It’s a Boy For Kelly Rowland And Husband

Kelly Rowland Births Baby Boy

Kelly Rowland has given birth to a baby boy.

At 1:30pm on Tuesday. Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their first child, announcing they named him
Titan Jewell.

Here’s what the ex-Destiny’s Child member had to say:

“We are thrilled that today we are prod parents of our first son. We’re are blessed to report everyone is healthy and happy.”


      • lmao. Celebrities can’t name their children worth shyt and Black people are known to be creative with baby names. Then you have a lazy ones who pull a name from a scripture or the ones who White sounding names for future resumes. (I predict there will be an influx of Jaelin’s, Caleb’s and sadly Barack’s in county lockup in 10-18 years)

        Hope dad teaches him how to box. A rich kid named Titan who windmills instead of throwing hands will be a human punching bag.

        • Oh really? “black people” are known for that? What are YOUR people known for non importante? What race are you?

    • I just said before reading the comments that titan jewell is gayer than a mothaf*cka. just know that jesus is santa for adults. pay your own damn bills

    • she’s big as a house. no wonder she stayed out of sight. N E time u force a man to marry U divorce is coming and p8mp pinocchio going to get paid

      • She wasnt cute pregnant, like many women. I could only imaginr how her pre rhinoplasty face would have spread. Kim Kardashian wasnt cute either. Halle Berry and Ciara’s pregnancies were great to watch. Kourtney Kardashian carries well also.

        • You people are sooo stupid! I guess you haven’t gone through a pregnancy? Ignorance is truly bliss… Like you did not see her working the gym with her big, pregnant belly during her pregnancy. she had a healthy pregnancy and she was fit! She was glowing! She was super thin and fit with just a big belly really. So you guys are stupid. Btw, that’s not even fat on her, that’s water!!!! Your body gain a lot of water during pregnancy

          • Super thin? Her arms got big and her nose spread and everything. Only thing I didn’t see was the black neck.

            Most American women don’t carry well to me unless they are teenagers. Could be the food/lifestyle/stress but they normally look like Kim Kardashian.

            No I’ve never married so I’ve never been pregnant however I know what a good pregnancy looks like. Glad she had a healthy baby boy but ready to see Kelz back in her two piece. By the way when my mom had my youngest sibling she gained a total of 12 lbs and the baby was nearly 9 lbs.

          • She ain’t stupid, she’s another closet racist yt chick on here pretending to be all down but then.tossing off Lil smart comments about black girls business,bodies, and hair. Notice her “nose spread “comment, and her own mothers superiority in the baby carrying department. I can’t stand that bish. Now watch her non “cotton headed” ass fly on here to justify her shit

  1. Let’s Hope Kelly Doesn’t Expect Beyonce To Play A Role In Her Child’s Life Beyonce Only Care For Person Herself And No One Else. Is The Truth

      • @Sunni

        Just Pointing Out The Facts Believe I’M A Big Kelly Fan Her Music Is Underrated But Beyonce Is An Attention Seeking Witch Who Only Cares About Herselfs

        • @Sunni,

          I’ve felt that way for a very long time. I will give Beyonce credit where it’s due…her dance/stage perform on her tour with her husband was very well put together. I am NOT a fan by any means & only had the opportunity to take in her show because The Blue Group sent an invitation & credentials to our office…otherwise I wouldn’t ever give a dollar to see that chick.

          And…just to be “a little messy” today but not to stir the many stans of the infamous “Beehive,” word on the street is…

          “Bey was going to end the year with a bang by releasing a new album. A tracklist and everything was leaked along with per-order info on sites like Best Buy and Amazon. Her new release will a four-disc BEYONCÉ reissue with a few remixes & new songs. The set will include the original album, a DVD of all the videos, a live DVD, & a CD of extras, including the new songs “7/11″ and “Ring Off,” as well as remixes that feature Kanye West, Pharrell, &
          Mr. Vegas.”

          So, like Nike AirJordans folks are going to drop big money on music they ALREADY heard!

    • Yeah I hope she can finaly get a personality and some gumption to live her own life and raise her child away from Bey and Jay’s bullshit. She needs to be her own person and stop kissing Bey’s padded azz. Until she does these things…..people will always bring up Bey when talking about Kelly!

    • Not if Kelly do the smart thing and not raise this child as a dumb f*cking Christian Eww, I hate even saying that word I wish she teach the child our beloved Wiccan religion than that stupid shit you fools serve.If this bitch knew what was good for her and child ..No threat but we witches are running shit on the low, WE are not alone in this Universe trust me!

    • Ha! You are so right J Boogie. In fact, I think that’s what all those Bey and Jay bout to split….no, Bey is pregnant again, that’s what all those rumors were about. You know when Kelly took that pic showing her full preggy belly, that ole creole witch was like ” oh its on like donkey Kong now, bitch!” LOL.

  2. Congrats to the proud parents of this precious child. Lets not forget Mathew Knowles this is his 3rd grandchild after Solange and Beyonce kids.

  3. Terrible make up in this pic, but congrats, blah, blah, blah, people give birth everyday.

  4. I guess kelly said if you cant beat em join em , how long will that relationship last

  5. Just like a crab in the barrel type of niggas….never have anything good to say about anything. Congrats Kelly!!!

  6. Anybody that listens to that black piece of molded dirty trash is a weak minded savage with no love for for his people. Tommy is a disgraceful nigga.

  7. Let’e Not Play Dumb Kelly Isn’t Innocent Remember She Got Caught Hot Fucking Serena Williams In A Recording Booth By Her Ex Boo. That’s Why Her And Her Ex Boo Broke Up..

    Let’s Hope She Doesn’t Cheats On Her New Husband With Serena Williams Again…….

  8. Hold Up, She’s Married Her Manager? Ain’t That A Part Of A Ritual

    Latoya Jackson Married Her Manager Back In The 80’s And She Was Saying He Mentally And Physically Abused Her. Didn’t Allow Her To See Her Family
    Or Friends He Also Ruined Business Deals Ect Ect

    Fast Forward To 2014 She’s Allegedly Getting Married To Her New Manager, Who Looks Gay

    • Latoya married that old man BECAUSE he promised to keep her family away fro her. Get it right.
      The other thing is just for publicity duh.

      Kelly isn’t doing no ritual. She got married and had a baby. That’s what people do when they grow up.

      • @Anonymous

        She Didn’t Mention That When She Appeared On Big Brother. I’m Only Reporting What She Said………..
        I Understand Why She Wants To Escape Her Looney Family

    • Anonymous

      get out of latoya’s dark meat your dickwit, better ask her who did her plastic surgery.

  9. Congrats to YOU KELLY YOU DID IT GIRL YOU DID IT REAL REAL BIG!!!! Like I said yesterday…. Newlyweds and now are New Parents in the same YEAR…

    WHAT A WONDERFULL BLESSING!!!!!!! That’s SOMETHING that BEYONCE CAN’T TAKE AWAY FROM KELLY…. Shyt Beyonce’s MONEY CAN’T EVEN BUY THAT BLESSING…… And the reason why Kelly didn’t want anybody to know becauss Kelly xon’t…. Wanf BEyonce to (RAIN ON HER PARAID) And I don’t blame Kelly…. She knows how low-down and DIRTY BEYONCE IS….. BUT… (WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN.) and u’all will best believe that Beyonce day will COME.

  10. Aw congratulations to Kelly, I’m so happy for her. She looked so beautiful throughout her entire pregnancy and now she has a beautiful baby to show for it.

    • A lot of people love her, but this won’t be reported on TMZ or ET. Face it, her time was then, and now it’s about Taylor, Katy and gross Miley. It’s the same as when Ashlee Simpson married Evan Ross and the papps didn’t care.

    • Did the magazine covers and yoga poses and the rest of the staged and spontaneous photo ops, yep. Nothin to hide.

      Always wondered why Bey, who gets nearly naked at the drop of a hat, was strangely shy whilst pregnant lol.

  11. Beyonce was b so afraid she was going to lose her nice body. That’s just one of the risk you take as giving birth and being a woman carrying a baby for 9 months it’s all part of motherhood that why she bounced back so fast and was in a hurry to get back to the scene. She will take this one to the grave. I mean hay she is an actress

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