Porsha Williams Lied About RHOA Spin Off

No RHOA Spinoff

HSK Exclusive – The Bravo network is not giving Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Porsha Williams, her own reality show.

An insider is saying Porsha was embarrassed last month when Andy Cohen announced her demotion on RHOA. So, Williams decided to contact the press herself and leak a false rumor that she was getting her own spin off.

The drop:

“Porsha is trying to do damage control because she’s feels like sh*t. The producers of RHOA know nothing about her imaginary spin off show.”


  1. I am embarrassed for her, because she is the least interesting RHOA cast member and she doesn’t even realize it apparently. Cynthia used to be the dullest housewife, but ever since Peter showed his true colors last season, their storyline has been given a real boost. Porsha should be grateful she wasn’t completely let go.
    I wonder how Claudia Jordan will fit in with the southern women? My guess is trouble with Kenya, since they’re both really LA chicks and in the periphery of show biz.

      • DaRadiant I know Kenya’s from the D, but she’s been living in LA for over 25 years. Claudia’s from Rhode Island, but she’s an LA chick too.

      • Very few LA divas are actually from LA.

        That’s why they all have f*cked up attitudes.

        “You can’t go Hollywood, if you from Hollywood.”
        – Cube

    • Bitch shut up Porsha had TO DEAL WITH DIVORCE FROM UGLY CORDELL she had a off season last yr Claudia is a ho like me she will f*ck her way to top I can relate her so i will watch her this year thats my bitch , f*ck Nene, she should go , I love Kenya!

      • Glok…thats how hoes speaking. Its similar to the clucking of chickens or quacking of ducks. We just can’t hunt hoes for sport.

  2. Bravo only kept her for a second season to get the dirt on her divorce and now that it’s over they don’t want her anymore.

  3. porsha is a dumbass her behave on rhoa was disgusting glad they sacked her stupid behind
    now she’s sucking and ducking rich african men go figure. as for kordell good on you now you can f*ck a smart chick rather than a stupid bitch
    like porsha her voice is annoying errrrrrr

  4. I agree Melyssa, if Porsha was as grimey and shyff as Kenya she would still have a job. The Claudia chick was chosen by Kenya to assist her in her dirt, bravo loved her messiness and kicked porsha to the curb because of budget bracket. They’re not fooling me, kenya schooled her on how to play the game and by the looks of the previews shes doing just that (claudia). For alllll u kenya fans, stans, whichever u r, she was able to get into yall heads just like the new girl. Let a biatchy tell yall donot speak for your husband and who would u choose to have a threesome with out of your friends anns lets see how yall like that shyt. Its hard for me to c her beauty thru her ugliness inside. If bravo would have let marlo b her puppet trust and believe claudia would not b there. Porsha wasn’t evil enough therefor she was demoted,, her heart is good too good for bravo. But check her out now she blessed with a nice income from being on tv all thru the week versus only on Sunday.

  5. Poor child—she’s special
    She doesn’t know there’s 365 days in a year..
    She needs to read some books

  6. Book Recommendation: How White Folks Got So Rich: The Untold Story of American White Supremacy by the Reclamation Project. $6.00 on Amazon. Well worth the read.

  7. I surely hate that for Porsha. I do like her a lot and she deserves her shine. In my honest opinion, Kenya deserved what she got on the reunion show because Kenya was being disrespectful by putting that wand thingy in Porsha face and invading Cynthia’s space. Kenya was doing to much. I would’ve dragged that bitch too!

    • And you too would have been dragged to jail.
      Honestly, when did it become automatic that we put hands on a bitch who f*cks with us? I mean ON TV??? That is behavior for in your house or yard–not at the club or at church. Last Sunday there was a four bitch brawl at the coffee and doughnuts service at my church!! Hats and weave flying everywhere and the First Lady had to be taken out on a stretcher. smh

      • I don’t give a f*ck so I’ll take my chances! Don’t put nothing in my face and disrespecting me! That Kenya would’ve had that damn wand in her throat! I’ll get her a new meaning to deep throating.

      • Oh my effing goodness! In church?! Please tell me you’re lying, matter of fact, this lady kept screaming loud in service, “thank you God, amen, thank you Jesus” only problem was, it wasn’t during choir session when everybody was singing along, it was during the preaching session and guest speaker session. So the other lady sitting next to the loud lady, got up and moved across the isle to another seat. Everybody around that seated area were chuckling and making eye guestures at the shade. The loud lady goes, “ima pray for you” all across the isle. Bathe other lady was like “nah, I’m, gonna pray for you! You need it more than me or something like that. I was just sitting there like, ‘ummmmm, wtf’.

        I really dislike Porcha, her stupidity grates my nerves. She left a millionaire husband to trick on married peen. And ya’ll don’t think that’s evil? What’s angelic about that? Porcha will do anything for money, anything.

    • And that is EXACTLY why black people are called ANIMALS because when we fight we are more aggressive and it comes off to hard core ….A mouth is a powerful tool and if one can just open their mouth and get YOU to come out of your civil element then the person with the mouth proves to be the stronger…ONLY weak minded people respond to WORDS and receive them as truth…nobody gets upset at things people say about them that are not true

      • Hey Guest
        There is no one more violent than those wildebeast white cave devils. Now them ninjas in da hood are a close second but you gtfoh wit that bullshit. Smooches.

  8. win some and loose some. UPS is always hiring!!! Couldn’t get into her character. She is fake like all the rest. Bye Felicia!!

  9. Wasn’t This Bimbo Hot Fucking A Producer To Keep Her Spot On The Show

    Maybe This Bitch Didn’t Give Him Good Head …..Porsha The Trick Is Not To Swallow Honey You Should Of Hot Fucked Todd While You Had The Chance

      • @Anonymous

        Not To Mention Todd Hot Fucked One Of Khandi’s Best Friend Carmen……..

        On The Show Todd Was Quite Mean Towards Her But They Were Hot Fucking All Long, Khandi Needs To Keep Her Husband Away From Her Friends

  10. Porsha was dumb and boring. Claudia and Demetria look way better. Bravo is smart. They are trying to put more beauties on this show to increase the ratings. That’s why they’re fading Moose out.

  11. Porsha was the best looking girl in the cast. Great body. I wouldn’t divorce her for staying out late.

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