8. I don’t feel sorry for this sad episode off ( when the pimp hand goes soft ) Nicca instead
    Of buying jewelry and cars and clothes, you should of used that paper and opened a Buisness, At some point you knew she was going to flake on you, she cheating, you cheat back , I get it. But she got the bank book. Should of stashed cash and stepped off in your own crib. She look sneaky as f*ck to.

  9. Nick Looks Skanky In This Picture And Safaree Looks Like A Damn Fool……….

  10. To make it I’m the rap game as a female the prerequisites are to incorporate a fake accent,bleach your skin,blow up your Ass and Tits than perhaps you can go Platinum.

  11. Actually nikki’s fan base(barbs) are not urban hood rats. The majority of her fan base are gays and middle class white girls. #just sayin

    • @jazzy ..Im over 45, black, and NOT a hoodrat. But I am a fan of Nikki Minaj’s music, especially her cypher underground daz. #just sayin

  12. She seems like a really mean bitch all the time,she seems like the type that tries to emasculated every dude she’s around

  13. Damn, dude! That’s why it’s always best to have your own, no matter what, just in case. Hope this’ll serve as a valuable lesson.

  14. He said he help with song maybe he shud write his own …den maybe he get more fans than her..stupid boy he was I love not getting any of that money

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