X-Rated Photos of Usher & Tameka Raymond Being Shopped

Usher Tameka Sex Tape Leak

UPDATE: HSK has exclusively obtained photos from the sex tape. They are published HERE!

HSK Exclusive – Photographs of Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond engaging in lewd sexual acts are currently being shopped to the tabloids.

One captured photo has Tameka Raymond sitting on Usher’s face while the Good Kisser lyricist is clearly seen giving his ex-wife cunnilingus. The photos are reportedly taken from a video, but the video is not being shopped, only the still photos.

The drop:

“There are five photos of Usher and Tameka having sex. There’s three photos of Tameka giving Usher oral sex. One of him eating her pu**y and the other pic is Tameka giving Usher a hand-job.”


  1. So and? She’s the last person I’d expect usher to marry she looks way older than him, should’ve listened to your mother usher.

    • In the middle of the night with the light just right, she looked like a trans with a strap-on. Ursh-er had the best of both worlds till she started acting a fool. Should’ve acted like Kim Zolciak (married to Kroy Biermann) and stopped trying to force him to be so defensive of her so much, and not go after people.

  2. I guess another slooow day at HSK.

    ***OFF TOPIC***
    -Any1 have any successful weight loss stories?

    -What r u thankful for that God has done for u?

    • OH Beelzebub, here goes this bitch on her holy crusade again ,who are you supposedly saving on HSK? Were all going to hell, were are all sinners remember? Didn’t your Jesus say so, did’nt he die for your sins and you continue to sin you better join us Witches, lol we could you a chick like you.But those numbers got to go ..howabout this number I live for 666?

  3. I feel so bad for this woman. She lost her kids and now she continues to be dragged through the mud. I think this has gay man Usher written all over this. Usher’s career has tanked big time and this is the only way he can keep his name out there.

  4. The Elite Probably Leaked These Pictures, Usher’s Not Doing What He Was Told Or He’s Not Following Orders

  5. The “elite” has you guys mesmerized like they are gods. Stupid is as stupid thinks.

  6. Onslaught…Andddd….at the time they were married and that’s what suppose to go down. Slow day?!???!

  7. Anybody who would even want to see this bullshit is sick. If a man is having sex with his wife,that is nobody’s elses business. Why would someone take pictures of something like that. I bet whoever did this, GOD is going to get at you for that. Marriage is a serious thing with GOD. What is between and man and his wife is no one’s business but theirs and GOD.

      • She didn’t use his name in vain. She used it for emphasis.
        Tameka leaked it. Or whoever is ushers handler. U know these so called celebs have to perform filmesd sex acts to get put on. Then

        • You hit it right in the head. I don’t feel Usher would have any need for THIS kind of exposure. Tameka, on the other hand, perpetrates like she’s always the victim in EVERY situation she finds herself in yet she’s forever trying to stay in the limelight.

          Tameka Foster is the classic example of the kind of “female stylist” you keep OUT of your camp/team if you’re an artist. She played Usher but it
          didn’t work out for her ultimately.

  8. This Is What You Get When You Boast About Your Sex Life…..
    Do’t Feel Sorry For These Celebs Hot Fucking Their Ex On Film Then It Gets Leaked What Do They Expect No One Will Know?
    These Celebs Ain’t Smart At All Keep Your Sex Life To Your Damn Selves

  9. Don’t nobody want to see that…usher yes that old mama who has lost everything no….

  10. Yea, I don’t see what the problem is. They were married. To each other actually. How refreshing! But I agree. Ol’ lady Tameka tryin to get that cash now that her cash flow has been restricted! Don’t know why anyone would pay unless to check out Usher’s goods. Nothing scandalous going on here.

  11. leave to a BW to see someone eating p*ssy and call him gay . this is the one place where the comments are more ignorant than the articles

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