Brian Pumper Punk’d By LAHH Hollywood’s Sincere

HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Sincere, was caught on tape having some choice words for porn star Brian Pumper.

Sincere went on to tell Pumper that he’s a clown and that he had sex with his girl before sending her home to him.

Peep the conclusion:


  1. Wonder if this argument started from Brian’s alleged penchant for trannies on santa monica and highland. He is funny in an oddball way.

  2. Sncere thinks he big shit. He’s probably jealous of Brian Pumper who looks way better and probably got a bigger dick than his beer belly ass. I wonder how many nuts he busted from jackin’, watchin’ Brian’s flicks? Brian got more p*ssy than Sincere could ever touch. I didn’t like they way he was clownin’ Teairra either.

    • exactly…2 men having a gay ass lover’s quarrel, one is just loud mouth and the other is steady trying to plead his case..NEXT

  3. Sincere bullies black women didn’t like how he was talking to teairra mari on LAHHLA he was bitchy and nasty towards her
    but when he was talking to nikki murrdis he was nice and sweet. just proves my point he hates black women and like non black women

    black men must do better stop showing hate toward black women your just stupid like the rest of them

      • Scripted disrespect ain’t cool either! I guess every man/woman does have a price, thus far he got his mama some red bottoms & a bag from a “coach party.” We must do better!

        • Yeah, the way he went in on that girl was dead ass wrong. I been wanting to whoop his ass ever sice I saw that clip of acting like a he wanted to fight that girl. Him and his Mk Ultra sex kitten clothes, what kind dude wears leopard print?

          • I read “Sincere” for that leopard print jacket he was wearing. Men wearing animal prints are very Strangé.

      • @Anonymous

        are you stupid!!?? of course i know is fake you stupid ass!! he acted like bitch he was disrespectful to a black woman. he was much nicer to a non black woman

        got it now doo doo brain or do i have to use capital letters to make you understand???

  4. Brian’s been getting punked one way or the other, since he began his career. Reason being 1. Many other black porn stars don’t consider him a “true brother” (whatever that means), ala Russell Wilson and 2. He’s talks mad crap about people in the industry behind their backs. There’s a few videos (I’ve seen 2) out there that shows behind the scenes footage where his fellow porn stars are clowing on him right in his face and he’s taking it (and looks like he was going to cry in one).

    • True, Crash. But Brian isn’t ghetto like a lot of the guys in the industry, so that’s why they hate on him. He also has his own companies where he releases his own films, unlike the old ass niggas still screwing on film for a check. I wish he hadn’t lost his Evil Angel deal over falsifying Pinky’s STD results, but he acquired another distribution deal (if I recall correctly) shortly thereafter. Good for him. He is a nice guy.

        • Exactly. The adult entertainment industry is on some crabs in a barrel shit, too. It’s sad, because the girls who get the best contracts and the Vivid necklaces aren’t Black. The film titles are degrading and offensive. Few Black folks are able to win in porn. Very few.

          • Happy For him

            I heard the news of his upcoming porn with transsexual TS Madison. He’s about to make a lot of money off that.

            • Yuck. I never heard about that. Then again, I don’t keep up with him or any transsexuals. I sure hope he leaves women alone if he has decided to do dick. Yuck again.

            • I’m not saying you’re wrong, because I don’t know, but i would be beyond shocked if Brian is doing a porno with a transexual.
              You are finished forever in straight porn if they even get wind of you doing any gay porn. Just ask Lex Steele who spends half his time denying he’s ever done any gay work(I believe him.) So, Brian would be screwing the pooch if he were to engage in sex with a woman who is a man onscreen. I have real doubts about that.

      • Joi:

        You’ve never seen Brian Pumper before?!. Never?!. Not at the Fox Hills Mall, the former Magic’s Fridays in Ladera and/or in Hollywood? Say it ain’t so! Lol

      • Ya know I had to google Brian Pumper and yes he does. What’s even scarier is he looks like on of my cousins too. Minus the body, lol.

  5. I remember when Brian was clowning Larry Fishbournes daughter. Didnt even wanna pay her what she earned.
    I guess what comes around go around

  6. For one…I know Brian. Ive slept n the same house as him, we had a party down the street from Smiley Cyrus’ house a week before halloween. Bc everybody was gonna b doing the family thing on halloween. Brian has an ego outta this world!! He believes he is gods gift and he is homeless. U never c him at his crib lol he is always at somebody elses spot making a video of himself. He has a busted lil blue car lol. One time he couldn’t even pay $40 for a recording session. Lmao. And the “hoes” he has r busted, no ass, bad weave , strung out looking nasty bitches. Some of em look like dudes. Aha. Ijs. Everywhere he goes, lots an argument, usually him bc he is full of shit. Like f*ckin bitches n other ppl houses and n their bathrooms when they dont even want him there. He is a joke. This shit is funny as hell if u want entertainment. And yes, what y’all r witnessing is a bunch of “flaming” dudes who try to b ultra tough for the camera and will throw each other n the mid as soon as money is mentioned lmao… but really its just fights about nothing. They r all messy and two faced and full of shit. U can b famous and still not have shit. These fags r living proof. Lol.

    • Any tea on Wesley Pipes. That dude says the most ignorant but hilarious stuff. I remember watching a scene with him and an Asian chick and he asked her if she was going to make him some shrimp fried rice afterwards. Classic quotes like “You like how I’m French kissing yo shyt gurl, like I am in Italy or some shyt” “Suck this dyck like I ate that puzzy”….puts a smile on my face when fighting rush hour.

  7. I made a lot of grammatical errors bc I was typing fast but y’all get what I’m tryna say. Everywhere he goes its a fight, a never ending argument or something. And these dudes r not getting it like u may think. Broke asf.

  8. If Brian needs help I’ll take him in but he gotta pay his own bills! KMSL I’ve always had a crush this dude!

  9. He must have a lot of sex demons attached to him. All them folks he had sex with.

    • He is into deviant things. He likes humiliation. Not sure why, but I assume being in the industry desensitized him tremendously. That is why I will never cosign sex work/adult entertainment. People should not have to endure torture/ritual abuse as a means of paying their bills.

      If Brian isn’t careful, he is going to end up like John Stagliano.

      • I admit I haven’t watched a Brian P flick in so long so I can’t image what he’s been doing. But in reply to your end statement it maybe already too late.

        • IDK who the poster is who keeps dragging Brian, but what they are saying vs. what I know is different in some aspects. All I will say is, I haven’t seen him in a long time, so he may be on a major decline. When I knew him, he was working. The girls he messed with were cute, for the most part, and had something going for themselves. IDK if he has a certain type, but he is fit. I’ve never seen him talk to a chick who was built like a KFC bucket.

          • That’s real interesting to hear. A guy that looks like him I will say I doubt he would mess with a chick who was busted lol.

            • A penis doesn’t have a conscience. Sometimes the fine ones are the ones dealing with women who look like Night of the Living Dead. I can honestly say that wasn’t him back when. Not sure what he does today, but he had standards in public.

  10. The devil is the author of confusion. It is chaos and confusion wherever he goes. Now, I will say….he is SEXY AS FUCKN HUMANLY POSSIBLE n person. The camera does him no justice. But I jus can’t with him. I keep it short and sweet whenever he is n the spot. I think is is nice at times..but a lot of it is fake. I keep my distance. I have witnessed a lot and those demons have him and so MANY others. The devil is always up n the place when these ppl come together. Hence..the fights, arguments, ppl tryna run each other over lol and all the drugs and of course alcohol.

    • I believe you! All those egos in one room there’s bound to be some drama! What they running over each other for…p*ssy? Lol

  11. And the rumors r true, he NEVER USES CONDOMS. And he has a lot of sex even off camera. Js. Now, gn.

    • If you never had sex with him, how would you know if he uses condoms or not? JS.

  12. I like Sincere! He is too cocky but funny as hell! But bragging bout f*cking some whore Brian P f*cks is Embarassing!!!!!! An i believe brian is Bisexual. I seen a few flicks of him bent over lije a bitch letting some Nasty White Hoe lick his ass. An he was in a flick with a room full of white nasty perverted men letting one White hoe lick all their buttholes one by one! Google if u think im lying! Brian Pumper is gay underneath it all. If a man has too much candy, Eventually he gone wanna try something else. Facts.An letting chick toss your salad on film is gay! This dude is disgusting an i absolutely do not find him hot! He looks like his breath smells like shit an he looks gay. Its sad that mad people will do Anything for money. Smh. Mobey is CLEARLY the root of ALL evil!!! Word up

  13. Bc we run n the same circles thas how I kno!! Ive been warned about him. Y do u think the aids rumors started. Everyone who knows him knows he doesnt use rubbers. I’m not dragging brian. He is n great shape, smells great…looks great all the time (usually same outfit wife beater and those infamous basketball shorts) I’m just saying I kno this bc I write music and Iam also an artist. I record at the same places as him, same parties…same ppl. And ppl talk. The industry is very messy. II’m about my business. Period. If I could post pics on here …I would. Ive seen these hoes wit my own two eyes. Lol. Hollywood is an illusion. And….it has been said he has a thing for transs…i honestky dont kno about that. I jus kno that if ppl that kno u, say the same things over and over about must b some truth n it. I’m just done with this now.

  14. I saw a interview with a porno hoe & she was saying she f*cked Brian Pumper but that after they f*cked she took a shit & wiped her ass & that Brian Pumper kept her shitty toilet paper tissue & had the shit in a drawer and was pullin it out & sniffin it…lol the girl really said it I think it was a interview she did w/ Mr.MArcus

  15. Well they both look like a big bowl of skittles to me. So maybe this was a lovers spat.

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