Joseline Hernandez Is Wanted By New York Finest

Joseline Hernandez Arrest Warrant

Joseline Hernandez is wanted by the NYPD. Know why? Because, the recently fired Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Althea Heart, filed a police report claiming she was assaulted by Hernandez in July, during the taping of L&HHATL reunion show.

Here is the drop:

“If Joseline Hernandez comes to NYC and gets pulled over or if the cops spot her, she’ll be arrested and face charges.”


  1. Althea better proved that Joseline was on drugs during that taping because if she wasn’t that’s case is going to geg dropped. False accusations of someone on a tape TV saying they was on drugs is not cool. Just because Stevie said,” Is the air condition on?” Doesn’t indicate that they was on something. Althea knew this show was going to be having some ratchness in it before she was on it. The fight wouldn’t have got started if Benzino shouldn’t open up his mouth. That’s how the entire thing got started. Althea broke bread with Joseline knowing she had slept with Stevie. This case got some many holes in it. There is a lot that Althea don’t realized that Benzino’s mouth could cost her this case.

    • Yep @DaRadiant 1
      I never did care to much 4 Benzino but I tolerated him
      cuz he was Stevies friend and I also thought he was 1 of the good guys. But after he hooked up with conniving, sneaky underhanded Hoethea, I began to like him less and less
      Birds of the same feather flock together and I really despise TiTi and Zino
      At least with Joseline and Stevie I know they r low lives and they dont try to front like they r goody 2 shoes and good/innocent individuals
      I hate fradulent/fake people.Especially ones who look down on people and think they are better then others

  2. I wonder when they take her in and they have to place her in lock up will they lock her up with the men or women? Will they revile she/he is in the men’s or women lock up? Or will they cover it up? Well we shall see if she gets charged with anything. That girl a smoked out nut case.prom night dumpster baby.

    • It wouldn’t come to this if Benzino quit being a damn superhero, kept his mouth shut, stay outta of women fights and let women handle their business, he and Althea would have been on the show still, him and Stevie would still remain bros and things would have been ok. Hell , I wanna know how this case is going to pan out. They can can’t transport her cause it cost to damn much to make the trip to pick her up. So if she steps in New York for anything, then they can lock her up. But Althea better come with some good ass reinforcements. Cause right now, if she wins she won’t get much. Might as well dismissed the case.

  3. Althea told benzno she got her back on tape, that could be considered mutual combat.

  4. If Altha Didn’t File A Police Report On Josline, She And Her No Neck Husband Would Still Be On The Show Is A Win/Win Situation
    If Benzino Never Opened His Mouth Althea Wouldn’t Of Been Socked In The Face. So Is Partly Benzino’s Fault He Lit The Fire

    And Josline Put The Fire Out By Socking Althea In Her Face

  5. Chapter 3

    Di one ty da po leece dey was lookin for me in New York. You kno I de Puerto Rican princess. Dey always checkin for me.

  6. Hothea mad huh? Oh well…….Joseline ain’t even pressed about that bitter bitch, trust and believe. If she was so assaulted why wait to file the report until after your azz gets kicked past the curb? I’m just waiting for her to drop Benzino’s no neck having azz as soon as she realizes he doesn’t have the money she think he has!

    • Bbetter yet R why Althea and Benzino didn’t take their asses to the hospital, get checked out and file a report right then and there at the hospital?

  7. Joseline Looks Like The Real Verison Of Francine Frensky……Just A Inside Joke

  8. ‘I never did care to much 4 Benzino but I tolerated him
    cuz he was Stevies friend and I also thought he was 1 of the good guys’

    What fuqqing show you been watching…the ninja nickname is Sleezo
    * dead & done * offdis

  9. Definitely filed for the lawsuit….Mona fired them so we gone brake ya stars…far as the get

  10. Getting high the lawyer subpoena the tapes from the reunion, know there’s tea, if vh1 withhold or edit the tapes that whole ship going down

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