Erica Mena Refuses To Get Ratchet On L&HHNY Set

Erica Mena Bow Wow Love & Hip Hop

HSK Exclusive – Erica Mena asked her fiance, Shad Moss, to join her story line on the reality series, Love and Hip Hop New York. Unfortunately for her, Bow Wow turned her down.

An insider is saying Erica Mena is not all turnt up this season on L&HHNY and she’s acting more like a lady.

Here is what’s being said:

“Mona is not impressed with Erica’s story line. Since Erica started to date Bow Wow and started to attend BET award shows
she thinks she’s the sh*t. Erica thinks she’s a star but Mona will fire her in a hot second.”


    • BOW WOW BOOOOOOOOOO little man! YOU CAN’T TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE!!!!! DAYUM BLACK MEN!!!!!!!!!! Erica Mena is a hooka and she appears to be bisexual too. HE ENGAGED LMAO… WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR BROTHAS? If you are not a low budget(kim k) porn star or a stripper/dancer they(brothas) don’t have an interest in you… Lost all respect for Bow WOW! #SIMPLETONNIGGA

  1. Does she not look like a mother giving her child some medicine?

    Not a sexy couple.

  2. LMAOOOOOOOO! She can act like she little ms.2 shoes most already know and the rest can just ask around and get the truth lol bow wow she about to take you for whatever you have left.

  3. Wow doesnt Erica have a kid that she should be taking care of and the same goes for Bow. Erica could never be classy because her mouth is out of a garbage can.

  4. Glad That Erica Is Finally Growing Up And Acting Responsible………..

    Mona “Satan” Scott Is A Money Loving Pimptress Who Strives Off Ratchetnes And Exploiting Her Race

  5. Well, Erica don’t have no one to fight with on the show. I doubt she would run up on Rich Dollaz new woman lol.

  6. This site is starting to be a carbon copy of MTO and Bawsip!!!! It done lost its flavor. Smdh

    • Anonymous,

      I think quite a few of us totally agree with you. It seems the HSK staff have little to no real industry connections & when they finally post true noteworthy gossip it’s rarely posted FIRST like it was “when Jacky was actually ran this site.” It’s items that are posted way after the fact or things we previously heard about elsewhere.

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