Pilot Shot For ‘Seeds of Hip Hop’ Reality Show

Seeds of Hip Hop Pilot

HSK Exclusive – Dr Dre’s son, Curtis Young, has joined forces with Eazy E’s son, Eric Wright JR., MC Ren’s son, Anthony Dunbar, E40’s son, Droop E, and Jam Master Jay’s son, Janson Mizell, for the up and coming reality show Seeds of Hip Hop.

Here’s the drop:

“Bunim and Murray is producing the reality show Seeds of Hip Hop. They just shot a pilot back in September and that sh*t was dope.”


  1. If Bunim and Murray are behind this, it’s a quality production and will likely be a hit both critically and popularly. This is no Mona S. Young deal. Good for them!

    • Yup another white group with no black people on their executive board making money off another black creation. And who lines their pockets as usual? Ignorant black people. Damn yall need to wake up.

      • Carsey Werner who produced The Cosby Show was a white production company, yet most of us acknowledge that the show was invaluable in showing a black family in a different light than it had before. And, black actors put some serious money in their pockets behind that show. So don’t knock all white production companies as 100% negative for black folks.

  2. I wonder if I could suck and f*ck all they dick behind the scenes, shit I need a come up bad, f*ck condoms!

    • Sis, the concept is outstanding. Hopefully, it’s about the music and the culture. I might give it my time…We’ll See!

      • I agree Tyrone and DaRadiant1. This is showing a sort of respect(by proxy) to some of the OG’s of hip hop, As hard as it is to imagine, there are kids out there who don’t even know who these boy’s fathers were. This could be both an educational experience as well as a tip of the cap to some Hall of Famers. And with a classy production company behind it, I trust that the purpose will not be to show rachet behavior for the amusement of all.
        Fingers crossed.

  3. LOL! Now this should be interesting I’ve never seen their kids if it works out it should be interesting so to speak why ice cubes son not in? Cube son should also be on to. Cool I can’t wait we’ll see

  4. Does anybody really give a f*ck? Hip Hop is on it’s death bed. Ain’t hardly nobody feeling this Satanic/Occult bullshit. It used to be real back in the day but it has become all about Satan worship these days. Go on and let Hip Hop die the death it should.

  5. more like sperm of hip hop

    damn other crappy realty show damn people are runing out of ideas

  6. I don’t even give a f*ck about they parents anymore. I’ve grown up and Moved on

  7. Book Recommendation: How White Folks Got So Rich: The Untold Story of American White Supremacy by the Reclamation Project. $6.00 on Amazon. Well worth the read.

  8. This is gonna be real interesting. I do think this is gonna be a hit show! If only Pac has a son tho….

  9. I’m not naming names, but anyone else notice how this thread is divided between those of us who want the best for this show, and those who just continually regurgitate negativity? This is the first new idea which doesn’t focus on the worst stereotype of rachet, black nouveau riche women in ages. How can we not at least give it our support and hope for a winner?

  10. One sure sign of immaturity is not allowing others to have an opposing opinion.

    • One sign of ratchetness is beginning one’s opposing argument with “SHUT UP BITCH…”, but that happens around these parts more and more frequently.

  11. O course everyone gets and has a right to their opinions!! I’m proud to be a Debbie Downer- Negative Nancy!!! This show will be pure shit.

  12. I’m just really tired of all of our black themed PROGRAMMING revolving around singing, dancing, rapping, stripping, comedy and otherwise entertaining massa. I for one am so much more. I’m offended by it and refuse to support it. The funny thing is so many blacks consume it all and actually consider themselves AWAKE and conscious. No medicine, no history, no diversity, no business, no stock market, no lectures, no educational, no strides being made that actually uplift the race. Just modern day minstrel shows that pay a little better. It’s sad. I’m disappointed how few see the big picture. This site used to stand for something.

    • I watch Cosmos with Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson on Nat Geo. Tyson is the most influential physicist and astronomer of our time.
      I watch Making Money with Charles Payne on FBN. A black man in his late thirties who made millions by age 30 working on Wall Street.

      You’re either not aware of your options or you don’t choose to acknowledge them.

      • You want to discuss the exception or the rule? Here’s a cookie. Now which show has better ratings? Now get the f*ck on with your trying to make a point ass.

  13. The plan is for you to waste your life whether embracing thug life or archer shit. The plan is to have ratchet programming like all the baby daddy shows mid morning thru afternoon and diva bullshit afterwork. Sprinkle some sports in for the guys and our whole race is distracted from all of their plots and plans. Turn off the f*cking tv and take your life back. Year after year of the same old shit. We should be ruling this planet by now but we are shooting and slinging on the block and shakin our ass for a mike kors bag. Return to our f*cking glory black people.

    • Im such a TV addict. I could watch SVU reruns all day. Olivia Benson is so hot.

      • @Willie Jones jr

        You Do Know Is Kind Of Real Do’t You?? They Copy Real Life Crime And Incorporate In Their Show

        • Yeah.. “ripped from the headlines”…
          Best show ever… besides “The Walking Dead”

          Btw.. “The Walking Dead” now has.. 6 Black actors in its main cast.. 2 fine sistas, and 4 black dudes. Also have a Latina and an Asian dude.
          However, they’ve been cycling the blacks in.. can always tell one is gonna die when they bring a new one in.. the newest black cast member is Chris from Everybody Hates Chris.

    • And please do not forget that if you’re not permed, burned, AND rocking “red bottoms”, then your vote, opinion,address, feelings or nothing counts. The utmost of sadness weighs heavily on my shoulders. The “last days” are sincerely “wowing/wilding out.

  14. Let’s Hope This Shit Ain’t Ratchet Like Them Other Shitty Realty Shows Out There.
    Hip Hop Is Dead Ever Since These Jiving Foot Negro’s Allowed These White Motherf*cker Rap Hip Hop It’s Gone Down Hill Since
    When I Hear A Old White People Rap It Makes Me Cringes.

  15. I’ve Been Watching……………

    Strange Sex

    Sex In The E.R

    Sex With An Stranger

    Dating In The Naked

    Pregnant And Dating

    Sexing In High Heels

  16. I’m dumber than the bottom of a shoe. In fact, I’m dumber than the shoe, YEEEEEEEEAH!

    • I wouldn’t tell nobody, or think it was cute, but to each it’s own. Rock that coat, because it’s going to be an awfully cold winter, to match this world.


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