Chris Brown Uses Instagram To Blast Adrienne Bailon & Tamar Braxton


Chris Brown took to social media to blast Adrienne Bailon and Tamara Braxton. Know why? Because, on Adrienne and Tamara’s obscure talk show, The Real, both suggested that the 25 year old singer’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, accepts his cheating because her friends benefit from her relationship with Brown and don’t offer sound advice to leave him.

Here’s Brown using instagram to rage war on Bailon and Braxton:

Chris Brown vs. The Real Hosts


  1. Talk all the shit you want about Adrienne Fucking Baillon Chris, but leave my girl Tamar alone!

    She’s on THREE different shows at once, so her career is doing pretty damn good.

    • She was actually defending Chris. She said something nice but I know it wasn’t bad. But Adrienne, that chick don’t know what to do with herself.

      • Neither do you, you stay on here like all day don’t you have other shit to do? Other then gossip all day ?

        • For somebody uses God in their screen name just came from a post admitting that they admitted that you f*cked your way to the top is a real genius, right? Now U need to ask these folks up what I do for a living. Yep, I got it like that! Didn’t have to screw nor lower mysekf nor my standards like you did.

            • No but I did brought a pole for my bf a couple years ago for his birthday.I got rid of it.

            • DaRa is a hurrdresser, right? But even if she ever used to skrip, so what? People on here are getting so judgmental lately. wtf is goin on???

            • Mmmmm either your lying now or you were lying then when you said times got hard and you were skripping for friends on your pole at home.

            • @7:10 That was the firefighter who put up the pole and the engineer for the durability. It wasn’t like in a tight tight. Other than that, I had feiends to come over and we just had fun.

      • Chris is throwing razor blades at Tamar and Adrienne…For What? Their show is about gossip and opinions, Duh! He human, so, i can understand him being sensitive about certain things. But, it’s never a good look to go ham on women like that. A man can be firm when correcting a woman, but the derogatory female names are not necessary.

    • Not a fan of 2min famous Adrienne Bailon at all and Tamar well she tries to hard lately! HOWEVER, I love CHRIS but he was Wrong for that READ! Hech needs to get rid Karrauche Tran rice cake eating ass. She is such an enabler. He read those chicks like a real queen. What’s really up Chris? Karrauche swole jaw ass needs to bounce cause she ADDS NOTHING TO CHRIS’s life but drama. I so hope Chris gets his life together.

  2. That boy has not grown up at all. What kind of grown man bitches and rants like a teenager about two women? If Chris didn’t like what they had to say he should’ve talked to them in person like a real man.

    Tamar and Adrienne (whatever) have a right to their opinions because Chris put his business out in the streets. These people make their private lives public by documenting their every move on Instagram and Twitter, then they cry and complain when people decide to talk about it.

      • They are all public figures so it’s a free for all with all of them. He was right about those two. They are too busted to be talking shit about anyone.

  3. Chris music is not selling too well he needs a fake beef to draw some attention to himself.

  4. LMAOOOOOOOO!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH hell naw he right LMAOOOOOOOO! Tamar you the ugly sister Beyonce wanna be bitch wit you Muppet face LMAOOOOOOOO! You used up throt’s shouldn’t have an opinion on nobody! He right them plastic surgeries didn’t help,LMAOOOOOOOO! Talk’en shit and sleep’en wit married men, tamar should know she slept with tony’s husband if I were tony I’d still be what’s her and his ass. And I wouldn’t even be in the same room wit her tacky ass.she is the ugly sister try’en hard as hell to be Beyonce bitch be yo self if you know who that is. He say the last time you was important was when cat’s was riden spinners LMAOOOOOOOO! that was 7 or 8 years ago! LMAOOOOOOOO! These throt’s have alota nerve to tell somebody sum bout they life stfu, and tamar only married to Vince because of his business and the contacts he has try’en hard to out do tony,you can’t tony can really sing. Wow chris put yall asses on blast and he should’ve for being in his business and being the trout’s yall are u shouldn’t be talk’en about nobody and how they live and what they do. Put these already half dead throt bitches in their places.

    • She sure did! And Toni caught them both buck balled naked together! And Keri Lewis looking all crazy with that ponytail. Looking like them pirates.

  5. Like Tamar didn have that baby to keep Vince. Vince was ready to leave her stuck face ass. She got with Vince cuz she seen dollar signs. Adrienne need to fall all the waaaay the f*ck back nothing as thot.

    • yes somebody schooled her when vince got sick , if something happen too him she would be broke again.

  6. Chris roasted the shit outta Adrienne! That shit had me rolling KMSL. Chris is my dude man, they need to leave him alone!

    • Yeah that shit had me dying as well. Adrienne also f*cked Fabulous but I see Chris didn’t mention that bit o information. I say it’s all fair in love and war on these here internets.

      They came for him when he didn’t call for them so he had every right to get all up in that azz!

      Silly hoes….tricks are for kids.

  7. Book Recommendation: How White Folks Got So Rich: The Untold Story of American White Supremacy by the Reclamation Project. $6.00 on Amazon. Well worth the read.

  8. What is this beige agression coming from? Come on light skinned coalition, I need cohesion and tips on grooming baby hairs!

  9. Chris is soooo funny. Tamar Braxton has more of a career than CB at this point. She has 3 TV shows, a platinum album under her belt and she just got started. Stay Tuned, Chris – LOL>>>>

    • All of tamar so call shows suck! Chris has sold Millions an he has more talent then her. Plus homeboy got a grammy! He is official. Chris Brown is mad funny an my Black ass was laughing for 30 mins reading that shit. He G checked they asses. I loved it. Im proud of him for doing that cause regardless if u agree or not? He was telling the truth. Tamar still jealous of her sister which is sad cause Toni is bad an finer than her tired wig heaf ass Plus why havent somebody called this muppet mouth monkey out for tryin to be Queen B? Right ! Bitch please! Team Breezy! Fyi , Chris still the Coldest male singer an dancer out…. Period!

      • Mo, I am Co signing this 10xs! Tamar do the most! Hell she even got jealous of Traci when her album had dropped and her album is pretty damn good! Tamar figures she has to be the one who has to out do everyone. Chick didn’t realized that if it wasn’t for Toni her ass wouldn’t have shit! Adrienne, Adrienne, Adrienne…..Where did you go wrong? You went from singing, to Cheetah girl, back to singing, doing movies, broker Rob’s heart, to running your mouth for PENNIES!! Where in the hell is all of that money you made from them Cheetah movies? Then in one breath U said Rob cheated on U when your cheating ass up and left for New York because you cheated! Come to find out dude played and used your ass! I AM A TAURUS, CHRIS BROWN IS ONE AND WE ARE # TEAMTAURUS!!

  10. So this is all black people are good for, entertaining like some fools? The sad thing is people really buy into this bs. While blacks are on TV shucking and jiving, or being fools on the internet, them devils are signing more bills that’s going to affect our race the most. While the public stay tuned in likevmind control puppets. I wonder if we can get any worse though. Black women ought to be ashamed to watch reality TV and even care to discuss this trash! We are a lost race.

  11. Ive watched the real and its very fake. Adrienne lies about alot of things like her relationships Lets be honest there’s not much talent on the show.

    • Well to each her own, but i love it. Don’t really get why u think its fake but I’m sure some of them are more authentic than others. Like Mowery and Love, they bring humor and intelligence. Baillon seems like she gave brain out her eyeballs to get that gig. The Chinese girl is annoying and i can only take Tamar in small doses. She is funny though.

  12. Tamar Is One Fugly Bitch She Looks Like A Bloated Chinese Women On Drugs. As For Adrienne She Used Rob For Fame
    Chris Needs To Shut His Light Skinned Ass Up “Elite” Are After His Ass Stop Leaking The Truth!!!
    Has This Nukka Forget Tamar’s Husband Vince Could Ruin His Career

    Hollyweird Is No Joke Is Shady Business Everyone Ruining Each Other’s Career Out Of Jealously

  13. Chris came humming for them like a bitch on heelz, right? But….he ain’t said NOTHING the other day when that Tranny with the huge lopsided tits was tweeting from his drive way. Uh huh. Yeah i see you now Mr Brown, u damn bully/coward.

  14. I like Chris Brown and as for the real it’s some hood and Valley shit mixed like no good i don’t see it lasting very long but Chris did burn both of their asses up I don’t like him with Rihanna but I don’t like him with cooch either he needs to go on hiatus get himself some him time be single for a while

  15. Chris should have jus laugh it off they makn him money everytime they say his name remember Chris hoes words don’t count homie

  16. Tamar Needs To Keep Her Advice And Opinion’s To Herself She Was Hot Fucking Her Sister’s Husband. Not A Good Look Ta Ta Keep Your Legs
    Closed Hot Fucking A Married Person Should Be A Crime……..But That’s Just My Opinion

  17. Chris said it himself, “I have no chill,” got it! So if they are looking for an apology it is not real. And those who constantly speak on white folks, get yo life! I am not interested in what they are doing, but they are def into us minorities. People aren’t even going to the movies as much because they wld rather sit home and watch NeNe. There has to be a door to the rt or left of you, bee gone!

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