Did Nas Get Capricorn Clark Pregnant?

Nas Capricorn Clark Baby

According to the internet forum over at Lipstick Alley, Puffy’s former assistant, Capricorn Clark, is rumored to be pregnant by Nas.

Dig the drop:

“Capricorn is having her first baby in her 40’s. The baby daddy could be anybody because she gets around. They are saying Nas is her baby daddy, but I don’t think so.”


  1. Bitch Looks Likes Mr Burns, When Are These Nukkas Gonna Learn Stop Hot Fucking These Ugly Looking Hoes
    As For Nas, What Do You Expect From This Nukka Who Hot Fucked That Ugly looking Gecko Bitch Iggy Azeala

    Kelis Ruined Him Mentally And Physically Fucked Him, Not About The Sex Is About The Money
    Kelisa Got Her Karma Her Music Isn’t Selling Anymore. Atleast She Can Live Off Her Son’s Child Support Money

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm….Capricorn girl what have U gotten yourself into? Just said it on the Amber post. At least she (Amber) is letting us know. She could have pullwd the exact thing what Capricorn is doing. But at least Amber conceived her son in a marriage. Cap, boy oh boy!

  3. Kinda hard to believe this one. Nas usually dates cute females, Kelis and Mary J being the mud ducks of his list, which they aren’t ugly just not cute, not even hood cute.

  4. I cant tell what ethnic background that chick is. Capricorn who? gives a you know what.

  5. Here we go with another trick baby , even old bitches are getting in on the action

  6. Did y’all see that vid of Beyawnce & Jz at the game? Girl was rocking like a crack head.

  7. BLACK MEN STILL HAVING SEX WITH HAIR HAT WEARING HOLLIGANS ???? !!!!!!!! I know that bed stinks from those Isaiah 3:16-24 CURSES !!!!! ~ Tommy Sotomayor (youtube)

    • Why do all yall sprites/coons keep phucking with us if yall dont like us just ignore as we most of the time do u

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