Yung Berg Is Locked-Up For Beating On Masika Kalysha

Yung Berg Jailed Beat Woman

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s, Yung Berg, was arrested this morning in New York City for beating up his girlfriend, Masika Kalysha.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Yung Berg was brutalizing L&HHH cast member Masika Kalysha and is charged with obstruction of breathing.

They were at the Gershwin Hotel when they got into an argument. He grabbed Masika by the neck, threw her to the floor, dragged her by the hair and hit her in the face.”

A source adds, “When the cops came, Masika had bruises and complained she was in pain.”


    • I can’t see what these low self esteem hookas see in this little girlie looking dude. He has a perch mouth and looks like a little elf! REALLY???? He beats women prolly cause he wants to be one! Don’t they have a warrant for child support for this elf in Illinois?

      • Sorry for Masika but now they got this little THUG! He is an embarrassment to all men who lay hands AND don’t take care of their children, especially a challenged child!!!

  1. Well dam. But u can tell from the show that he have feminine and bitchie tendecies in real life
    Virgo men/women can b fun to talk to at times but they have very venomous ways

    • I have to agree with you on that. I’m a virgo and I know when the f*ck to turn it up. Dude is probably gay so that’s why he hit on ole’ girl.

  2. Masika Is Getting Her Karma, She Knew Hazel E Still Had Feeling For Him But She Choose To Part Her Big Fat Cootie Cat On His
    Wonky Dick. Women Stop Hot Fucking These Bummie Bitch Nukka’s They Ain’t Worth It……………………………………

    My Advice For Hazel E Is To Get Over Young Berg He’s Too Damn Selfish And Childish Only Date Real Men
    Do’t Fuck With These Childish Feminine Nukka They Ain’t Shit…………………………………….

  3. Wait a minute she didn’t have a can of raid to spray this roach down. Isn’t this midget like 3 feet?

    • Yep thats how lowlife men which bitchlike tendecies act. He suffer from a Napolean complex and I guess having a little dyck and not a good lover plays a role. Now dont get me wrong there is a a host of no good bich ass kneegrows with big dycks who aint shyt either. In fact most men with big dycks aint shyt. But Youngberg got some nerve being a real asshole when he acts like a bytch, not a good lover and have a little ass dyck. At least if u have a little dyck,
      Be a gentleman, a good lover and treat folks right.

  4. Masika call Maino KMSL….Yung Berg you should know better and too immature to be ready for a woman. You’s a bitch and don’t have the courage to fight a man like Maino.

    • Maino got a rep and been to prison. Berg being the bitch he is, paired with the fact that he is about 100 pounds on a good day and about 110 pounds soaking wet, with rocks in his pocke, it figures he would bitch up in the Maino situation. But there is no excuse for his shit here. The video sucks but he gets hit by some punk looking MFer between the 50 and 60 second marks in the video and does nothing. I know his whole family Is ashamed of this clwn.

      • Yea…YB stepped to Maino who was minding his business. it’s not like Maino was picking on him. At some point, young Berg didn’t give a f*ck about Maino’s size or rep. At some point he actually thought that maaaaybe, just maybe he could go toe to toe with Maino. He knew about his rep just like u and I did.

  5. @asap I dont know where you got your stats from but not all black women where weaves. There’s plenty of black women who like their hair natural. Please dont typecast a whole group of people by what you see on tv.

  6. Why is this lame still strolling around to be relevant….after this he should be fried, toasted and burnt off the scene.

  7. 99 percent wear weaves? The person who stated that shit is a liar and the person who believes it, is not smart at all.

    • Asap.48% of black woman have herpes? The stats are higher than that. And as far as weaves, those stats are dropping. Dropped by a good 35% as of this year. I know I have to keep up with that stuff. Not to mention I am natural as well. Damn! I got to take my CEUs! Uggggghhhhh!!!

  8. Can Dr. Suess buy his grinch looking self a ticket back to Suessville PLEASE and NEVER come back!

  9. Berg your beating on women? No surprise is this woman hazel’s little friend? Well who she thought was her friend? Boy yall tacky

  10. Don’t know how true this is but either way, BERG IS A CLOWN. That whole situation is a mess. Masika ain’t nothing but an opportunist.
    I don’t condone DV under any circumstance, but she kind of put herself in that situation, knowing the type of nigga he was, but I guess it really is karma,

  11. I’m black, don’t have herpes and never had an STD nor STI. That’s just me, now for these other folk out here doing any and everything, I can not speak on. However, I will say some these other race women should start getting checked because we all know they DIVE on top of a penis soon as they see green papers.

    • Look, I am sick of all the herpes shaming. We all know that a woman can get herpes even when insisting on a condom, so t doesn’t make her an irresponsible whore. I got herpes from MY HUSBAND who swears he didn’t know he had it. Whether he did or not, I’ll never know. It’s not pleasant, but it’s far from the end of the world. There is no shame when a woman gives birth out of wedlock, but yet we crucify our women for catching an STD which is impossible to see when the man is not experiencing a break out.
      I hope none of y’all ever get it, but if you do, you’ll understand why it hurts to hear others act like it’s the mark of Satan.

  12. Yo these ho’s are on some straight dumb sh*t…..after seeing him interact with Hazel…why would you want to deal with him…..that’s what the phuck she get for being so damn messy…can’t say I condone a man beating on a woman…but Karma does what Karma does…and I bet she thought she was “that b*tch” because she had something/one Hazel wanted so damn bad…but look what ya got…smh…

  13. In the real world, nobody cares about lame mofos like Yung Berg. Nothing mainstream about him and his behavior. Only among the cave dwellers in the projects is he beloved and lionized by his flock…A Pigeon He Surely Is! He can move the hell on, don’t want him in the brothahood. I’d rather us be fewer in number and larger in spirit. We can’t allow the unfaithful to keep dragging us down…Can’t Do It! Women who jump in bed with them, they know the deal from the jump…No Excuses!

  14. When are these young women going to boss up and get with real men that value them .. not Ray J`s that disrespect Tierra Marie,tell the new girlfriend to “knockout” the bestfriend, not yoyo bergs that clown Hazel, disrespect Tierra Marie, physically beat Masika… wakeup young women BOSS UP your choice in men. Those busters act like 12 year olds .. immature and straight silly…they are not going to change.. they like being foul to women..

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