Did Plastic Surgery Destroy Hazel E?

Hazel E Plastic Surgery Fail

Lil Kim Syndrome?

HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Erica “Hazel E” Adams, before and after plastic surgery photos have surfaced. The comparison is frightening to say the least.

Hazel E Before After

Let’s go!


    • Meagan doesn’t look that much different. Thank god she wears darker hair now. That greasy well built muscular man at the 00:58 -1:03 mark is an honorable mention though 🙂

    • What the hell??? People will say anything. Its obvious she didn’t have plastic surgery!! She just changed her hair color and make up! WTF people? Her boobs are real so is her ass and she has the same fricken nose! If anything shed change her nose and boobs like all the other imposters. Shes just making the best of what shes got. The internet has everyone looking for and angle and experts on a whole lot of misinformation…….


  1. Never heard of her b4. But in that pic; she looks like a man in drags. Is that Ray J in the top pic? He’ll do anything to stay relevant.

    • The only reason I can see why Gay j is in the picture if to set up the next chapter to this saga. In a week it will be said that he got drunk and smashed one night an now she is carrying a baby that appears to have the “Down Low Syndrome” and they will say its Gay js baby. But it will be born and never stop crying and complaining and that will cause people to suspect that Benzino is the baby daddy, with his cry baby ass. Then the kid will enter kindergarten and everyday he goes to school the little boys will slap the shit out of his ass and take his crayons and lunch money, then he will get mad, run around the class room and slap and choke one of the little girls in the class. And that’s when the DNA test will be taken and it will come back and say that with 99.98%
      Certainty that YOUNG TURD, IS THE FAE FATHER !!!!

        • Eddie. Ray J will do anything to stay relevant. It was kim, danger, teaari marie??, i forget the other chick from the show. And now this chick. Ray put these unknown females on create beef with them then he publicly disses them. If he was this commited to his carreer like he is bashing and smashing these females he’d be on his sisters level atleast. The boy can sing but his argument with these females has taken all of the little masculenity he has left. Ray J., Reggie, Lamar, Chris, etc. Gonna all need a support group or rehab for all of the lives the Kardashians have destroyed. These brothers have no brain cells even the women they date in the relationships look exactly like the one the just left. It’s sad how Kim is now an A list celebrity while Ray is on the D list now.

          • Damn, I didn’t even realize that he had fallen that far in his career standing, well to be honest he is and will always be Brandy’s lil “Malibus most wanted” brother. The reason he can’t get a damn acting role is because he can’t act. He has been trying to act like a thug since 97 and still ain’t convinced one person that he will bust a grape. You know you ain’t shit when you try to get down with and hang out with entourages and they announce your excommunication…..Sad.

            But it’s funny you talk about how Kardashian came up beginning with her affiliation with him. Because every other woman he ever been with begins to decline once she gets assciated with him. But if we get down to the root of things, he is known because of his sister, therefore it’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian got famouse because of Brandy and right now today, KK s a bigger celeb than both of them. Damn!! Only in America…lol. Hey, it might be time to make a song and dedicate it to old Kimmy Kakes. Shit I got an idea, they might as well make the remix to “I want to be down” or maybe that old George benson song “I just want to hang around you”. America, the land of the non talented idol….lol

    • I don’t know about her background, but she might be mixed like Lenny K. and Lisa B. i.e. a Jewish father. That looks like a Jewish nose to me(no shade just truth.) She looks much better before because she doesn’t have on such garish makeup.
      Cute girl tho.

  2. I don’t have te to get into this right now but…she was NOT a bad looking girl BEFORE whatever she had done.
    I don’t know WHAT possessed her to do such a thing.

  3. The only difference I see is that she has on way too much makeup in the second photo. That’s what’s making her look like a trans. She’s a cute girl, not beautiful, but cute.

  4. Ugh….is that cosmetic fillers causing her to look like that? Her face looks huge, as do her lips. She , like Lil Kim and Jocelyn Wildistein , MJJ , etc looked much better before.
    Weird thing is, she didn’t fix the one thing that was making her looks go left: her nose. Go figure.
    Why is Ray J always around?

  5. HELL YEAH! She destroyed her face wit that bullshit face lift shit, she should sue cause when I first seen her I thought she was a transsexual, she looked better before she did all a that to her face.see that’s another thing about LA everybody there with money and in the industry is fake! All these chick’s walk’en around with these fake asses, nose, cheeks, and what ever else they can do . now don’t get it twisted if you can afford it fine and it’s what you want fine, but consider how it will come out, it doesn’t always look like it looked on the computer or how ever the surgeon shows you how it will look. She looks horrible compared to how she use to look.t hat is why I don’t like Hollywood or LA everybody fake! Except the poor and struggling, and the working poor that live pay Check to pay check, other than that most have nose jobs that looks crazy if you don’t do research and ask around and get in touch with a good Dr after deep researching and how well he or she can do it .it’s crazy how people are convinced they are ugly and need plastic surgery by looking at the models and actresses who do get it done. Like Janet she just got more work done why do you need more? She looks like she did just pulled up and her eyes are slanted more. Hazel you look like a transsexual girl you look hit ma for real! Horrible you shouldn’t have never did it but you a follower you follow the rap video girls and everyone in the industry and now you look terrible. Sad really sad because there’s no going back. And stop waring that white frost, and light purple frost lipstick that shit ugly. Get a grip hazel you look ridiculous and I’m sure the plastic surgery business is booming exploding thanks to insecure followers who have been convinced they are ugly and need plastic surgery. Sad but u through hazel and all the rest of the fake people walking around with plastic parts installed.i hope you get a hit and your c.d. sells and go’s platinum because you gonna need the money to keep all that stuff up. Good luck and p.s. you look awful hazel compared to the real you

    • I agree with a lot of what you had said man. I first saw her on the show, p.s. that whole cast has had something they’ve done, hazel being one. I saw those lips and nose and stupid blonde thing on her head and I was like “they got a drag queen on the show”, I believe she’s a chick who doesn’t want to grow up, and thinks she needs to be current and trendy at costs, she’s 34 apparently, I’m sorry but women in their 30’s need to be having babies and doing grown women things, that’s not a poke at her age its just a known thing that by 34 you should be having baby number 2 or 3. Loool she made that nose bigger! Her 34 year old ass needs to hang it up and start finding a husband and move out of that studio apartment! It’s not cute to act 22 when you’re a fully grown 34 year old woman. but I will say she seems like a nice person, I can see it through all that mess, most of the cast is filled with crazy faul mouthed sons of bitchs, she just has those insecurity issues and she lives in LA, bitch move to Colorado or something so you’re not around that LA shit. And I really wanted to see her before pictures, because I knew she had some, and now that I see her befores I’m sure she just has insecurity issues because she’s a pretty girl without fillers, tucks, pulls and whatever else these people do.

  6. LOL. I was wondering if she was born a man because of how she looks now. She use to be pretty! Doo Doo mess!

  7. She was ok looked fresh faced and innocent. She has an odd nose and hasnt changed it. Its pointy. Need roundness.

  8. Wow that’s a shame. People really shouldnt get a lot of surgery on their face especially eyes and lips unless its for reconstructive purposes because it distorts their face terribly. She went from looking cute and normal to like Ernest. Smh.

  9. Here’s my theory on Hazel. Judging from the video Valley Girl, and by her nose/skin tone, I am betting she is a mixed chick like Lisa Bonet with a Jewish father. I have never seen a nose like that on a black girl have you? I can’t figure why, if she wanted to have work done on her face, she would blow up her lips and cheeks with fillers and goretex implants and then her schnozz alone?
    She looked perfectly fine before.

  10. I Googled Hazel and there are pics and interviews with her and she looks anywhere from good to great. She looks nothing like that pic up top on the right.
    I’m thinking that she must be dressed up for Halloween or something. Maybe she was going as Iggy Azalea????

    If she was going to mess with her face, wouldn’t she have fixed that schnozz??

  11. The face (figuratively and literally) and life of a follower, this is what being easily influenced will get you, kids!!!

  12. Damn Damn Double Damn This Girl Done Phuck Up Her Damn Face

    These Celebrities With Too Much Money Always Phuck Up Their Faces, Just Left It Alone

  13. Hazel needs to go get her old face back. Ray J needs to be holding a sign with a drink on it. He looks like he needs one.

  14. Wow…she was cute…too bad she doesn’t have enuff esteem for self…hOw sad…

  15. What is happening to minds of people? It is like they hate themselves so much. Maybe now it is all about the ugliness on the inside being shown on the outside. These people are demonic as hell. There is no way a girl as good looking as she was felt she had to go f*ck her face up like that. Something very unnatural about that. She must be a MK-ULTRA victim. She had a pretty face already,why mess with it? Something strange is going on people. I think demons have taken hold of these people and when they look in the mirror they see demons and not their natural selves and so they do plastic surgery to erase the horrific images the demons show them. Just my own personal theory.

    • Which is why ugly people, natural or tampered, should be avoided. Their spiritual imbalance manifests in the physical realm and you are what you attract. Good point.

    • very very true. beauty is only skin deep. a pretty face doesnt mean you are good on the inside. i think thats what it is something inside of her is broken. you can get 40342948 plastic surgeries and it will never be enough. you gotta fix the inside. and there is NO plastic surgery for the soul. all that trauma, brainwashing,mind control, rape and abuse which all mk ultra victims go through will make you do this

  16. Come on fam, your memory is better that that. You know that ain’t Ru Paul. Thats Dennis Rodman….lol

  17. OMG! This is a lightskin girl destroying her face. Who said that only dark and brown skin girls go through image problems. At the end of the day ladies love who you are!

  18. There’s a show on the E network called Botched and there was a black girl on it and there was nothing wrong with her but she wanted to get some work done and the doctor knew better but because of $$$ they do it anyway. Look at Kanye West mother. RIP Donda.

  19. She needs to reverse what was done she looked wayy better before .some guy might of told her that she needed it .dont she have a mirror?

  20. hazel needs to kick that doctors ass for making hewr look like a man.

    seems like these so called doctors have a thing for making women look like drag queens.

    to me all this surgery is just like another symbolic code for mark of the beast seems like all these women has to get a nosejob if they want to work in Hollywood.

    I love my nose and my body.



  21. They need to insert ray j’s name in that game about the 6 degrees of separation(I remember back in the 90’s some college kids used Kevin Bacon’s name). Seriously every time you hear about something going down in the industry some how ray j was there or connected to it. I wonder what his job really is in Hollywood.

    • Even before but especially since Whitney’s death. It was just more “low key & less obvious” before.

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