Jim Jones Has Some Choice Words For Dame Dash

Jim Jones Dame Dash Beef

Jim Jones recently took to social media to call the founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, Dame Dash, a thief and a co*k sucker.

Here’s what Jim Jones revealed:

“Somebody ask this d**khead @duskopoppingtondame if his car note n rent is paid this month or is he still sneak thieving his own people to pay bills he can’t afford smh why did u fire David Chang cause u put a car in his name n didn’t want to pay th car note which is ur bill n then u put hands on a defenseless Chinese man why u dont do tht tuff shit like u said to a real tuff nigga like my self oh cause u a f***t sneak thievin c**k sucker dam dame u went out like a bad batch of tht scaggy postin pics wit @mr_camron aint gone save u bro u need Jesus lol Byrd nigga n when u see me u know whts up aint nothin change nigga lmao this should b fun exposure lol is this wht U wanted to b back in th game right well here’s ur introduction n u owe me bout 5k cash from all them 100 dollars I was givin u Dailey like my side b***h.”


  1. Wow Dame must owe him money. This is what happens when you take from your own people but Dame is far from living a luxurious life. He looks broke and sick.

    • I dont really f*ck with Jim Jones like that but that is real admirable what he did and said about the chinese man Dame tried to punk
      It sound like the Asian was trying to help cock sucker Dame then Dame tried to skip out on his own personal bill then try to punk and bully the man who was trying to help him cuz he was smaller and not about that life
      Like Jimmy said, Let Dame try some shyt like that with some real OGs if he is really about that life
      I hate bullies

    • But this is justified by witches on the grounds of fertility, because after all they say, wicca is a fertility cult so its all good sucking each other cocks ,.Warlocks do it.

  2. dame feels guilty about aaliyah about what he did to her dude is gong nuts i guess using her for a scarfice wasn’t worth it dame needs to tell the truth about her death

    • No hard feelings but would it really be wise and safe if Dame told the truth about her death now?
      The whole world including people of all religions, the law enforcers would all take him down and turn on him. Even possibly his family and friends
      And I know he is not the only 1 who participated in the sacrifice. But by confessing about it now, he would be the only 1 punished
      But like u said he should really repent to God(Christ Jesus)
      But I think Jim Jones mentioned up there that Jesus is the only 1 Who could probably help him
      But hey, we all got problems to try to figure out
      That music industry is 1 messed up place

        • Ikr. Every time a celeb or their family member dies doesn’t mean it was a f*ckin blood sacrifice. Anyway, when someone is supposedly sacrificed, the celeb who ordered it is supposed to blow up…right? Dame fell the f*ck off like a year or two later. Sooo…

          • From the way they explain the “blood sacrafice game” here on HSK, Dame should be ballin out of control. 9 people died in that crash, that’s a lot of blood. Why is everybody hollering Dame, y’all tripping if it was a sacrifice and you all are “sacraficionales” wouldn’t it make more sense to say Jay Z or R Kelly? Kells did get off of a open and shut child molestation case.

            • He started a little come up but I don’t think Dame was able to fulfill his mission. He probably didn’t have gay/animal sexual relations.

            • So true! Kelly and Jay then turned around and are gonna sacrifice Dame! BTW! BLU CANTRELL WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT! HELL, THEY ALREADY LET AMANDA BYNES OUT!

          • Jay Z, is a great representative of the Satanic cult, but I don’t believe in satan I do believe in the trinity Goddess Isis, Osiris and Horus,I also serve Pan and Bacchus, And That’s who Jayz Beyonce and baby Ivy remind me of, gods serve and id love to have an Astrological orgy with.

          • It Was Reported That Usher Had Beef With Aaiyah At The Time Of The Plane Crash Either That Coked Up Pilot Was His Personal Pilot Not Sure
            Also Someone On Her Mention A Witness Had The Same Surname As Beyonce

            We All Know If Aailyah Was Alive Beyonce Would Still Be With Destiny’s Child And Jayz Probably Would Of Married Aailyah

            Maybe Matthew Knowole Hired Someone

        • Let me explain, Wicca also has a different relationship than many modern religions to people who are dead so Aaliyah isn’t entirely dead. I may have to tap into the underworld and ask her myself, you see death is not a wall to witches like me but a veil ok, we may not be able to see and touch our beloved ones, but they are not entirely gone trust me.We may grieve the distance between us, but we still perceive and enduring connection with our beloved dead

          • Truth! Death is a veil to what our human EYES fell to see but our family: immediate,distant&( or)friends vibrational energy is ALL around us! Alot of us aren’t open to that form communication or brush it off! I hope the sinster involved in Aaliyah’s death is exposed.

  3. So Jim was tossing Dame a hundred like his was at the strip club? LOL Jimmy, I like you but stooooop! Where’s that photo of you with your ass out with that tight shirt and saggin’ jeans?

  4. Keep on dancing a gig jim wrongs. U a house street nigga that tryna make dame look bad, cuz he speakin against ur owners. I dont care bout dames pockets he wasnt payin my bills no damn way. What he is doing is opening eyes so u dont have to sell ur race down the toilet n u keep comin like a stalking bitch. Im not really into violence but i hope dame beat his ass. Sometimes violence do give ppl reality checks. What real nigga gossips or argue over the internet. U so hood run up on him then post that on the net but we kno u aint really bout that life.

    • Yep. Their whole crew seem foul
      Dame, Camron, Vado, HellRell, Mase, Jim Jones. The only 1 I kind of like is the 1 who have kids by Kimbella. Besides him
      They all seem crass, rude arrogant and so full of themselves
      I never really hear of them doing anything finacial for the hood, young people or the the poor and needy

  5. The Dame dickriders will spin this in his favor as usual. He’s a broke. Bitch who f*cked off a quarter billion. Dumb ass.

  6. Dame ruined his relationship with hov for them negro$. Smh. Somewhere Jay-Z is saying I told you so.

  7. LMAO i love Jim Jones. yes all of us are tired of that faggot, he think he’s slick: He went with Aaliyah to miami but let her go BY HERSELF to the bahamas!!!!! hmmm Damon we’re not stupid, your Karma is here and you are out of luck

    • Will you get outta here with that nonsense I believe in the LIGHT-BEARER LUCIFER but not the shit you’re talking on here get off this site before I put a spell on ya. Don’t use my god name in vain .

      • I have a question for you, just curious how.did the world become populated.if eve had 2 sons?

        • Skanky, you got the wrong cat. I don’t mess with dummies like you. Go on and ask Mr. google if you want to know.

        • See you can’t even answer my question cause eve never existed dumb bitch, we come from aliens. We are hybrids of E.T.stupid f*cks

        • Devil cat, why so you keep saying Eve had two sons. She SIS not. She had three that we know of, Cain, Able and Seth and likely more than that. The bible says Cain feared that any finding him would kill him, so God marked him and forbid anyone to kill him. Besides Cain and Seth both had wives , so they married their sisters. Yes incest is how the earth was initially populated, since Eve was created from Adams rib their DNA would likely have been a close match. But humans were originally created perfect so there no fear of genetic diseases . However by the time of Lot and his daughters ,incest was frowned upon, later on, expressly forbiddn.

        • Eve didn’t have two sons. She had at least three, Cain, Able and Seth. Since we know that Cain and Seth had wives, she had daughters as well. Humans were created perfect so the close bloodlines created no genetic issues. However by the time of Lot and his daughters, incest was clearly frowned upon.

        • Joseph? Go sit down.

          It’s better for you to hush then keep digging your grave. You’re gonna have to give an accounting for every word you say especially against a The Most High one day, and this conversation will be one of the Exhibits of evidence against you.

          Sorry, but you’ve been officially warned.

        • @ Black Enga, I was always taught that deliberate blasphemy is the one deadly sin God won’t forgive. I think that character better be damn careful cuz some things you really can’t just get a free pass on. Ijs.

        • I’m NOT BLASPHEMING I’m just a silly and ignorant dumb bitch looking for attention and enlightment, why yall treating me like a close encounter of the third kind my goodness

        • The Bible says that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable. The Holy Spirit convicts you to choose the one and only way to salvation and eternal life.

          If you keep rejecting the Holy Spirit and continue to live in darkness (living a life of sin without repentance) you are saying that you don’t want salvation. Eventually the day will come when that choice is no longer available to you. The day that the door is shut (Luke 13:25). That is why I said that you still have a chance. IDK, I could be wrong.

          I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that he is my savior. I know that I am a sinner and fall short of the glory except through him. You can call me a fool, crazy or stupid, I don’t care. What I do know is that every time I have called out to God in the name of Jesus, he saved me.

          Chick 414 has been given the conviction to come on this site and post what she feels she needs to. What right does anyone have to tell her to stop? If He didn’t want others to read her messages you would not see them. If you hate her then you hate Him and if you hate Him then you hate He who sent Him.

  8. Jimmy is the same nigga that got all roughed up in Detroit for running his mouth. Both are broke losers.

  9. Jim Jones Looks High As Hell……Probably Smoking Dame’s Dick Like A Cigarette……..

  10. These dried up rappers are always beefing with someone in an attempt to generate some interest in them again. They still have not figured out yet that nobody cares about them. Their time has come and gone and they are the last to know. Nobody gives a damn about two washed up has been beefing.


    stop hogging the page with your nonsense


    are you getting enough dick because your writing a load of nonsense p.s the other Anonymous masturbate when they read your thread
    anon dick’s turns pink

    • He or she always do this. I just ignore her or him, and try not to give this person the attention he or she is looking for.

  13. I’d jump on my broomstick and cast a spell on all them bastards if I saw them together standing on the corner looking like disgusting turds.

    • Pls I will call on my spirits to get her out of here I thought I had peace once a few others stopped posting since Halloween.Now you I will work on her next …I will summon in the gods.

      • IKR?!

        When I read that first comment I was like “oh someone’s pretending to be a fool in an ironic/sarcastic/ totally joking way and trumpet blower missed the joke” but then she was serious?! Woooooow. Just wow.

        Well, the word says in these end times darkness is gonna get more dark and light, lighter.

        Timothy 2:16 says shun profane and vain babblings lest ungodliness increases, so I’ll just leave her sad comments alone and hope our lost friend does too.

        • Oops that’s me, ILoveJC. What’s up Trumpet Blower! Enjoying your posts as always.

          My testimony from today is too long but God came through in a major crisis and blessed my family, answering my prayers as soon as I got up from the floor today. He is still in the miracle business! Glory to God!

      • Who the f*ck do you think YOU are Tipsy Toe, Tippity toe Bitch??? You thought you had peace up in here? This ain’t your blog bytch…U ain’t JACKY. WHO THE FUCK IS YOU TO THINK YOU CAN RUN SOMEBODY THE FUCK OUTTA HERE? GTFOH!

      • THAT I MADE UP!! 🙂
        JUST CHECKIN’ on you, SIS!!
        GBU, TTYL!
        OH, AND YEAH, “GOD (SURE IS) GOOD”!!”…”HE’S AWESOME!!!!” 🙂
        I’M ‘GLAD’ that (YOU) ‘KNOW’ Him (FOR YOURSELF), ‘AS WELL AS I DO’!!

      • Trumpet Blower, I confess that originally I was one of the ones wishing you would stop the long ass posts. But, over time I have come to understand that your words mean a great deal to many who read them. So, keep up the inspirational outreach. Those of us who don’t feel the need to read it can just scroll on down the page.

      • Good morning all, good morning, Sis!

        Yes I woke up praising Him and pray you all have a blessed day!

        *singing* Jesus will greet you, the Holy Ghost will meet you…JOY UNSPEAKABLE JOY is in my room!

    • I’m feeling well…praise Jesus for that. Was off this piece for a li’l bit. Just came back from a li’l R&R…feeling GREAT! Be Blessed my sister…in love, peace and struggle always.

    • Bitch please, like I said JACKY, delete this mess. all this is a bit much, start your own praise the lord blog if it’s that serious. Fuck you and your caps and miss me with the bullshit. At the end of the day you are behind a computer screen just like me.

      • @the one

        I’m curious, do you not have control over the eyeballs in your head? Can you not read and this allow you to scroll past comments you don’t want to pay attention to?

        It’s very childish to demand everyone should speak according to your will. People are enjoying all kinds of comments. Go on a straight nasty blog if you want to be with your own kind.

        • thats not the point dumbass she is taking up an entire page with these long crazed paragraphs

        • That’s her right asswipe. She can do what the f*ck she wants. You do you and never mind what the hell she writes…you don’t run this site. You don’t want to read it scroll down Skanky Cat.

        • I’m feeling you Tippetoes all this christian shit don’t belong on here and defenitely not no long dumbass blog like that bitch be posting , I’m running shit in here now what bitch?


        • Trumpet Chick makes good points. I’m ok with it. If yall devil worshippers can talk about your jank ass beliefs, she can spread Gods word. Why not? Slow news day today anyways

      • What’s up sis, LOL…my bad, that was me TB. Forgot to put my screen name up. You can write whatever the f*ck you want…nobody runs nothing in here…nobody got more power than someone else. The insults they throwin at you is horrible. I’m tired of them comin at you like that. f*ck them.

      • LOL Trumpet Blower!! Brain matter matted mute moot shoot LOL you’re a poet!! You have me falling out over here.

        Yo Kitty cat, I know you’re not asking cause you want to know, only cause you want to have an argument you just can’t win, but yes, the first two humans and their offspring were the ones to propagate the race. The consequences of incest weren’t an issue because the genetic line was clean since it was so early in the game. It’s the same principle in play with animals — it’s nature. Later God have us laws not because he’s a mean God, but for our own good, for reasons that surpassed and continue to surpass our full understanding because His ways are not our ways.

        But if you want to believe your ET nonsense, you go ahead and enjoy your strong delusion when it comes. He’s a God of free will and He’ll let you believe whatever you want. Just know you’ll be turned over to it for good at some point, just like all who persist in sin eventually get a seared conscience and that little voice in your head that used to be your prosecuter will become your defense attorney and that’s a very bad place to be in.

      • Nice curious….I didn’t see this. I posted something similar to this below. Keep on spreading the truth.

    • Thank you!! And you have people feeding into this BS, 414 chill out!!!

      • Because I think you are a bipolar zealot in here peaching all the nonsense, there is no god , we are all gods , so stop spreading dumbass shit in here .

    • LOL…yeah man, we were trippin on Mona big time. Today was wild out time. LOL. Love and Peace sis!

  14. Goodness you making me weak with all them bible passages ..I cant stand this Aura you bring in here. I cant perform my magic on here pls don’t write no more of that biblical mess ,..no offense but I cant take it ..I might have to get off this thread now !

  15. Jim Jones got his ass whip twice in Harlem at rucker park and 55th state I’m from Harlem I seen first hand jim a 2pac wannabe who’s really a punk

  16. CHURCH!! gone head speak errr body bow ya head and let us pray because this morning I saw the polls and I must say it was very sad, the in tire country just about was red (bummer) that’s what needs to be discussed, the Republicans won just about the whole country, Omg wake up people wake up please

  17. I’m sorry but I had semen in my eyes and I had a hard time translating, forgive posters sheesh.

  18. If anyone wants to know what mind control/manic depression looks like ^^^ this is it

  19. Oh my bad Adam turned the other cheek so eve could populate the world with her two sons, now i got it, silly me
    Joseph was the one who watched Mary become pregnant by an alien so the world could be saved

  20. there are a bunch of head cases on this website. stop believing in blood sacrifices and jesus. jesus is nothing more than santa for adults. grow the f*ck up you schizophrenics.

    • I feel the same way, but there is no way to reason with people who are under the influence of the cult of organized religion. I don’t mind 411 and her long posts because no one forces me to read them, but I get apoplectic when people here start with the blood sacrifice shit. To hear them tell it, not one celebrity has a loved one who ever died from natural causes or did something unwise and died because of their own poor judgment. This is a phenomenon which only seems to exist within this demographic too. I occasionally visit some non-urban gossip blogs and the term blood sacrifice never comes up. I guess it all ties in with the hyper-religiosity. But, I’m trying not to judge their beliefs, just as I would hope they wouldn’t judge my belief in science and reality.

      • You get apoplectic….but you on here though, reading every word. Why? First up you won’t ever succeed in changing the way we feel about our God. Or about good and evil. Many on here are industry veterans and kbow how dark hollyweird and the enter TAINTED ment industry is. So you are wasting your efforts.
        And you a damn lie about the non urbans not discussing blood sacrifice. BG, Enty, Cele bitch, d list, etc…I’ve seen several so you are fullashiz. Also we don’t give a rats rabies ridden ass what you believe in. So don’t worry about us. We are not your people and not your problem. Honestly, you seem a little slow.

        • THANK YOU anon 19:39 I’m sitting here watching these ignoramuses wondering which one of God’s people was gonna takes these fools on, and if I should even bother but you said it!! Your comment gave me life lol

          All I was thinking was Cor 1:27
          For God has chosen the foolish of the world to shame the wise, and he has chosen the weak of the world to shame the mighty.

          I can’t wait till He comes back and shuts it down.

  21. Fuk Jim Jones, now he knows how it feels 2 get ripped off. He fuked Max B for a few million in front of the world. At the end of the day Dame Dash let Dipset out of the ROC contract back in the day so is probably due some sort of compensation . He had 2 take it from Jimmy while he could get it as “Capos” career is DONE

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