Phaedra Parks Won’t Accept Apollo Nida’s Collect Calls From Jail

Phaedra Parks Jail House Calls

HSK Exclusive – Apollo Nida might be serving a 8 year jail sentence, but he’s still a cast member on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Know why? Because Apollo Nida’s phone calls from jail to cast members Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker were all captured by RHOA’s production.

The drop:

“Phaedra Parks doesn’t accept Apollo’s collect calls from jail. She knows Apollo is trying to set her up. So, she’s ducking his calls.”


  1. Phae Bitch Your Time Is Slowly But Surely Coming You Thought You Could Duck And Dive Like A Chicken But Your Chicken’s
    Coming Home To Roast. This Bitch Got So Many People Locked Up Because Of Her Greediness All For The Almighty Dollar

    Hope The Money Was Worth It, Angela Stantion Done Wrote A Book Exposing This Cheap Greedy Southern Belle

    Phae Your Time Is Running Out Stop Hiding Cos God Doesn’t Like Ugly!!!! You Big Lipped 70’s Looking Whore

      • Im sorry to say it, but GOOD!
        I dont like Phaedra and her underhanded wicked ways
        She was trying to stick it to Kenya when it was Appolo’s fault and she also lied on Angela Stanton

  2. If Apollo wanted to throw Phaedra under the bus he had ample opportunity to do so already. He obviously wants her to be home to raise her two boys, and it would serve no purpose for her to do time as well.
    She has proven to be one cold woman.

    I’m going to put some money on Apollo’s books just to spite the witch.

    • LOL! Amen to that! LOL! It takes 10 months=40 weeks to cook a baby and she had the nerve to call Kim a liar and dumb! Kim’s a nurse in the State of Conneticut if she hasn’t transfer her licensed yet. Just like Scrappy’s mom has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Yes she is a RN with a BSN. Phaedra thinks just because she is a lawyer that everybody around her is dumb and dimwitted. Wrong! Now she is dumb and dimwitted.

        • Yeah mama Dee claims she has one. I seriously find it hard to believe a woman who can’t spell b-i-t-c-h can pass physics or chemistry with a B or better.

          • Cheese she may be fibbing like Kim Zolciak. Kim is an LPN who specializes in OBGYN and neonatal, but she says she’s an RN.

          • No Cheese she actually has one! I looked it up by her licensure and she is actually a RN with a BSN. The only reason stopped working is if I am not mistaking she messed up her knee pretty bad. I was shocked too that she has a degree too when she mentioned it on the third season.

    • I beg to differ! THIS HERE is grandma’s time! She has raised her children, not trying to spiteful, just calling it the way I see it.When you do dirt EVERYTHING has to be considered, or just don’t do it. IF the parent were killed or/and is one thing, jail/prison is something else. I for one ain’t putting my life on hold. At SOME point & time grown ass “kids” has to stand up & own WHATEVER the get down was. It may very well sound cruel, unjust or the like, but it is what it is. WHAT would happen to the children IF grandma wasn’t in the position to do for them, then what?

  3. Funny how the cameras just happen to be there to capture the calls.

    Apollo will keep quite about Phaedra for the same of their children.

    In response to the above post; I don’t think that Phaedra is unattractive or unintelligent. She is a smart lady who knows how to play the game in order to survive.

    Additionally; Apollo did not have to committee the crime. He could have said NO.

    • Oooooooo…I am glad they found her! I saw it on Inside Edition! Her grandma was beside herself! Thank You God for watching and keeping her safe!

    • Her family can thank the Philly police Dept AND Nancy Grace who dedicated three shows to her case as soon as she was kidnapped. She really did a lot to pt the pressure on the cops to locate her.

      • Yes Thank God 4 Nancy Grace deciding to all God to use her and also the police dept too

        • The prayers of the righteousness availeth much!!! Praise GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!! IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME OR YOU OR ANYONE whoooooo CHILLS praise the most high for his GRACE LOVE AND MERCY HE IS TRULY WORTHY… THANK YOU SIS!!! Please,continue to allow his guidance in your life!# He is CHANGING MY LIFE THRU SEEING HIS WORD MANIFEST IN THE FLESH FOR MINE OWN EYES TO SEE!!!! GLORY TO HIS,HOLY,NAME

          We should all touch and agree for her well being i am certain He was with her the entire step of the way keeping her safe, it was meant to make her stronger!!! Glory lord be praised

  4. And this bytch had the nerve to try to drag Kenya and she is in a worst position

    • PRECISELY!!! @Anonymous. smmfh. and thing of it is — she always knew out of all ofthe women on the show, she’s the most shadiest one…but try to mask it by saying she “too busy with this, too busy with that,” she got “4 degrees,” she got “3 jobs,” all that excessive insignificant info people care not to her about every time someone brings up her life. chile bye. arrest this ho too because she knew of his felon-having-ass history and continual criminal activity.

  5. Now that’s just low down! Apollo have two boys who really needs their father and he probably want to talk to them. I don’t know what the truth is behind this but something isn’t right with that. Plus’ y’all still married!

    • That’s what confuses me. A father should be able to get updates and talk to his sons while he is locked up and covering for her ass. Phaedra is such a shady snake, her sons will learn the hustle soon enough.

  6. If she keeps those boys from their dad, they will hate her for it later. I’ve seen it before.

  7. He needs commissary money so it’s only right he still be on the show even if it’s from jail…oh yeah, he doesn’t get a check from RHOA according to him…

  8. I kno somebody who kno somebody and word on the curb is Mona and phigdra have been setting up Apollo for years. I could say more but I won’t. The authorities have been in on it as well. Two slimy bitches. You have no idea.

    • I heard a few years ago that they didn’t live together.

      Is it possible that Phae wasn’t a participant, but dropped a dime on Apollo?

    • There is rumor that phae and Mona hatched a plan to set a guy up on tv for ratings. I heard it from good source I trust. Cannot verify becus I don’t watch show and don’t know how long they been a couple. Made it sound like she was looking for a mark from jump with no love or feelings. Again cannot verify. Law enfrcmnt was consulted. Makes sense now becus she aint going to jail.

      • No. It does not make any sense at all. Mona has nothing to do with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s a Bravo production under the control of Miss Andy Cohen.

  9. Wow I guess Phaedra is smart after all for not accepting his telephone calls but Phaedra you cant disown him yet he’s the father of your two boys.

  10. of course she’s not gonna answer his collect calls — because her black-ass knew what that criminal husband of hers was doing from get-go — when she first married him. lock her crooked-ass up too becuse she knew this no-good felon didnt have a legit employer — where he was going to to work to clock-in every day, and knew of his criminal past, and what he was already capable of doing — given his felonious background, his prior 8-year prison sentence in the past he served and his shady-ass history in general. lock this heffa up too…regardless if speculation concerning that he’s trying to set her up via these collect phone calls. she knew. and u aint finna sit up here and tel me otherwise that she under the same roof as this jailbird bootybandit husband of hers. kiddin me? im upset that they wont go after her ass because she’s this so-called shadetree-ass attorney who takes cash from clients in parking lots…and one who is only known for trying a case, representing yet another crackhead cocaine-head shady-ass nigga — Bobby Brown. smmfh at this.

    • Lol! Preach! I’m just ready for Jessica Voker to finally drop her book. In her interview last year she admitted Phaedra owns a prostitution ring and does mortgage fraud! She said Phaedra was also screwing her husband, Varney Voker.

      • lawd…and her life gets worst huh. im not at all surprise that she’s executing mortgage fraudulent activity. and also not surprised that she is exploiting prostitutes for money. this heffa did say she’s all about getting her money in every which way. she may be a closeted-ass dike. i think she is or has dipped her big lips in the “lady pond”…Lol..per the saying of Ms. Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live. but i’ll be getting this book by whomever this Jessica is.

  11. Phaedra, do right for once in your life. If you are gonna divorce him and not accept his calls let him speak to and see his kids and put some money on his books. Wipe your hands clean from that situation if you don’t, you are doomed. Do the right thing girl.

  12. Phaedra is one busted chick! Saw her without makeup once and she looks like a broke crackhead! She hates any chick that looks better than her. She may never go to jail but best believe something or someone will stop her! No one is above karma!

  13. Thank God, Nancy Grace and the Philly PD, BUT,
    notice how more and more, black men are becoming more like white men… abducting women, serial killers, insulting black women, calling black folk n*ggers, etc.

    It is like the 1970s again, except everything said about white men then, now you can say it about black men, WTF???

    And now with a black republican senator and first black republican congresswoman in a republican Congress, Pres. Obama will wish he had accepted the help which was so freely offered to him in 2009.

  14. Stop the hate everybody want Phadrea to go to jail for what? What about your uncle that hides dope in ya grandma’s house she know about that shit and sit up in church every Sunday praising the lord. Shouldn’t she lose her house and go to jail when the police run up in it and why ain’t nobody mad when she pulls up in the new Benz to church and give $100 bills to her pimp the preacher. Black folks ya can’t have it both ways.

    • lol
      if she is a sinner like we all let’s just pray she goes and sins no more

  15. Phaedra is far from ugly but she is slick and that’s why I love her. This sister knows how to get it don’t be mad cause you still trying to get extra foodstamps learn how to play white folks games.Ya’ll niggas going to jail in the 2000’s for welfare and income tax fraud bye. At least Apollo had sense enough to do it big and don’t feel too sorry for the people he robbed they are going to get thier money back but your local government won’t be giving you a dime back and they been robbing you your whole life.

    • Have a seat. You sound so BASIC. No wonder you are a Phaedra fan. So getting over on white folks is the game? Most of us on this comment board just see past Phaedra’s BS. She is ANYTHING but a Southern Belle and if Phaedra is such a success, why is she STILL on reality TV after several years? Shouldn’t she be married to another respectable gentlemen and wearing better attire instead of bragging about dingalings and sex all the time? If she was really secure in herself why did she feel the need to constantly belittle other women, especially Kenya and attack another woman’s fertility rights? So this makes her a respectable Christian? You simpletons are so dumb it’s embarrassing.

      • BAM!! nuff said @Anonymous. smdh praising the likes of that shame-ass heffa Shaedra and that felon-criminal husband. @StacyJohnson might be doing the same thing both of them rooks are doing…bu just havent got caught yet. chile bye with that sh*t.

  16. yea for pha pha! LEAVE THAT LOSER ALONE girl!
    he jail booty now girl, he being passed around like a blunt except he doing the inhaling suckin and lickin LoL!

    • teheeheee @SayItAintSo…and u know he’s used to it when Big Billy say “assume the position.” or “u can drop that soap if u wanna…u already know homie”…LMMFAO! whewwwww lawd

  17. 414 chick. I was praying that they found the young lady alive. GOD answers prayers. I live a state away from where this happened. You have to be aware of your surroundings. The guy who did it is wanted in Virginia for a similar crime to another young lady. He’s a preacher’s kid (most of them are the worst). His uncle said that he has history of of abuse towards women. Sad story all around. I pray that Carliesha Gaithers can regain her sainity through professional help and prayer. To my family here at HSK be safe and God Bless.

    • IN THE WORDS OF KIRK FRANKLIN & THE FAMILY: hallelujah! Thank you Jesus. We worship your holy name.

      A small prayer:

      Thank You I AM THAT I AM for sending your son to die on cross of Calvary and shedding HIS Blood for my sins as well as all of my brothers and sisters here in HSK thread. We come here to post our opinions and comments on others lives but we know that you are the author and finisher of our lives. Help us as black people learn to love, encourage, and continue to uplift one another. Help us to find the victory in the in our transgressions and triumph in the mist of these storms of life. And when we are alone help us to know that you are with us always even until the end of the earth. I AM THAT I AM thank you for being a father to the fatherless and a mother to the motherless. I ask that you began to change the hearts and the minds of your children in understanding that if the Devil has your mind then he has you whole body. I ask and pray I AM THAT I AM, that you help us to bring our flesh under submission to the HOLY SPIRIT and power of I AM THAT I AM. Let your will become our will, show us how to love the way you love, remind us to be grateful for even the small things in our lives. For those who hate and reject you, I AM THAT I AM. I ask that you show them that you are the ONLY WAY, THE ONLY TRUTH, AND THE ONLY LIFE.

      These things I ask in Jesus name. AMEN.


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